Toy Robots and Space Toys
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ASTRONAUT - MAKER? - SWEDENSpace board game with plastic spaceman figure. This is a Swedish release of the German IM JAHRE 2000 version. 1950sJul 04, 2016
DESTINO MARTE - JUGUETES CEFA - SPAINDestination Mars board game. 1950s Juguetes Cefe, ZaragozaJul 04, 2016
ROCKET TRAIN RAKETENBAHN GE-271 - TECHNOFIX - W GERMANYA lithographed tinplate monorail train. The wind up futuristic train straddles a highly decorated oval tinplate track. Dated 1953 in the Technofix archive. Jul 04, 2016
MECHANICAL WALKING SILVER ROBOT - ESTRELA - BRAZILMechanical Walking Silver Robot, chrome plastic wind up robot. Stepover legs. Spark window in chest. This is a copy of the Aoki original. Box? Jul 03, 2016
ROBOT - MAKER? - ARGENTINAA small lithographed tinplate animal-like robot with large plastic feet. Wind up hopping action. Marked Industria Argentina.

A copy of the Yone Jumping Robot, but with its own Juguete Mecanico (mechanical toy) box and with no antenna.
Jul 03, 2016
JUMPING ROBOT - YONE - JAPANA small lithographed tinplate animal-like robot with large plastic feet and a small white antenna. Wind up hopping action. Sold in trade boxes of six.

Silver and red variations. Two litho variations of the red version shown.
Jul 03, 2016
ATOM MACHINE GUN - YONEZAWA - JAPANA large metallic blue lithographed tin space machine gun. A rather serious looking gun with perforated double barrels and a wood effect stock. ATOM wording and an eagle on the stock. The box art has a lively space scene of Space Patrol astronauts. Friction action with noise and spark. This is essentially the same as the Yonezawa Super Machine Gun.

Jun 28, 2016
SUPER MACHINE GUN DOUBLE BARRELLED - NOMURA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate space machine gun. Double barrelled. The gun has a distinctive red plastic drum shaped magazine on the top. Wood effect stock. Marked Super Machine Gun. Friction action with noise and spark.Jun 28, 2016
AMETRALLADORA DE COMBAT, TIGER MACHINE GUN - DELL TOYS - ARGENTINABlack and grey tinplate space machine gun with red and yellow details. Cylindrical red plastic drum on the top. Short red barrel. Tiger wording on the side and a tiger head graphic on the stock. Friction action with noise.

A second litho variation is shown below.

See also the Halcon version. There is a strong resemblance to the Sankei Tracer Machine Gun.
Jun 28, 2016
LUNAR EXPLORATION - ANANIADES - GREECEA tin and plastic space transport vehicle. The boxy vehicle has a blue metal base and a large square plastic cover. Inside are four seated astronauts. In the centre is a set of interconnected colored plastic gears that link to the antenna. Two lights are situated on the dashboard. Battery operated with flashing lights and rotating circular silver plastic antenna. 8.5" 21cm.

This is Greek version of the Masudaya original but does not have the remote control, and the antenna is different.
Jun 27, 2016
LUNAR TRANSPORT - MASUDAYA _ JAPANA tin and plastic space transport vehicle. The boxy vehicle has a blue metal base and a large square plastic cover. Inside are four seated astronauts. In the centre is a set of interconnected colored plastic gears that link to the antenna. Two lights are situated on the dashboard. Battery operated remote control with flashing lights and rotating grey plastic antenna. 8.5" 21cm.

First sighted in the 1970 Asahi catalog.

Jun 27, 2016
COMANDOS DEL ESPACIO 76 - EGE - SPAINA large lithographed tinplate and plastic space vehicle. 35cm. Pilot inside a square plastic canopy. The truck-like tracked vehicle has two large orange plastic doors on the top. These open to reveal a pair of red plastic guns. Battery operated bump and go action with lighted firing gun. This appears in the 1977 Ege catalog, though the name clearly suggests a 1976 date. Jun 27, 2016
SOLAR ROCKET - MARX - USAA large RED plastic rocket with a fluted tail and small side wings. A plastic spinner fits on top. Friction action sends the spinner flying. Jun 25, 2016
NEPTUNE AQUA GUN - PALITOY - ENGLANDFeatured in the 1959 Palitoy and Vogue catalog. A transparent plastic water space gun. Similar to the Mitra Marciano by Simca of Spain. Details?Jun 25, 2016
MARTE SPACE ROCKET - SAPENA AND BISQUERT - SPAINA large painted wood rocket with side wings, a forward gun turret and rear antenna. The central well contains three large hard rubber spacemen with helmets.

The Marte Space Ship was made in Spain in the 50's. The mostly wood toy measures approx. 22. As the front wheels turn the gun swivels and the rear wheels rotate the antenna.

Featured in "Plastic Toy Figures Made in Spain" by Juan Hermida. The caption reads "Friction space ship in wood, equipped with cannon and rotating radar, made by the craftsmen of Denia, Valencia, Juan Forner Font, late 1950s."
Jun 23, 2016
JET LANZA DISOS - PLASTIMARX - MEXICOA large plastic rocket with a fluted tail and small side wings. A plastic spinner fits on top. Friction action sends the spinner flying. Item #1772. A Mexican version of the Marx Solar Rocket. Jun 23, 2016
POP MOON GUN - ALBERTS - HONG KONGSmall cheap blown plastic pop gun that shoots a soft plastic missile. The feature of this gun is the attractive display box. made for Albert's dime stores. 1960sJun 22, 2016
SPACE SHOOTER AND MASK - MAKER? - USAA hard plastic clicker gun. Angular design with rings on the barrel. A rocket is molded in the sides and a spaceman on the stock. The gun incorporates a whistle. 5" 12cm.

Carded with a space mask and winged Saturn and rocket space pin badge.

image courtesy

Available in a wide range of colors. Maker? circa 1954
Jun 19, 2016
IRON JAW THE ROBOT MASK - WHEATIES - USACereal cut-out robot mask. c1947Jun 19, 2016
BUCK ROGERS COCOMALT RAYGUN & HELMET KIT - COCOMALT - USAA 1933 premium from Cocomalt. Comprises a card space gun and helmet. Packed in an envelope. Jun 19, 2016
BEACON BEANIE SIGNAL CAP - CLEVER THINGS - USAYellow plastic beanie hat with a large red plastic light on the top. Current earliest sighting is in December 1952.Jun 19, 2016
MAN FROM MARS HELMET - PRACTI-COLE - USARed space helmet with a green visor "Cosmic Vision Eyeshield". On sale in November 1955.Jun 19, 2016
EXPEDICION LUNAR - EGE - SPAINLarge red and white lithographed tin battery operated vehicle with tracks. Flashing green light on the top. H Drive, a lever at the back for forward, left and right and backwards, left and right. 35cm

Based on the Masudaya Lunar Expedition original, but the Lunar expedicion is slightly different: it has a clear EGE maker's mark, a NASA logo and has circular green plastic windows in sides and rear. (The Masudaya version has lithographed windows).
Jun 19, 2016
PIONEER SPACE TANK - MAKER? - USSRBlue lithographed tinplate tank with a green plastic dome. Rocket graphics on the sides. Battery operated bump and go action with flashing light. This is a Russian variation of the Masudaya Planet Tank. Marked пцонер which translates as Pioneer. Box?Jun 18, 2016
MAT SPACE GUN - MAKER? - MEXICOA simple blown plastic water gun. The interesting feature of this gun is the fact that it is based on the Tudor Rose clicker gun design. Details?Jun 14, 2016
SPACE HELMET MASK PREMIUM - KRAFT CARAMELS - USAA plastic bag with an astronaut's head printed on the front. September 1953Jun 13, 2016
X-50 SPACE HELMET RADIO - HERREVER CO - USAWhite plastic space helmet with a built in crystal radio set. The helmet has a 60" antenna.

Jun 12, 2016
US EXPLORER SPACE HELMET - BANNER PLASTICS - USAA reworking of the 1953 Banner space helmet. This version has a huge rotating satellite attached to the top instead of the plastic spaceship. It's possible that this was inspired by the launch of Sputnik in October 1957. Picture?

Featured in the 1958 Spiegel catalog.
Jun 12, 2016
ROCKET SUB-MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANAn unusual black painted tin paper popper space machine gun. The gun has rings around the central body, a short nozzle and a rifle stock. A rocket is molded into the stock. The distinctive feature of the gun is the large crank handle that provides the drive. There is an extension at the top with an unusual logo: it holds the paper reel. "200 Shot Repeating". 35cm Maker?

The gun has a strong resemblance to the Flashy Ray Gun.

Western cowboy crossover.
Jun 12, 2016

Image courtesy Hake's Collectibles
Jun 12, 2016
OUTER SPACE RANGER BADGE - ML TOY - USAMarshall style five pointed star badge with rocket logo in the center. marked Outer Space Ranger. Carded. Jun 10, 2016
ROCKY JONES SPACE RANGER WINGS - SPACE RANGER ENT - USACarded metal badge with winged Saturn and rocket design. Space Ranger is molded into the wings of the badge.

The badge has the same design as a generic Japanese badge of the time.
Jun 10, 2016
SPACE NAVIGATOR PIN - JAPANCarded metal badge with winged Saturn and rocket design. SPACE stamped on each wing.Jun 10, 2016
SPACE SOLAR WATCH - IDEAL - USACombination plastic compass and sundial. The compass enables the sundial to be correctly aligned to tell the time.Jun 10, 2016
SPACE NAVIGATOR PIN AND COMPASS - JAPANMetal badge with winged Saturn and rocket design. Separate plain compass. fob chain included. SPACE stamped on each wing.

Very similar design to the US Rocky Jones Space Navigator wings. pin.
Jun 10, 2016
SPACE NAVIGATOR PIN AND COMPASSWristwatch compass (plain) and metal badge with winged Saturn and rocket design. Variations include a combined compass and non-working watch and a combined watch, compass and badge set. Jun 10, 2016
SPACE MARINER COMPASS - SEABORD PLASTICS - USAWristwatch compass. Spaceman's head and vertical rockets design. Jun 10, 2016
SPACE PILOT COMPASS PIN - CLEINMAN - USACarded wing shaped metal pin with built in compass. Marked Space Pilot 1952Jun 10, 2016
SPACE PATROL COMPASS - PETER PAN - ENGLANDWristwatch compass. with anchor design.Jun 10, 2016
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET INSIGNIA KIT - ROCKHILL RADIO - USASpace pin, metal ring and wristwatch compass. Carded. Spaceman's head and angled rockets design.Jun 10, 2016
TOM CORBETT SPACE PATROL BELT - YALE - USATom Corbett card mounted with a press out rocket.

Top: black leather belt with a circular rocket themed buckle marked Space Cadet
Bottom: brown leather, buckle marked Tom Corbett Space Cadet

On sale June 1952

Jun 10, 2016
SATELLITE FINDER COMPASS - NEMO - USAWristwatch compass. Elaborate radio station design with lightning strikes. Jun 10, 2016
FLASH GORDON SPACE OUTFIT - ESQUIRE NOVELTY - USACarded Flash Gordon space goggles, belt and wristwatch compass with spaceman's head and Saturn design. "Magic" goggles with one-way lenses. On sale June 1952.Jun 10, 2016
FLASH GORDON SPACE COMPASS - ESQUIRE NOVELTY - USACarded Flash Gordon wristwatch compass. Spaceman's head and Saturn design.Jun 10, 2016
ASTRONAUT PILOT WINGS - 20TH CENTURY VARIETIES - USACarded wing shaped metal pin with built in compass. Marked Space Pilot. Jun 10, 2016
SPACE COMPASS PREMIUM - NECCO - USAAdvertisement for a mail away wristwatch compass - spaceman's head and vertical rockets design. Available from Necco Sky Bar. This is the same as Tom Corbett space wristwatch compass but with alternative decoration on the strap. The compass is the same as the Seabord Plastics version.Jun 10, 2016
SPACE SCOOTER (PROTOTYPE) - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlue and silver lithographed tinplate vehicle has a large NASA logo on the hood. Marked Space Scooter. There's a large plastic dome on top containing a tin astronaut working the controls. This 6" 15cm toy has a friction crank operated mystery action. KO Box?

This is featured in the 1965 Yoshiya catalog as #1085 SPACE SCOOTER., though there is no evidence that it was released.
Jun 10, 2016
ASTRO MOBIL - MAKER? - INDIAThis is an Indian copy of the Marubishi Astro Mobil. An red and yellow lithographed tin friction space vehicle. The vehicle has an unusual tear drop shape with vinyl pilot head under a clear dome and two long clear red plastic engine tubes at the back. Two wire antennas sweep backwards along the top. Marked Astro Mobil. 8" 20cm. While very similar to the Marubishi original there are differences in the lithography. No maker's mark. Possibly Raja. Box?

Friction action with noise and spark. Asia

Jun 10, 2016
ROCKY JONES SPACE RANGER WRIST WATCH - BRADLEY - USAElongated dial wrist watch with Rocky Jones graphic. Leather strap.

On sale November 1955
Jun 10, 2016
BUZZ COREY'S SPACE PATROL WRIST WATCH - USAWrist watch with Space Patrol wording on the dial. Boxed set contains a domed space compass. On sale December 1953.Jun 10, 2016
SPACE EXPLORER WRIST WATCHWristwatch with space scene. Various styles were sold in the same display box.Jun 10, 2016
SPACE EXPLORER COMPASS WRIST WATCHCombination wristwatch with compass in the center. Decorated leather strap.Jun 10, 2016
ROCKET PILOT WATCH - JAPANNon-working wristwatch. Jun 10, 2016
PLANET WATCH - ESCONon-working space wristwatch.Jun 10, 2016
SPACE POCKETWATCH - MAKER - JAPANPocketwatch with space scene. Rotating Earth second dial. Pat 382784Jun 10, 2016
SPACE MAN WATCH - JAPANNon-working wristwatches. Apollo moon landing scenes. Shop display card. Jun 10, 2016
SPACE POCKETWATCH AND ROCKET FOB - INGERSOLL - ENGLANDPocetwatch with scene of a space station. Nodding spaceman head and rotating second dial. Chain and silver rocket fob. Jun 10, 2016
CAPTAIN CONDOR SPACE PATROL WRIST WATCH - ENGLANDSpac Patrol wristwatch. The boxed set includes a domed compass. Based on the Buzz Corey Space Patrol wrist watch. The only significant change is the use of the striking Captain Condor graphics on the box. Captain Condor was a comic book hero from the Lion comic.Jun 10, 2016
SPACE HELMET - US RUBBER CO - USARubber helmet with store display litho face as store display. 9ins tall. U.S. Rubber Co. Jun 09, 2016
STAR TREK HELMET - REMCO -USAA strange white plastic beanie style helmet with hinged visor and a prominent red light on the top. Marked Spock or other character names.Jun 09, 2016
CANADA DRY SPACE HELMET - MAKER? - CANADAOffered as a mail-away premium in this 1953 advertisement. Picture?
Jun 09, 2016
SPACENIK HELMET - MAKER? - USADescribed as a new item in November 1957.Jun 09, 2016
UNIDENTIFIED SPACE HELMET - MAKER? - USAFeatured in1954 press shots, this helmet has not been identified. One child is wearing a Tom Corbett Space Cadet suit.

Jun 09, 2016
ASTRONAUT SPACE HELMET - COLECO -USABagged with header card. On sale in July 1962. This helmet is clearly influenced by the real US space helmets.Jun 09, 2016
SPACE SCOUT HELMET - RENWAL - USAThe original soft plastic space helmet with a skeletal design. Much copied.

Marked SPACE SCOUT on visor and ear pieces. The Renwal helmet has a gap in the headband in the back

Appears in the News and Courier 1st November 1953. Advertised variously as the Planet Patrol Cap or Planet Scout Space Helmet. Packaging?
Jun 09, 2016
SPACE HELMET - MAKER? - HONG KONGThe helmet is a variation of the Renwal Space Scout Helmet. Packaging? Details?

The Renwal original is marked SPACE SCOUT on visor and ear pieces. The Renwal helmet has a gap in the headband in the back, the Hong Kong version doesn't. The ear pieces are attached to the helmet differently: the Renwal ear pieces attaching tabs are not visible from the outside but the Hong Kong tabs are visible.
Jun 09, 2016
SIR RETRO ROCKETSBY - LINCOLN TOYS - NEW ZEALANDThis ad is from a 1968 New Zealand toy catalogue. Lincoln Toys was a NZ company that first manufactured in New Zealand and then moved it's manufacturing to Hong Kong.

The helmet is a variation of the Renwal Space Scout Helmet, possibly pink and other strange colours.

Jun 09, 2016
TOMMY RAY SPACE GUN HELMET - B W LOLDED PLASTICS - USATommy-Ray space gun accessory helmet, depicted on the gun's box. Featured in the 1954 Spiegel catalog. Widely advertised in December 1954.Jun 09, 2016

The helmet has a speaker under the white cap on top with a wire and connector coming out. The cable connects to a switch box and the switch box connects to the speaker cable in a radio or TV so you could here the sound from your favorite TV or radio show in your Westinghouse Cosmic Scouts Helmet. You can see the speaker on the inside of the helmet.

This example came in a Beemak Space Patrol Helmet box. It is thought that the Beemak product was adapted for sale by Westinghouse when they were sponsoring the Rocky Jones Space Ranger TV show.
Jun 09, 2016
DUBBLE BUBBLE SPACE HELMET - FLEER - USACard premium. Mail away coupon shown. Picture?Jun 09, 2016
MIRRO SATELLITE EXPLORER'S HELMET - MIRRO - USAMirro Aluminium Company. A full-head cylindrical metal helmet with visor.

Advertised in Milwaukee Journal 8th March 1957.
Jun 09, 2016
OUTER SPACE HELMET PREMIUM - RALSTON - USACardboard space helmet available from Ralston Cereals in early 1954. Jun 09, 2016
SPACE HELMET WITH RADARD GOGGLES - BANNER - USAAn elaborate plastic helmet with a spaceship fitted to the top. Also included was a pair of dish shaped plastic space goggles. The earliest sighting is November 1953.Jun 09, 2016
BUBBLE-O-BILL BUBBLE HAT - MATTEL - USAPlastic cap style helmet with bubble blowing feature. On sale in February 1954.Jun 09, 2016
LOST IN SPACE HELMET - IDEAL - USABlue plastic helmet with decal detailing. Introduced in late 1966. Jun 09, 2016
MEN INTO SPACE HELMET - IDEAL - USAWhite plastic space helmet with full face hinged visor. Jun 09, 2016
BUCK ROGERS SPACE RANGER HELMET - SYLVANIA - USAOffered free to children who brought their parents along to view the Sylvania TV set. The offer started in October 1952.Jun 09, 2016
SPACE PATROL HELMET - BEEMAK PLASTICS - USAFull head dome shaped space helmet. White plastic. Visor. Comes with inflatable oxygen tanks. The tanks were available inblue and red plastic.

Announced in May 1952.
Jun 09, 2016
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