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SECRET MISSILES BASE - BLUE-BOX - HONG KONGPlastic missile launcher with large control panel and operatives. Date? Feb 13, 2021
BUCK ROGERS LEAD SPACESHIPS - BARCLAY/BRITAINS - USALead spaceships based on the Buck Rogers comic strips. Details? Nov 14, 2020
SPACEMEN - CORNFLAKES? - BRAZILBronze plastic spacemen. These are based on the later Britains space alien figures. Cereal premium. Maker? Details. Nov 06, 2020

Monstrous Mecanicos lead spacemen with ray gun and alien landscape. 6 pieces

The landscape is moulded in an Elastolin style sawdust-and glue material on a thick base board.
Aug 18, 2020
FLASH GORDON SPACE CRUISER SET - PREMIER - USACarded set of various combinations of Premier spaceship spacemen. Random combinations. 1952
Jul 13, 2020
GIANT LIZARD TRADE PACK ITEM NO 59 - CHERILEA - ENGLANDThree dozen lead space creature lizard figures in a plain cardboard trade box. 1950s. Dec 04, 2019
ROCKET SHIP AND SPACEMEN - ARCHER - USABoxed set comprising plastic rocket assembly and five Archer spacemen with removable helmets. On sale in December 1952. Dec 04, 2019
SPACEMEN - MPC - USAA range of 50mm dime store soft plastic spacemen. Available in a wide range of colours. Much copied. Bagged with header card. 1969.

Also sold as Space Explorer premiums with Nabisco Wheat Honeys cereals in 1969 Each packet inclued two of six poses.

Multiple Toymakers United States

Dec 01, 2019
JOURNEY INTO SPACE SET 1002A - CHERILEA - ENGLANDThis set of 14 lead space figures comprises solely of spacemen and robots. The set has no monsters, rockets or rocket launchers. The figures are based on Johillco original designs.

Cherilea, Blackpool. 1950
Nov 30, 2019
BATTAGLIA LUNARE FIGURES - PLASTEN - ITALYComposite space figures and vehicles. Details?Jul 31, 2019
SPACEMEN - LP - HONG KONGChrome silver LP spacemen in a display box. Set No 202. These are the small Golden Astronaut figures. Mar 29, 2019
AIRGAM SATELITE FIGURES - AIRGAM - SPAINAirgam released a satellite construction kit in the 1950s. It included a number of soft plastic spacemen. There are three poses.

The third pose (bottom row) is a design registered by Reamsa in 1955.

Mar 06, 2019
SPACEMEN - REX JOUETS - FRANCEFour hard plastic spacemen with helmets. Slender translucent hard plastic with clear plastic helmets. Early 1950s. Four known colours: green, blue, red and gold.

It is possible that the top right (blue) figure was originally designed holding a rifle, but it was removed before production.

Mar 03, 2019
SPACE FIGURE SET - PLASTIMARX - MEXICOA large boxed set of Marx spacemen. The set consists of 12 plastic figures and the artwork suggests that it may also have contained the Marx Twin-Jet spaceship and the friction spaceship. The box has no name but has elaborate early space graphics featuring Marx spaceships.

Date? 1950s?
Mar 12, 2017
SPACEMEN BAGGED SET - PREMIER PRODUCTS - USAAn unusual bagged set of Ajax spacemen and others sold with a Premier header card. An indication of the complex relationship betwwen these early producers.Jul 01, 2016
DIME STORE SPACEMEN - PREMIER PLASTICS - USABagged combinations of Premier rockets and spacemen.Jul 01, 2016
ROCKET GUNNER WITH SPACE RANGER - BEST - USAIdentified in this newspaper ad, a carded two-piece set comprising a spaceman and rocket launcher. Hard plastic. Set No #302. March 1953.Jul 01, 2016
FIGHTING SPACE RANGERS - BEST - USACurrently identified only in this newspaper ad: a boxed set of four hard plastic spacemen and one rocket launcher. Set No #303, the largest of the Best space sets. March 1953.Jul 01, 2016
STAR TROOPER - MAKER? - USBagged set of glow in the dark plastic spacemen, 3". Ajax copies.
Jul 01, 2016
SPACEMEN - JIM - FRANCEWhite plastic Apollo spacemen with dark space helmet visors. Each holds a piece of equipment. Marked JIM. Details?
Jun 30, 2016
SPACEMEN - REX FOR BONUX - FRANCE Slender glossy hard plastic spacemen with clear plastic helmets. An earlier premiums with Bonux washing powder. Marked Bonux on the thigh and Rex Depose on the back. Rex also released these figures separately. 1956

Four poses.

Jun 30, 2016
SPACEMAN - ATHENA - GREECEA detailed silver plastic spacemen figure with clear plastic helmet and backpack with antenna. Articulated arms. Aohna.Jun 30, 2016
ASTRONAUTS SET- SOLPA - GREECEA 25 piece set of silver grey LP plastic spacemen. Set No #22Jun 30, 2016
ASTRONAUTS - PETALO - GREECEA set of 14 white plastic LP astronauts with various buildings and equipment. Jun 30, 2016
SPACEMEN - TOLTOYS - AUSTRALIAIt is believed that these are Australian hard plastic versions of Archer spacemen. Produced in Australia by Toltoys. A box of figures with a Toltoys label has been identified. Notice the gun in the hand of the top right figure. The poses may also be related to Tudor Rose versions. The figures ahave no maker's mark. Each comes with a clear plastic helmet.

Details? Information?

Toltoys was founded by Alex Tolmer in the 1950s.
Jun 25, 2016
SPACEMEN - MAKER? - HUNGARYSoft plastic copies of Co-Ma spacemen. Each figure is slightly samller than the Co-Ma and has a helmet with a spike. Various colors. Jun 25, 2016
PATTUGLIA MARZIANA (MARTIAN PATROL) - CO-MA - ITALYA carded set of six small 1.5 inch hard plastic spacemen with helmets. The figures on these cards tend to get mixed, but they were intended to be spacemen rather than the goggle-eyed aliens of the Pattuglia Selenita set. Jun 25, 2016
PATTUGLIA SELENITA (MOON PATROL) - CO-MA - ITALYA carded set of six small 1.5 inch hard plastic space aliens. The figures on these cards tend to get mixed, but they were intended to be the goggle-eyed aliens. The astronaut is out of place. See the Pattuglia Marziana set. Jun 25, 2016
SPACEMEN - NARDI? - ITALYWhite plastic space aliens with odd pumpkin-like heads, capes and separate weapons. Swoppet take-apert. Possibly by Nardi? Details? Name?Jun 25, 2016
MARTE SPACEMAN - CO-MA - ITALYA boxed set of Co-Ma hard plastic spacemen. Box with paper label. Marked MARTE Art 179. 1950s. COMA

Reamsa of Spain registered some of these poses in 1957, though there is no suggestion that they were the original designer.
Jun 25, 2016
SPACEMEN - MAKER? - ITALYA range of unidentified small hard plastic spacemen. These quaintly old-styled astronauts are about 1.4 inches tall. A maker has yet to be identified, as has the sales method. They may have been premiums with sweets, but nothing has yet been confirmed. The plastic used does vary slightly and the details of the sculpting suggest that they were re-issued from different molds. Details?Jun 25, 2016
SPACEMAN - MAKER? - ITALYUnidentified white or light grey plastic semi-flat spacemen. Some have poses that resemble the Thomas/Poplar spacemen. There are three poses. Blister carded in various combinations, sometimes with guns.

The figures turn up regularly but there is no indication of a maker. Possibly Torgano.

Jun 25, 2016
LOST IN SPACE FIGURE - REMCO - USASoft plastic spaceman figure as provided in the Lost in Space 3D Action game. Four figures, all the same, in red, yellow, blue and white.Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN - REMCO - CHINADistinctive blue plastic spacemen with silver helmet visors. 60mm. There are two know poses though the bases are numbered and suggest that there is a third pose. It is not clear how these were sold Some examples are marked Remco China. Details?Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN - BONUX - FRANCESilver grey and black plastic spacemen. Premiums with Bonux washing powder. Twelve poses. 3"Jun 24, 2016
UNIDENTIFIED SPACEMAN - NEW ZEALAND?A solid lead spaceman. This turned up in New Zealand. It is a solid lead copy of a Thomas/Poplar spaceman. Modern copies are known but this has all the signs of age. Any details?Jun 24, 2016
UNIDENTIFIED SPACEMAN - NEW ZEALAND?A solid lead spaceman. This turned up in New Zealand. Any details?Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN - STARLUX - FRANCEA range of semi-hard plastic spacemen and aliens. All are unique in their styling. The underlying plastic is either bronze or silver, and the figures are hand painted. The figures were on sale in the 1980s. Jun 24, 2016
GUERREROS ATOMICOS - MAKER? - MEXICOA set of 6 box shaped hard plastic robot figures, each with a weapon. Three weapons: a lance, raygun and rock. The box measures 19"x19". Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN, COPIES OF MARX - VARIOUS MAKERS - HONG KONG/CHINAA variety of blister carded set of copies of Marx swoppet style spacemen with interchangeable parts. Some sets include vehicles and equipment.

Space Explorer Set
Moon Base Alpha
US Space Warriors
Men On Space Encounters
Spacemen #206
Moonshot Spacemen - Combex
Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN - MARX - HONG KONGA number of blister carded set of Marx swoppet style spacemen with interchangeable parts.

Apollo Space Station

Jun 24, 2016
SPACE EXPLORER SET - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlister carded space set comprising blue plastic space rocket, friction action with rotating antenna. Four chrome silver astronauts.

The silver chrome astronauts are LP poses and appear in blister packed playests by LP (sets No 104A and 105A.)

The space rocket would appear to be the X-30 but with a reduced tail to allow packing under the blister.
Jun 24, 2016
SPACE MAN - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlister carded set of 8 dark silver grey astronauts and two jet planes. LP poses.Jun 24, 2016
THE COSMONAUT'S SET - MAKER - HONG KONGA carded ste comprising four large blue blown-plastic spacemen and a small dart firing machine gun. The set reuses a card previously used for a space gun. Jun 24, 2016
SPACE MAN SET - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlister carded set comprising an orange Apollo Eagle moon lander and two orange plastic spacemen.Jun 24, 2016
SPACE SET - LP - HONG KONGA blister carded set of semi-flat white plastic spacemen and equipment. The pieces are clearly inspired by the Billy Blastoff range of toys.

LP is the logo of Lik Be Plastic Metal Factory Company
Jun 24, 2016
SPACE EXPLORING SET - MAKER? - HONG KONGWindow boxed set of plastic spacemen, space capsule and rocket. LP related?Jun 24, 2016
LUNAR EXPLORATION SET - MARX - HONG KONGA window box display set of plastic spacemen, plastic craters and various equipment. Hand painted. Jun 24, 2016
MOON BASE SET - HOVER - HONG KONGA range of window box display set of chrome silver plastic spacemen and various equipment.

1 Space Glider
2 Space Adventure
Jun 24, 2016
ASTRONAUT, SPACEMAN, DEEP DIVER - MAKER? - HONG KONGAn unusual three window display box set of space figures. The windows contain plastic spacemen, silver chrome aliens described as astronauts, and deep sea divers. LP poses.Jun 24, 2016
SPACE SET - MAKER? - HONG KONGA large, three window boxed set of space vehicles and spacemen. Each of the box windows depicts a space scene with rockets, equipment and spacemen. LP related
Jun 24, 2016
LUNAR EXPLORATION SET - DELMARE - HONG KONGA large, three window boxed set of space vehicles and spacemen. Each of the box windows depicts a Moon scene with rockets, tracked vehicles and spacemen.Jun 24, 2016
FOUR SUPERMEN CONQUER THE MOON - MAKER? - HONG KONGA blister carded set of four large blue plastic spacemen with distinctive clear circular helmet visors. 3 ins 75mm tall. The figures are holding ropes and other equipment. The figures have also been seen in grey plastic. The poses are based on those of MPC figures.

Coiled rope.
Jun 24, 2016
ROCKET LAUNCHING SET - DELAMARE - HONG KONGBoxed display set comprising a plastic rocket, lauching pad, missiles and silver spacemen. Jun 24, 2016
ALIENS - NOVELTY HEADQUARTERS - USAA set of six small comical plastic alien figures. Bagged in the USA but the origin is still unclear. Some of the designs have Hong Kong connections. These have been described as Giant figures.Jun 24, 2016
SPACE EXPLORERS SET - AHI AZRAK HAMWAY - HONG KONGA boxed set of white plastic Apollo spacemen and equipment. see also the Lunar Expedition set.Jun 24, 2016
ASTRONAUTS - TWOWAY - HONG KONGFour rather squat silver grey spacemen, 4.5 cm, with red detailing, each holding equipment. Three accessories: rock, tripod and transmitter. Bagged set with header card. 1970s or later.Jun 24, 2016
SERIE ASTRONAUTI - HARBERT - ITALYA bagged set of soft plastic later style astronauts with familiar Hong Kong poses. Made by Harbert of Milan. Jun 24, 2016
ASTRONAUTS - MANURBA - W GERMANYPremium spacemen figures initially available with Linde coffee and later sold separately. They were manufactured by Manurba, Manfred Urban of Bamberg in the 1950s. These are very static, arguably unattractive figures with unusual retro styling.

There are 10 different poses. Each figure has an antenna and helmet. Unusually the antenna was cast as part of the leg and has to be detached.

Linde premium versions were packed in plastic bags and had "Linde" marked or burned at some location. Non-Linde versions have no mark and were sold on blister cards and possibly in other unidentified packaging. The blister carded set contains 6 Manurba/Linde spacemen, all hand painted. The card carries no name and no indication of the maker. Also shown is an unpainted carded set of figures.

Available in a wide range of colors. The catalog image is from 1965.
Jun 24, 2016
SPACE ALIENS - GULLIVER - ARGENTINAPlastic space figures based on the bodies of Britains Starguard spacemen with bizarre heads and complex equipment. Details? Date?Jun 24, 2016
MEN FROM THE MOON SET - SELCOL - ENGLANDTwo bazooka firing spacemen and ammunition mounted on a header card. The figures are based on the Best figure. 1950s.

The Selcol Bazooka Man is a direct copy of the Best Company’s figure that was made in the U.S. There is a trademark stamp on the back of the figure that says, “Selcol – Made in England.”
Jun 23, 2016
TIMPO SUPERHEROES - TIMPO - ENGLANDHollow cast lead figures of early superheroes. Left to right: Captain Marvel, his twin sister, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior, Icky in baseball cap and Captain Midnight. Early 1950s.

Captain Marvel was at the height of its popularity in 1950-1951, and tailed off rapidly.
Jun 23, 2016
SPACEMEN - CYRNOS - FRANCEA range of hard plastic spacemen with helmets. The figures are made of an unusual slightly transparent hard plastic, more brittle than the MP figures. The figures all wear ribbed pressure suits. Six figures shown. Details? The designs are clearly related to or inspired by the MP designs. Some are close copies.

Jun 23, 2016
COSMONAUTES - JEM/NOREV? - FRANCEBoxed sets of predominantly white plastic spacemen with helmets and backpacks. The spacemen have multiple hosepipes attached to their suits. Swoppet style with take-apart components. Hand painted details.

Four boxed set variations are shown. The top set is the Cosmos 2000. Some sets have a strange desert landscape backdrops seen on Chialu products.

Name? Details? Cofalu has also been suggested as a maker.
Jun 23, 2016
20000 LIEUES SOUS LES MERS - MAKER? - FRANCEThis Disney inspired 20000 Leagues Under the Sea is significant for the inclusion of the small style Co-Ma spacemen with helmets. The undersea world is seen as a parallel with space. 1950sJun 23, 2016
SPACEMEN - CASABLANCA GULLIVER - BRAZILRelatively recent spacemen with a bright chrome finish. These are based on the later Britains spacemen designs. Jun 23, 2016
REX MARS FIGURES - MAKER? - ARGENTINASolid lead painted figures. Marx Rex Marsposes. Maker? Details?

Birmania made the robot figure and the others may be from Plombel.
Jun 23, 2016
TOM CORBETT LEAD FIGURES - PLOMBEL? - ARGENTINASolid metal painted lead figures. Details?Jun 23, 2016
TOM CORBETT SPACEMEN - TROVADOR? - ARGENTINATom Corbett figures. Details?Jun 23, 2016
CAPTAIN VIDEO ET SES EQUIPAGES - MAKER? - FRANCECaptain Video and His Equipment Set. A French boxed set of Lido produced spacemen and spaceships. The large display box contains 12 spacemen, 6 rockets and a missile launcher. All items are marked Lido USA, indicating that these were imported and packed for the French market. It is known that Techni-Plaste released some Lido figures in France.Jun 23, 2016
BUCK ROGERS PLAYING CARD - ALL FAIR - USA35 cplaying cards with box and instructions. Full color playing cards based on the Buck Rogers in The 25th Century comic strip. The set comprises 17 pairs of cards plus a single Killer Kane card. 1939May 29, 2016
CREATURES OF SPACE - CHERILEA - ENGLANDA carded set of three hollow cast lead space creatures: the Ant Man, Giant Worm and the Giant Lizard. The card does not have the Cherilea name but the artwork is identical to other three-piece Cherilea sets, only the title changes. 1950s.Apr 15, 2016
ALIENI SPAZIALE- CHROMOPLASTO - ITALYA set of seven plastic spacemen. These brightly painted figures all have full face helmets or gas masks giving them an alien appearance. Painted in a combination of blue, red and yellow. Most figures carry futuristic space weapons.

The figures were sold in a cylindrical clear plastic display case. A larger hooded central figure was also included.
Aug 25, 2014
LEGION SPAZIALE - MAKER? - ITALYA carded set of 45mm hard plastic figures in four poses. The cards contain a random selection of five figures from the four Archer-Premier poses. The quality of these figures is rather variable. The plastic varies enormously in color and definition. They are the specific Tudor Rose combination of poses. The angle of the pistol carrying figure has been altered. Maker and source are unknown but these have appeared in some quantity recently. The name, Space Legion, suggests an Italian origin. The best feature of this set is the backing card with a well drawn space landscape.Aug 25, 2014
COMANDOS DEL ESPACIO - REAMSA - SPAINFour slightly flexible plastic figures, a combination of Archer and Premier poses. 4.8cm. Each figure has a clear plastic helmet. These figures do not have bases, unlike an earlier Reamsa set. Items #39 #40 #41 and #42 in the Reamsa catalog. Sold with header card. Dated to 1954.

Note: the rifle held by #39 does not extend above the shoulder.
Aug 25, 2014
MARS MEN, MEN OF MARS SET - ARCHER - USA18 Piece Set. Archer redesigned their original six figures (not including the robot) to create the Men of Mars set. The figures now have ridges on the helmets, exaggerated shoulder and elbow pads, and wide topped boots. The figures have no helmets. They are molded in hard plastic. Each figure comes with a red vinyl weapon and a yellow vinyl Astro-pac.

Apart from the styling the main innovation is the redesign of the figures with a slot hand, to allow the hands to hold separate weapons.

There were three sizes of set:
#719 One figure, two weapons and two Astro-Pacs. Bagged with header card
#749 Three figures, three weapons and three Astro-Pacs. Window box.
#798 Six figures, six weapons and six Astro-Pacs. Window box.

On sale May 1953.

Note: high quality examples are emerging from Mexico. It is still unclear whether these are genuine old examples or re-issues.
Aug 18, 2014
SATELLITE MEN - ARCHER - USAA re-mold of the Men of Mars figures in soft plastic. (the empty handed figure is not pictured). The set is bagged with a header card entitled "The Satellite Men". These are the figures with the helmet crests, the exaggerated shoulder and elbow pads and the wide topped boots. The open hands allow the fitting of the weapons.

Red, green and light blue colors rather than the metallic colors of the earlier figures. All come with black vinyl Astro-pacs and "the latest scientific weapons", also in black vinyl. The figures do not have helmets.

There were eight figures per bag: that added up to 24 separate items.

R-500 1954-1955
Aug 18, 2014
SMALL SPACEMEN - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDTudor Rose produced this set in three sizes. This is the small size set. The figures are based on Archer poses with one Premier pose (the spaceman holding the gun up). Hard plastic in a range of metallic colors. The figures came with clear plastic helmets. Sold lose as bin toys.

This specific combination of poses, three Archer, one Premier, is much copied. This is most probably the origin of the group.

Empty arms held out, looking right (Archer)
Rifle held upright in right arm - rifle does not extend above shoulder (Archer)
Empty arms held out, looking forward (Archer)
Pistol held upright in right hand (Premier)
Aug 15, 2014
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