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LP Toys "Moon Exploration" 52mm Robot Alien Cyborgs & 56mm Astronaut Bagged Set

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First happened upon these things back in November, blew my mind on the spot and finally threw down including a bag to open. Vendor I bought from located in Australia. Guy still had some sets available last time I looked and others have them as well, search the Moon Exploration name.










My favorite of the poses upsized! which is funny cos I don't care much for his smaller version, but this rocks. Note loop on top of head, all have loops or holes presumably for lanyard strings to make them into gumball machine space pendants. Or whatever the purpose was.



His base stampings, which strike me as odd: The typeset on the Made In Hong Kong looks haphazardly laid down, the LP logo in an unusual location off to the side like that, and it looks like something was rubbed out between the logo and the script.







Out of control awesome insane. I wonder why these are not better known??





With their 25mm equivalents. Talk about game changing.



Spacemen are standard 56mm LP astronauts in stiff/soft plastic with no lanyard loops etc.


More in blog form: https://spacetrucks.blogspot.com/2021/04/lp-toys-moon-exploration-bagged.html

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