Toy Robots and Space Toys
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LUNAR TANK - PARK PLASTICS - USAA low lying plastic space tank with wjite rubber tracks and a gun emerging from the nose of the vehicle. Pilot under a domed plastic canopy. Date?

Thi8s is one of a series of four toys using common components: Lunar Tank, Lunar Dump, Moon Cat and Lunar Crane.
Oct 26, 2020
ROCKET WHISTLE - MAKER? - USAHard plastic whistle in the shape of a reto spaceship. 4ins long. Red/ and yellow plastic. Maker? Details?Oct 18, 2020
AUTOMATIC GUN - KO - JAPANLithographed tin space gun. Blue gun with elaborate lithograped details, Pink flared plastic barrel with a latticework green plastic surrounf. Friction action with sound and spark, Boy Scout and space themed box artwork. Yoshiya. Oct 04, 2020
SUPERCAR BELT - BARROW, HEPBURN & GALE - ENGLANDCard like belt with Supercar graphics. Oct 02, 2020
ROCKET GUN - MAKER? - BULGARIABlack plastic space gun with a large yellow plastic barbed barrel and breech. Shoots darts. This is based on the earlier Lone Star Rocket Firing Gun design. Marked PAKETA (ROCKET) Date? Box? Sep 26, 2020
RACE CAR SEVEN STAR - MASUDAYA - JAPANRed and black lithographed tin space car with single rear fin. Pilot head and shoulders behing open tin windshield. Marked 7
"With Detonation" sound effect. Friction action with noise. Date?

MT Modern Toys
Sep 16, 2020
SPACE CAR - AGRESOPLY - HONG KONgA hard plastic futuristic space car based on the Marx original design. Details? 1960s.

Marx Future Car
Sep 04, 2020
FLYING PLATFORM - ARNOLD - W GERMANYHand cranked platform with plastic pilot and spinning propeller. Similar action to the Satellite version.
Aug 30, 2020
SPUTNIK HAT - ECO - W GERMANYTinplate clockwork globe with orbiting plastic Sputniks. 7390, Germany. The Sputnik has an attachment to allow it to be worn as a cap. 1950s

The toy appears to be the Seidel Sputnik.
Aug 30, 2020
AGUALASER - PSE - SPAINPlastic space water pistol with a separate refillable plastic reservoir. Various colors. Blister carded.Aug 24, 2020
FIREBIRD 58 ROCKET - MASUDAYA - JAPANA metallic blue and red tin friction space rocket, Rocket Racer style. A tin astronaut pilot head is mounted on top behind a tin and plastic windshield. Marked Fire Bird, with the number 58 on the wing. Box? Masudaya Rocket Racer design. Box?

Aug 20, 2020

Monstrous Mecanicos lead spacemen with ray gun and alien landscape. 6 pieces

The landscape is moulded in an Elastolin style sawdust-and glue material on a thick base board.
Aug 18, 2020
WATER GUN, FUSIL A EAU - MONTROSE - CANADARed plastic water pistol. Decal muzzle decoration. Bagged with header card showing a distinctive alien scene. Aug 04, 2020
SPACESHIP (КОСМОЛЁТ) - MAKER? - USSRPlastic spaceship with two side rockets. Large clear dome with a large plastic pilot. Rotating antenna. Batterry operated with movement and light. 1980s.

Soviet Russia
Aug 03, 2020
COSMIC SAUCER - MAKER? - USSRSmall metal saucer. Wind up with walking action. Rpotating antenna and two fixed antennas. 1980s.

Soviet Russia
Aug 03, 2020
PLANETOKOD - MAKER? - USSRSquare plastic vehicle with a large clear blue plastic dome. Two pilot heads inside. Remote control on the end of a curled wire. Battery operated with lights. Dated 1988
Russia Soviet
Aug 03, 2020
SATELLITE LAUNCHER - WORCESTER TOYS - USAA clear plastic ball shooting gun. 7" 18cm The transparent plastic gun holds five balls in a cylindrical upper chamber. These drop into the lower barrel and are fired by cocking the mechanism and pulling the trigger. Distinctive hoops on the barrel and a vertical sight at the back.
ping pong.

Dated to 1960 though the design is known as early as 1955.

This is the same basic design as the Selcol gun, the
Sensacional Pistola Lanza Bolas and the Pongo Pistol.
Aug 01, 2020
CASQUE ESPACIAL - XALMAS - SPAINVinyl space helmet. Jul 29, 2020
SPACE GUN - MAKEER? - GREECERed plastic space gun with a green barrel tip. Spring loaded action, shoots a large plastic dart. Details? Name? Box?

Jul 24, 2020
ATOM 300 WASSERPISTOLE - PW PROGRESSWERK NURNBERG - WEST GERMANYThis is a German copy of the US Premier/Park Plastics Squirt Ray Water Gun packaged in a small card box with early space graphics.
A 5-1/2" 13cm bulbous plastic water gun. It has a rubber stopper and brass tip. The trigger is fully enclosed. There is a distinctive flat top with a small rear fin. Lightning flash molded in the sides. A wire pin for clearing the nozzle is included.

This must postdate the Park's original, the earliest sighting of which is in the Park's Catalog for 1957.

Jul 20, 2020
THE MARTIANS - HERO - JAPANTwo plastic wind up stepover robots. Grey bodies, red feet. 4" tall. 12 cm. Sold in trade boxes of 12.
Jul 19, 2020
ATOM KIM - MAKER? Blow moulded plastic space water pistol modelled on the Hubley Disintegrator. Date? Details? Possibly Spanish

See also 50 Megatones.
Jul 17, 2020
GO-FLOAT ROBOT - MAKER? - HONG KONGSmall grey plastic wind up robot. Egg shaped with brush feet. Spinner on chest. Color variations exist. PedestalJul 17, 2020
FLASH GORDON SPACE CRUISER SET - PREMIER - USACarded set of various combinations of Premier spaceship spacemen. Random combinations. 1952
Jul 13, 2020
SPARKY JOE 8 - KPD/EXELO? - JAPANLithographed tin space car with pilot under a clear plastic canopy. Friction action with noise and spark. 8 in.

One of a series or related cars: Robby Studebaker, Mars Car, Atom Star, Comet Car, Sparky Joe.
Jul 13, 2020
50 MEGATONES SPACE GUN - MAKER? - SPAINBlow moulded plastic space water pistol modelled on the Hubley Disintegrator. Spain. Date? Details?

A second version with a slightly different muzzle design is shown below.

See also Atom Kim
Jul 05, 2020
MOON BOAT - KT - JAPANTin lithographed space boat designed to float on water. The saucer is candle powered using the old pop pop boat technique of heating a metal tube. Water is expelled from the tube by the heat of the candle, it then cools and the water is drawn back in. The cycle repeats with a distinctive popping noise. Made by KT which is probably Komatsudo Toy.

Image courtesy of Smith House.
Jun 28, 2020
PISTOLA ESPACIAL - MAKER? - SPAINBlue plastic space gun with a distinctively long barrle and flared muzzle. Details? Maker? Packaging? Jun 26, 2020
FLASH GORDON RAY GUN WITH SOUND - MAKER? - HONG KONGRetro styled chrome plastic space gun with a clearred plastic barrel and gold tip. Friction action with spark and noise. Marked RAZER. A later release of the Taiyo Space Pilot X-Ray Gun. Blister carded. 1979 Jun 24, 2020
NEW GUN - RUBINA - INDIARetro styled chrome plastic space gun with a clearred plastic barrel and gold tip. Friction action with spark and noise. A later release of the Taiyo Space Pilot X-Ray Gun. Date? Packaging? Jun 23, 2020
MF 282 X-RAY SPACE PILOT GUN - MAKER? - CHINAA later release of the Taiyo Space Pilot X-Ray Gun. Retro styled black tin and plastic space gun with a clear red plastic barrel and white tip. Friction action with spark and noise. Decal on the stock. Date? Packaging?

Jun 23, 2020
SPACE X-RAY GUN - NK - CHINAPlastic retro shape space gun with conical orange barrel. Friction noise and spark action. A later release of the Taiyo design. Bagged with header card. The gun has a distinctive upturned tail section. Two oval holes in each side. NK is a Hong Kong based company.

x-ray pilot
Jun 23, 2020
PISTOLA INTERPLANETARIA - SI - ITALYPlastic spring driven space gun, shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun. Based on the US Plastic spinner design. Marked SI on the grip. Possibly by Stella. 1950s
Jun 17, 2020
LEADER JEEP - MS DAIYA - JAPANLithographed tin friction space jeep. "3838 U-58 Leader Jeep". The jeep has a space dial in back that moves with the turning of the rear wheels, Marked MS trademark and also marked DAIYA. Friction mechanism, 8 inches long.
May 08, 2020
SPACE PATROL - USAGIYA - JAPANTin friction space vehicle with large robot head. Easel back robot head with coiled spring antenna. The distinctive features of this version of the Usagiya Space Robot Car are the tin siren mounted in front of the driver and the red rocket front. Rabbit logo. Box? Date?Apr 22, 2020
RADAR HUNTER ROBOT - MOBINA - INDIAAn Indian version of the Radar Hunter Robot. Plastic wind up stepover robot with a large rotating antenna.Mar 20, 2020
POLICEMAN ROBOT - OSKAR - ITALYA silver plastic robot traffic control robot with large paddle arms. The robot stands on a cylindrical base and the arms move when they catch air draughts. 1960s.Mar 12, 2020
MISSILE ROBOT - ALPS/BANDAI - JAPAnLarge grey tinplate robot. The chest panel drops to reveal a bank of clear red missiles that emerge with shooting action. Plastic dish antenna. Lighted face. Battery operated. One of the grouup of three large Alps Bandai robots. Mar 02, 2020
SPACE WATER GUN - MAKER? Unidentified space water pistol. Transparent plastic water pistol, ribbed grip, relatively large telescopic site, distinctive barrel. Packaging? Appears in a 1974 catalog. 14cm Feb 28, 2020
MAGNETIC SATELLITE - PETER PAN - ENGLANDCard and metal hand held toy. A plastic Sputnik style satellite with magnetic core attaches to a central slot and rotates backward and forward. Feb 27, 2020
OBJETIVO: LA LUNA - XAFMAS - SPAINSpace themed shooting game. A cardboard planet landscape contains a number of card astronaut targets. A plastic gun shoots rubber tipped darts. Date? Xafmas was a Mallorca based company. Feb 22, 2020
DIANA LUNAR - MAJUBA - SPAINSpacwe themed target based game. Balls are thrown at a planet shaped target crossed by a lattice of fine wires.Feb 22, 2020
ATOMIC AQUAGUN - SALCO - HONG KONGSemi transparent plastic space water pistol with an angular ribbed design distinctive raised rear section. Advertised in 1974. Picture? Sold in trade boxes. Colors?Feb 22, 2020
DUAL RACER MF-761- MAKER? - CHINA Painted tinplate Thunderbird inspired futuristic car with two pilots under clear bubble canopies. Three rear plastic fins and two side fins. Friction action with noise. Date? MF 761

Red and light blue versions known.

Feb 20, 2020
SPUTNIK RATTLE - EMILE CAMELIN - FRANCEChild's tin rattle with Sputnik orbiting attachment. Wooden handle. Stars litho on the rattle. Marked EC. c1955. Feb 19, 2020
CARS OF TOMORROW - ARCHER - USABoxed set of five hard plastic futuristic space cars. Date?Feb 09, 2020
BATMAN FUCILE, BATMAN RIFLE - APS - ITALYYellow plastic machine pistol style gun. Blue token telescopic site. Shoots red balls from magazine. Card mounted with red Batman graphic. Marked APS.Jan 27, 2020
SPACE SUITS - MAKER? - USATwo unidentified space suits dated to 1955. Details?Jan 20, 2020
ATOMIC TELEPHONES - MAKER?Remco style space walkie talkies. Details? Date?Jan 19, 2020
ATOMIC ROCKET CAP - MAKER? - USAGreen felt space hat with antennas and a spinning disk. Only seen in this 1952 advert. Picture? Jan 12, 2020
SUPER SITE MAGIC BULLET SPACE GUN - PLASTIKON - ARGENTINAA copy of the Lido original. Hard plastic space gun with a telescopic sight running the full length of the gun. Click action with a captive reciprocating bullet that peeps out of the barrel when the trigger is pulled. The "magic" bullet never leaves the gun. 9.5" Box?Jan 12, 2020
MISSILE COMPASS - MAKER? - HONG KONGMetal compass with watch fob chain. Space themed backing card. 1960sDec 29, 2019
ATOMIC RAY PISTOL - MAKER? - FINLANDBright green version of the Tudor Rose Atomic Ray Pistol. Details? 1950s. Carries the English wording. See also the Finnish language Deborex version of this gun. Possibly by Telex. Dec 10, 2019
JET GUN - TELEX - FINLANDSilver grey hard plastic space clicker gun. Pyro Space Control styling. The advertisement dates it to 1953. Also available in gold plastic.

Image: Moonbase Central
Dec 10, 2019
UNIDENTIFIED SPACE SHIPYellow, hard plastic with simple plastic axle wheels. Details? Possibly French. Dec 10, 2019
NIKE MISSILES LAUNCHING SITE - NOMURA - JAPANCardboard target shooting game. Hit the button with rubber tipped darts to launch the rockets. TN

Dec 10, 2019
BOY SORAN SPACE TANK - MASUDAYA - JAPANRed lithographed tinplate tank with vinyl boy's head in the turret and a squirrel behind him. Friction action. 19 cm Box? 1965Dec 10, 2019
ROBOT ASSEMBLY SET - TOMY - JAPANA boxed set comprising parts to assemble three plastic motorised robots. Japanese market. Name? Date?

Image courtesy Smith House.
Dec 10, 2019
CINE ROCKET - KOBEISH - JAPANRocket shaped plastic torch projector with space themed cine strip. Date?Dec 10, 2019
STAR ADVENTURER - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlue plastic rocket with re nose cone. Three wheel. Friction action. Sold with spacemen and monster figures.

Several spaceships were sold in the Star Adventurer series. Image courtesy of Vectis.
Dec 10, 2019
STAR ADVENTURER - MAKER? - HONG KONGRed plastic rocket with blue canopy. Three wheel. Friction action. Sold with green spacemen and monster figures.

Several spaceships were sold in the Star Adventurer series.
Dec 10, 2019
JET MAN SPACE OUTFIT - MAKER? - USABlue and red cotton space outfit with yellow Jet Man detailing. Details? Maker?

Advertised in September 1954
Dec 09, 2019
MUSICAL MECHANICAL SPACE RIDE (THREE ROCKET) - CHEIN - USAThe three rocket version of this carousel toy. Date?Dec 09, 2019
GIANT LIZARD TRADE PACK ITEM NO 59 - CHERILEA - ENGLANDThree dozen lead space creature lizard figures in a plain cardboard trade box. 1950s. Dec 04, 2019
ROCKET SHIP AND SPACEMEN - ARCHER - USABoxed set comprising plastic rocket assembly and five Archer spacemen with removable helmets. Date? 1950sDec 04, 2019
SPACEMEN - MPC - USAA range of 50mm dime store soft plastic spacemen. Available in a wide range of colours. Much copied. Bagged with header card. 1969.

Also sold as Space Explorer premiums with Nabisco Wheat Honeys cereals in 1969 Each packet inclued two of six poses.

Multiple Toymakers United States

Dec 01, 2019
JOURNEY INTO SPACE SET 1002A - CHERILEA - ENGLANDThis set of 14 lead space figures comprises solely of spacemen and robots. The set has no monsters, rockets or rocket launchers. The figures are based on Johillco original designs.

Cherilea, Blackpool. 1950
Nov 30, 2019
KAZOO SPACE PHONE - MAKER? - HONG KONGA single walkie talkie set sold as a kazoo. Bagged with header card,. 1960s. dime storeNov 19, 2019
SPACE PATROL TANK - YONEZAWA - JAPANSilver lithographed tin tank with a rotating gun. Battery operated with sound and a orbiting jet plane. The driver appears from the turret, then retreats. Little effort has been made to give this military tank any space credentials other than the name. T-5 US Army 235709

There is also a green M-18 version of the tank with different box art. This version was made for Yonezawa.
Nov 15, 2019
ROBOT - TARHEEL - HONG KONGBlue plastic stepover robot with red limbs and yellow detailing. Wind up action. Japanese superhero styling. Date? Box?Nov 08, 2019
NEW SPACE HELMET - GENERAL PRODUCTS - USARed plastic space helmet with a red ridge structure. Wings on the side. Comes with a battery holder: when pressed the top and the side wings light.

See also the Space Helmet by Orbit Products
Nov 06, 2019
AM-2 SPACE ROCKET - AGATEX - ROMANIAFriction powered timplate rocket with stand up function and with rotating nose section. Light blue with red nose cone. Date code for 1969 1969. This example is missing its tailfin. 9'' longNov 06, 2019
MARS INVADER BOMB - PALMER PLASTICS - USARocket shaped plastic cap bomb with a spaceman inside. Mars Bomb Invader. On sale in June 1954 alongside the Jr "A" Bomb and Blockbuster Bomb.

Probably inspired by the 1953 film "Invaders from Mars"
Nov 05, 2019
MOND RAKETA - BERMEWA - GERMANYWooden rockets with metal fins. They are fired from a wooden plunger. A cap is inserted into the end of the plunger opening, the rocket pushed into the plunger. When the plunger is pulled back and released, the rocket will fly off with a bang.

Nov 04, 2019
THUNDERBIRD VIEWER - FAIRYLITE - HONG KONGBattery operated 32mm slide viewer with 16 transparencies. Nov 04, 2019
VIAJE A AL LUNA - MAKER? - SPAINVoyage to the Moon space board game. TARIO rocket. Details?Nov 04, 2019
VIAJE A AL LUNE - MAKER? - SPAINVoyage to the Moon space board game. Nov 04, 2019
VIAJE ESPACIAL - MAKER? - SPAINSpace Voyage board game. Details?Nov 04, 2019
DIEGO VALOR CINTURON ANTIGRAVEDAD - MAKER? - SPAINVinyl anti gravity belt. Studded belt with metal badge. Nov 04, 2019
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