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ASTRALE SPACE WATER PISTOL - COMA - ITALYPlastic space gun water pistol with impressive retro style detailing including a protractor elevation dial and a deco sunrise design on the handle. A whitle is built into the design. Comes with a cardboard holster. Available in several colors: silver, red. The Astrale is featured in the 1964 Co-Ma catalog as Art 197. 16.5cm

Also produced in transparent colors.

The gun is very similar to the Coma Marziana gun, but the detailing is quite different.

Co.Ma Pistola Spaziale Coma Co-Ma The gun was sold with a cardboard holster decorated with a spaceman and the wording ASTRALE.

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BUCK ROGER LIQUID HELIUM PISTOL XZ-44 (RED/YELLOW VERSION) - DAISY - USAThis is the fourth of Daisy's Buck Rogers space guns. Produced in 1936 this 7-1/4" red and yellow lithographed steel gun is a delightfully extravagant piece.

The bulbous pressed metal gun has a vibrant yellow and red color scheme with lightning bolts. Water gun action with an internal leather bladder "25 shot repeater". The gun carries a small picture of Buck Rogers along with plenty of copyright information to ward of competitors.

The gun was also produced in a copper finish.

XZ44 cedd,cmee
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FIREBALL XL5 ROCKET GUN - MERIT - ENGLANDBlack plastic raygun shoots darts. This is based on the Dan D are Rocket Gun (which in turn is based on the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Gun) though the wording embossed on the gun is Fireball XL5. The handle retains its Dan D are badge logo. Two red plastic message-carrying darts are included.

The gun is featured in the 1966 Austin Davis of Sheffield Christmas Gifts catalogue. Merit was the trading name of J & L Randall.

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CAP PISTOL ROCKET GUN F-703 - DAH YANG DY - TAIWANA stylish light blue plastic space gun with a brown handle insert. Cap firing. Bagged with header card. DAH YANG F703 0
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