Toy Robots and Space Toys
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JET SPACE SHIP - NE-KUR - TURKEYTin lithographed spaceship. Crimped assembly. Light blue and white ship with three rear fins. Red plastic canopy. Friction action with spark. Crown logo. Box marked J T 10. date?Aug 19, 2019
Clear blue plastic bulbous space water gun with bulbous retro styling. (No sight variation.) Bagged with header card. Various colors. 1960s?
Aug 17, 2019
ROBOT - PBI PERABONI - ITALYPlastic robot. Launches spinners from its head. Unmarked blister packaging. Aug 17, 2019
APOLLO 11 ROCKET PLANE - VTI (VOHRA) - INDIALithographed tinplate cross between a rocket and an airplane. Red, blue and yellow. APOLLO 11 marked on the upper wing. Small spark window at the front. Friction action with noise and spark. Aug 10, 2019
ASTRO RACER - DAIYA - JAPANRed tinplate futuristic racing car with white trim. Pilot under a clear canopy. Large rear rocket motor. Battery operated with light and noise. Steerable front wheels. 12" 25cm Jul 26, 2019
ROCKET BANK - FOSTA (FOSTER GRANT) - USAA large hard plastic rocket-shaped money bank. 10". The header card was a shop display advert not sold with the toy.

The same design was released in England by Tudor Rose.
Jul 26, 2019
ATOMIC 8 WATER PISTOL - YD YASUDAKOGYO - JAPANBlue plastic water pistol. Angular design. Yellow plastic panel with an atomic logo molded in the grip. Marked Yasudakogyo Osaka 1965. 14cm. Box?Jul 25, 2019
RAKIETA KOSMICZNA (SPACE ROCKET) - SRC - POLANDGrey plastic friction rocket with three wheels. Three white tail fins. red nose cap and tail. Friction action. Box?

Spółdzielnia Rzemieślnicza Centrum, Warsaw. A paper slip dates it to 1988.

This is a version of the Lucky Toy Lunar Probe, which is based on the static X-60 rocket that is found on the JR Toy Rocket Transporter.
Jun 17, 2019
SUPERCAR CLOCK MONEY BOX - LINDA - HONG KONGPlastic clock-shaped money box. Sold as a time-telling learning aid. Colorful Supercar scene on the dial.

Two box variations shown.

Gerry Anderson
Jun 17, 2019
FIREBALL XL5 MAGIC SRIBBLE BOX - BELL TOY - ENGLANDPlastic magic slate toy with stylus. Gerry Anderson Jun 13, 2019
SUPERCAR UNDERWATER TREASURE HUNT - BELL TOYS - ENGLANDSupercar themesd board game. Gerry AndersonJun 13, 2019
SLING-A-RING SUPERCAR GAME - BELL TOYS - ENGLANDCard ring toss game. Gerry AndersonJun 13, 2019
SUPERCAR MAGNETIC ADVENTURES - ALLAN INDUSTRIES - ENGLANDScene creating game with magnetic components on a decorative background. Gerry Anderson 1962Jun 13, 2019
SUPERCAR ROAD RACE GAME - STANDARD TOYKRAFT - USARace game with magnetic paddles to move counters around the board. 1963

Gerry Anderson
Jun 13, 2019
SUPERCAR TARGET GAME - MAGIC WAND CORP - USAMetal target and space gun that shoots with magnetic tipped bullets. Magic Wand Space Gun. Measures 17" by 14 1/2". Made by Magic Wand Corp. Gerry AndersonJun 13, 2019
FLYING SUPERCAR - REMCO - USAThis white styrene model with paper decals Supercar is attached to handheld remote control via cable and is battery-operated. Supercar has separate wire-mounted wheels that snap onto front. Remco 1962

Gerry Anderson

Jun 13, 2019
SUPERCAR - FAIRYLITE - HONG KONGPlastic friction Supercar. Hong Kong (Empire made) 22cm. This model has distinctive yellow bulges on either side of the front body.

Gerry Anderson
Jun 13, 2019
SUPERCAR - PLASTON - ENGLANDSoft plastic Supercar with retractable wings. Made by Shipton Plastics. Plastic clip together model with retractable wings. 36cm Available as a mail away item.

Gerry Anderson
Jun 13, 2019
MIKE MERCURY'S SUPERCAR FILM VIEWER - GW - HONG KONGPlastic hand held 8mm cine film viewer with Supercar film loops. Marked GW Hong Kong. This is a repackaged Filmscope viewer. Seen in red, blue and black. 1961

Gerry Anderson
Jun 13, 2019
SUPERCAR GLOVE PUPPETS - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDVinyl and cloth glove puppets of Mike Mercury and Jimmy from Supercar. Date? Packaging? c1961
Gerry Anderson
Jun 13, 2019
SUPERCAR BAGATELLE - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDWood and card bagatelle. Supercar graphics. Boxed.

Gerry Anderson
Jun 13, 2019
SUPERCAR JOLLIFILM VIEWER - PEAK FILM PRODUCTIONS- ENGLANDA simple hand held 8mm cine film viewing device. Comes with four boxed Supercar film loops.

Gerry Anderson ATV 1963
Jun 12, 2019
SPACE HELMET - JEFE, JOAQUIN SALUDES - SPAINSilver metal full face space helmet with square face panel, red headlight, green light on top and futuristic disc ears. Valencia. Spain. Date?Jun 12, 2019
THUNDERBIRDS BANDOLIER - BERWICK - ENGLANDVinyl shoulder holster with a non-functional red plastic Thunderbirds Lone Star space water gun. Jun 11, 2019
SATELLITE SPACE STATION - JOHILLCO - ENGLANDThe larger version of the space station made of wood, cardboard and wire.Jun 10, 2019
FRICTION SPACE TANK - ICHIMURA - JAPANSmall (10cm) silver and red lithographed tin friction tank. Conventional tank with turret and black gun barrel. White plastic spark window at the back. Indian head logo. Marked Space Patrol on the sides. The boxed version of this tank appears to have been released in a box with artwork designed for other Ichimura tanks.

Other packaging variations include a plastic bag with a generic Lucky Toy header card, a double pack with the a second space tank and as part of a three tank set in a box featuring three tanks.

Jun 06, 2019
SPACE PLANE 281 - TECHNOFIX - W GERMANYTin lithographed space plane. The plane has a distinctive geometric pattern of red and white lines with blue trim. Friction action. 29cm 1950s

Space Flugzeug. US Zone Rakete
May 17, 2019
SPACE PLANE 270 - TECHNOFIX - W GERMANYTin lithographed space plane. Red and yellow. Marked 270. Friction action. 29cm 1950s

US Zone Weltraum Flugzeug. Rakete.
May 17, 2019
SPACE TANK ME-759 - MAKER? - CHINAA rather crude tin lithographed space tank consisting of a flat body with tracks on either side. The tank can run upside down. Battery operated. Date? ME759May 17, 2019
SOLAR COMMANDO SPACE GUN - PREMIER PLASTICS - USA6" multi- colored plastic with one dart. Each side of the gun has a different base plastic color with combinations such as yellow/white, black/yellow blue/yellow. Fires rubber tipped darts. Date? 1950s

This is a variation of the Space Explorer gun on a different backing card. The dart shown here is not the correct one.
May 14, 2019
JET PILOT GOGGLES - 20TH CENTURY NOVELTY CASTINGS - USAAngular space goggles. metal frames on a leather style backing. 1957May 03, 2019
SPACE-O-SCOPE - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAAngular plastic space goggles with louvre windows. Mounted on a card shaped like a spaceman's head. Advertised in 1953.

These are the same goggles as those produced by Geyper in 1955.
May 03, 2019
SPACE SUIT - A L LINDSAY - AUSTRALIARed and green cloth space suit with spaceship graphics. Belt. Date?May 01, 2019
SPACE LEADER SET - MAKER? - AUSTRALIASet comprising a plastic space helmet with a spaceship mounted on the top, plastic clicker space gun and space goggles. Carded set dated to 1954. Apr 30, 2019
SPACEMEN - LP - HONG KONGChrome silver LP spacemen in a display box. Set No 202. These are the small Golden Astronaut figures. Mar 29, 2019
PISTOL ULTRA - MAKER? - ARGENTINAKnown from this advertisement. Ultraman themed space gun with sound. SONORA. Details? Picture? Box?Mar 19, 2019
SPACE WATER PISTOL - MAKER? - ITALY?Hard red plastic water pistol with a trumpet shaped barrel with rings, short bulbous body and a telescopic sight. Details? Discovered in Italy. Name? maker? Details?
Mar 13, 2019
AIRGAM SATELITE FIGURES - AIRGAM - SPAINAirgam released a satellite construction kit in the 1950s. It included a number of soft plastic spacemen. There are three poses.

The third pose (bottom row) is a design registered by Reamsa in 1955.

Mar 06, 2019
METRALLETA ESPACIAL - CLIM - SPAINDouble barreled plastic space machine gun. Manual crank action with movement and noise. Box marked CH No 107Mar 06, 2019
HOMBRES DE LA LUNA (MOON MEN) - LEMSSA - SPAINLater copies of the Cragstan Moon Men Cobor, Furo and Mazor. Multicolored plastic space man with a remarkably ugly face. Rubber head. The body is pressed down and when released the robot moves forward. Mar 06, 2019
MASTER GOGGLES - GEYPER - SPAINAngular plastic space goggles with louvre windows. Mounted on a card shaped like a spaceman's head. Advertised in 1955.Mar 06, 2019
MARCIANA - MAKER? - SPAINHard metallic plastic space gun water pistol with retro style detailing including a domed back with arched extensions and ring molding around the barrel. The gun also has a built in whistle blown through an opening at the back. 18cm Sold with a cardboard holster.

This is a Barcelona made copy of the Co-Ma Marziana gun. The design was registered in Spain 1954.
Publication number: I0022185 (06.16.1954)
Also published as: I0022185 (03.13.1957)
Applicant: Aragonés Fontanet, José Maria (ES)
Mar 05, 2019
SPACEMEN - REX JOUETS - FRANCEFour hard plastic spacemen with helmets. Slender translucent hard plastic with clear plastic helmets. Early 1950s. Four known colours: green, blue, red and gold.

It is possible that the top right (blue) figure was originally designed holding a rifle, but it was removed before production.

Mar 03, 2019
MOON SHIP LK-1 - CHISTOPOL - RUSSIATin friction space rocket. Cream top, light blue lower. Two large side fins at the rear. Spark window and red plastic engine at the back. Friction action with noise and spark. 1980. USSRMar 02, 2019
PROYECTILES DIRIGIDOS (GUIDED MISSILES) - REAMSA - SPAINHard blue plastic space gun with a distinctive tubular ringed structure along the top of barrel. The gun shoots large finned cap bomb darts. This is based on the Rocketeer jet Bomb and Launcher by Empire Plastics. Saturn molding on the handle. Boxed. A Reamsa document dates this to June 1953.
Feb 27, 2019
SPACE TANK - MAKER? - JAPANOrange lithographed tin space tank with a comical oversize tin driver behind a plastic windshield. Plastic propeller at the back. Friction ? action. Details? Maker? Box?Feb 25, 2019
SPACE CAR 7 - MASUDAYA - JAPANred and black lithographed tin friction space car No 7 with vinyl pilot head behind a windshield. 32cm. One of a series of cars based on the same pressing. Crimped construction. Details? Name? Box?Feb 25, 2019
JAGUAR S-015 - MASUDAYA - JAPANLarge blue lithographed tin space machine gun with telescopic sight. Jaguar litho on the wood effect stock. S-015 Modern Toys battery operated noise and light. Box? Date?Feb 21, 2019
STRATO SCOUT GUN AND HOLSTER SET - MAKER? - USAStrato space gun and red leather holster with white detailing. Baased on a 1954 advert that reads:


signed gun and holster set for young space explorers.

The holster and belt are made of genuine red leather

decorated with white trim; belt is 30" long, with

sliding buckle. The strato-gun is a fully automatic

cap pistol, jet styled of die cast zinc alloy, chrome

plated, with red trim. Gun has 9 1/2" barrel. Shipping

weight approx. 2 lbs.

E6339E250……………...……...Retail Price set $ 3.75
Feb 15, 2019
SPACE FLIGHT GUN AND HOLSTER SET - MAKER? - USAStrato gun and black leather holster boxed set. Feb 15, 2019
FLASHGUN - LYVIA - HONG KONGBlack metal pistol shaped space gun. Battery operated flashlight. Marked Empire Made. Early 1960s. Feb 14, 2019
HEROIS DO ESPACO - BONECO - BRAZILBlown plastic spaceman in red and blue. Retro styling. Feb 10, 2019
SPACESHIP - APS - ITALYSoft plastic spaceship based on the Gilmark Fireball design. Roounded tail fin. Separate antenna piece. Light blue plastic. 1950s. Name? Details?Feb 10, 2019
THUNDERBOLT SPECIAL - MUSICALEXTRIC - AUSTRALIAA copy of the California moulders original spaceship. Hard plastic spaceship. 7.5" A futuristic vehicle with small side wings and a large dorsal fin. A gun is mounted on the top. Produced in combinations of red and yellow components. Push along. Melbourne, Australia. Feb 08, 2019
SUPER KUN FLYING SAUCER - NOMURA - JAPANLithographed tin character saucer based on the Super Kun character (probably devised by Nomura). Based on the same pressing as the Testujin 28 friction saucer that appeared in the 1964 Nomura catalog. c1966.Jan 19, 2019
MOON ROCKET SHIP - EMPRESS? - USARed and yellow hard plastic and metal 8.25” x 5” x 2.125” space ship. Identical in styling to the Moon Rocket Ship made by Empress Varieties Manufacturing Corporation. It has a metal lever at the rear that causes the blue and white circular metal platform and yellow plastic propeller at top center to rotate. Pat No. 149-865.Jan 19, 2019
ROCKET BANK - EMPIRE PLASTIC CORP - USAPlastic rocket with small pilot figure. There is a mechanism to shoot coins into a slot. 1950s. Jan 10, 2019
BAUKERL ROBO - EFFEM - WEST GERMANYMeccano style construction toy, but the parts are presented in a distinctive robot themed box.Jan 10, 2019
POP APART SPACE ROCKET TARGET GAME - METTOY - ENGLANDA card rocket fits on a spring on the card base. Hitting the target launches the rocket. Non-space gun with rubber tipped darts. Jan 10, 2019
SPACE:1999 UTILITY BELT - REMCO - USASpace:1999 Stun gun set with watch and compass. 1976Jan 10, 2019
SPUTNIK LAIKA NELLO SPAZIO (SPUTNIK LAIKA IN SPACE) - MAKER? - ITALYSpinning plastic Sputnik toy with the dog Laika inside. The dog has an attached parachute. Comes with a wooden spindle. Details of the action? Date?Jan 10, 2019
TIR AUX OVNIS (ALIEN SHOOTING GAME) - EUREKA - FRANCECard alien flying saucer targets on a battery operated rotating carousel. Non-space dart gun. Jan 10, 2019
MOONSHIP - MAKER? - CHINAFuturistic space rocket, airplane styling with very short wings. Spark window at rear. Friction action with spark. Date?Jan 10, 2019
ROCKET - MAKER? - RUSSIAPlastic Soviet era space rocket. Three wheels, friction action. Portholes and two side fins. 10 ins long. Two versions shown, the lower one attributed to the Zagorsk Research Institute of Toys. Date? Box?Jan 10, 2019
MR ORBIT - FRANKONIA - HONG KONGSmall round blue plastic globe shaped robot with comical features. A Moon satellite spins around above his head. Simple walking action with swinging arms. 1969 Map of Earth. Mr. Mister.

Jan 10, 2019
HELICOPTER MF-821 - MAKER? - CHINAThis is a dark blue lithographed tinplate friction space helicopter. This is basically a jet airliner with an added rotor. The box has an illustration of the toy flying through space.

See also the ME632 ME 632 version which has similar box art.
Jan 10, 2019
PLANET SHIP MAIL BOX - MAKER? - ENGLANDCylindrical lithographed tin money box with early space graphics. Jan 10, 2019
SPACE SATELLITE PATROL PINS - MICRO-LITE - USAPlastic flashing pin badges. Pull cord tio see spaceman when pin flashes. 1950s.Jan 10, 2019
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET OUTFIT - YANKIBOY - USASpace suit comprising jacket, pants, cap, belt, holster and clicker space gun. Sears Christmas Wish Book, 1953. Jan 10, 2019
SPACE PATROL PHONE - HALE-NASS CORP - USAA carded set of thin metal walkie talkies. Lollipop shape. String type. The card carries a Rocky Jones graphic. This is presumably the original set which was later released as No 183 without the Rocky Jones graphic. No 180. 1953Jan 10, 2019
PLANET PATROL HOLSTER SET - HALCO - USARed and yellow leather holster and belt set made by Halco. Includes a Marx SUPER BEAM SIGNAL RAY marked Planet Patrol on the grip. On sale Octiober 1952Jan 10, 2019
DALEK ERAZA BOARD - BELL TOYS - ENGLANDWipeable crayoning set with Dr Who pictures. 1960s. Date?Jan 10, 2019
ROCKY JONES SPACE RANGER WINGS - ROCKY JONES ENTERPRISES - USAWinged pin with Saturn and rocket. Very similar design to the Japanese Space Navigator pin. Badge. 1950sJan 10, 2019
XP-24 FLYING SAUCER - MAKER? - JAPANPrototype hand painted flying saucer. Unoccupied dome with a single lever inside. Battery op. Yoshiya styling. Details? Jan 10, 2019
SPUTNIK SPACE GAME - MAKER? - RUSSIAA 1961 USSR era space game based on a Sputnik theme. Details unclear. Marked Moscow 1961Jan 10, 2019
ELROY JETSON SPACE CAR - TRANSOGRAM - USAPlastic pull along space car with an Elroy Jetson pilot. Display carded. 1960s. Jan 10, 2019
FLASH GORDON SPACESHIP - PREMIER PRODUCTS - USAA single hard plastic spaceship on a Flash Gordon backing card. 1950s. Jan 10, 2019
ROCKET TANK PATROL - MAC REY - USABasic plastic tank with rubber dome plunger on top. Shoots plastic missiles. Also released by Tudor Rose. Jan 10, 2019
SUPERCAR HI BINGO GAME - BELL TOYS - ENGLANDSupercar graphics on a bingo game. 1960s Gerry AndersonJan 06, 2019
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