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50 MEGATONES SPACE GUN - MAKER? - SPAINBlow moulded plastic space water pistol modelled on the Hubley Disintegrator. Spain. Date? Details?Jul 05, 2020
PISTOLA ESPACIAL - MAKER? - SPAINBlue plastic space gun with a distinctively long barrle and flared muzzle. Details? Maker? Packaging? Jun 26, 2020
FLASH GORDON RAY GUN WITH SOUND - MAKER? - HONG KONGRetro styled chrome plastic space gun with a clearred plastic barrel and gold tip. Friction action with spark and noise. Marked RAZER. A later release of the Taiyo Space Pilot X-Ray Gun. Blister carded. 1979 Jun 24, 2020
NEW GUN - RUBINA - INDIARetro styled chrome plastic space gun with a clearred plastic barrel and gold tip. Friction action with spark and noise. A later release of the Taiyo Space Pilot X-Ray Gun. Date? Packaging? Jun 23, 2020
MF 282 X-RAY SPACE PILOT GUN - MAKER? - CHINAA later release of the Taiyo Space Pilot X-Ray Gun. Retro styled black tin and plastic space gun with a clear red plastic barrel and white tip. Friction action with spark and noise. Decal on the stock. Date? Packaging?

Jun 23, 2020
SPACE X-RAY GUN - NK - CHINAPlastic retro shape space gun with conical orange barrel. Friction noise and spark action. A later release of the Taiyo design. Bagged with header card. The gun has a distinctive upturned tail section. Two oval holes in each side. NK is a Hong Kong based company.

x-ray pilot
Jun 23, 2020
PISTOLA INTERPLANETARIA - SI - ITALYPlastic spring driven space gun, shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun. Based on the US Plastic spinner design. Marked SI on the grip. Possibly by Stella. 1950s
Jun 17, 2020
SPACE WATER GUN - MAKER? Unidentified space water pistol. Transparent plastic water pistol, ribbed grip, relatively large telescopic site, distinctive barrel. Packaging? Appears in a 1974 catalog. 14cm Feb 28, 2020
ATOMIC AQUAGUN - SALCO - HONG KONGSemi transparent plastic space water pistol with an angular ribbed design distinctive raised rear section. Advertised in 1974. Picture? Sold in trade boxes. Colors?Feb 22, 2020
BATMAN FUCILE, BATMAN RIFLE - APS - ITALYYellow plastic machine pistol style gun. Blue token telescopic site. Shoots red balls from magazine. Card mounted with red Batman graphic. Marked APS.Jan 27, 2020
SUPER SITE MAGIC BULLET SPACE GUN - PLASTIKON - ARGENTINAA copy of the Lido original. Hard plastic space gun with a telescopic sight running the full length of the gun. Click action with a captive reciprocating bullet that peeps out of the barrel when the trigger is pulled. The "magic" bullet never leaves the gun. 9.5" Box?Jan 12, 2020
ATOMIC RAY PISTOL - MAKER? - FINLANDBright green version of the Tudor Rose Atomic Ray Pistol. Details? 1950s. Carries the English wording. See also the Finnish language Deborex version of this gun. Possibly by Telex. Dec 10, 2019
JET GUN - TELEX - FINLANDSilver grey hard plastic space clicker gun. Pyro Space Control styling. The advertisement dates it to 1953. Also available in gold plastic.

Image: Moonbase Central
Dec 10, 2019
AUTOMATIC GUN - MAKER - HONG KONGRed Pyro clicker space gun variant. (The barrel tip is a best guess.) Marked Empire. Details? Packaging? Date?Oct 30, 2019
FRICTION & SPARKING SPACE GUN - THT - JAPAN2 BARREL MACHINE. Silver lithogra[hed tin space gun with wood effect stock. Double barrel. Marked Space Gun on the stock. Friction action with spark. THT in a Diamond logo. Oct 30, 2019
FS-4 FIREGLOW SATELLITE TRACKER SET WITH FLYING SAUCER GUN - U S PLASTIC - USAThis is a long thin carded set comprising a small green and white plastic space gun and four "FS-4 Fireglow Satellites". These are spinners with conical structure on the top. This is the US Plastic spinner gun with a small rear fin. Shallow boxed set. No 303. Possibly 1959 - a gun with four saucers was advertised that year.
U.S. Plastics.
Aug 29, 2019
Clear blue plastic bulbous space water gun with bulbous retro styling. (No sight variation.) Bagged with header card. Various colors. 1960s?
Aug 17, 2019
ATOMIC 8 WATER PISTOL - YD YASUDAKOGYO - JAPANBlue plastic water pistol. Angular design. Yellow plastic panel with an atomic logo molded in the grip. Marked Yasudakogyo Osaka 1965. 14cm. Box?Jul 25, 2019
THUNDERBIRDS BANDOLIER - BERWICK - ENGLANDVinyl shoulder holster with a non-functional red plastic Thunderbirds Lone Star space water gun. Jun 11, 2019
SOLAR COMMANDO SPACE GUN - PREMIER PLASTICS - USA6" multi- colored plastic with one dart. Each side of the gun has a different base plastic color with combinations such as yellow/white, black/yellow blue/yellow. Fires rubber tipped darts. Date? 1950s

This is a variation of the Space Explorer gun on a different backing card. The dart shown here is not the correct one.
May 14, 2019
PISTOL ULTRA - MAKER? - ARGENTINAKnown from this advertisement. Ultraman themed space gun with sound. SONORA. Details? Picture? Box?Mar 19, 2019
METRALLETA ESPACIAL - CLIM - SPAINDouble barreled plastic space machine gun. Manual crank action with movement and noise. Box marked CH No 107Mar 06, 2019
MARCIANA - MAKER? - SPAINHard metallic plastic space gun water pistol with retro style detailing including a domed back with arched extensions and ring molding around the barrel. The gun also has a built in whistle blown through an opening at the back. 18cm Sold with a cardboard holster.

This is a Barcelona made copy of the Co-Ma Marziana gun. The design was registered in Spain 1954.
Publication number: I0022185 (06.16.1954)
Also published as: I0022185 (03.13.1957)
Applicant: Aragonés Fontanet, José Maria (ES)
Mar 05, 2019
PROYECTILES DIRIGIDOS (GUIDED MISSILES) - REAMSA - SPAINHard blue plastic space gun with a distinctive tubular ringed structure along the top of barrel. The gun shoots large finned cap bomb darts. This is based on the Rocketeer jet Bomb and Launcher by Empire Plastics. Saturn molding on the handle. Boxed. A Reamsa document dates this to June 1953.
Feb 27, 2019
JAGUAR S-015 - MASUDAYA - JAPANLarge blue lithographed tin space machine gun with telescopic sight. Jaguar litho on the wood effect stock. S-015 Modern Toys battery operated noise and light. Box? Date?Feb 21, 2019
STRATO SCOUT GUN AND HOLSTER SET - MAKER? - USAStrato space gun and red leather holster with white detailing. Baased on a 1954 advert that reads:


signed gun and holster set for young space explorers.

The holster and belt are made of genuine red leather

decorated with white trim; belt is 30" long, with

sliding buckle. The strato-gun is a fully automatic

cap pistol, jet styled of die cast zinc alloy, chrome

plated, with red trim. Gun has 9 1/2" barrel. Shipping

weight approx. 2 lbs.

E6339E250……………...……...Retail Price set $ 3.75
Feb 15, 2019
SPACE FLIGHT GUN AND HOLSTER SET - MAKER? - USAStrato gun and black leather holster boxed set. Feb 15, 2019
FLASHGUN - LYVIA - HONG KONGBlack metal pistol shaped space gun. Battery operated flashlight. Marked Empire Made. Early 1960s. Feb 14, 2019
PLANET PATROL HOLSTER SET - HALCO - USARed and yellow leather holster and belt set made by Halco. Includes a Marx SUPER BEAM SIGNAL RAY marked Planet Patrol on the grip. On sale Octiober 1952Jan 10, 2019
SPACE GUN - CLIM BROTHERS - SPAINA primitive wooden space rifle with lithographed panels on the sides. Details? Date?Jan 06, 2019
MARKSMAN SPACE GUN AND TARGET - SELCO - USAShooting game. The gun is a plastic revolver with no space credentials, but the elaborate space scene target has graphics that more than compensate. Date? 1950sJan 06, 2019
TARGET DART GUN - MAK'S - HONG KONGRed plastic space gun, bulbous retro design. Shots rubber tipped darts. Rear fin, trigger guard. Bagged with backing target card. Jan 06, 2019
SPACE PATROL HOLSTER - MAKER? - USAOffered with the Chein Atomic Flash Gun. Belt and holster set. Jet plane on the buckle. Jan 06, 2019
CAPT BUCK FLASH BUZZ RAY GUN - REMCO - USAAnother version of the Remco Electronic Space Gun. In this instance the body of the gun is silver while the lens hood and telescopic sights are red. Flashing light and buzzer action. Dated 1965Dec 15, 2018
SPACE RIFLE - MAKER? - ITALYYellow lithographed tinplate space rifle with short perforated red barrel tip. Graphic of an armed spaceman on the stock. Click action. 14 ins. No maker's logo on the gun. Marked Made in Italy on the stock. Name? Box? Maker?
Oct 16, 2018
COMET SPACE GUN - MAK'S - HONG KONG Hard plastic space gun with an angular pistol shape. Water pistol. Marked Comet Gun on the sides. Bagged with header card. Sep 27, 2018
POLICE SIREN PISTOL - MAKER? - JAPANSmall blue lithographed tin space gun. The gun has a single raised rectangular red corrugated plastic spark window on each side. Marked Police Siren Pistol. Found in bag with header card SPARKLING SPACE ATOMIC GUN. Friction action with spark and noise. This has the same shape as some Shudo and Ichimura guns.
Sep 27, 2018
ULTRAMAN SPACE GUN - TAKATOKU - JAPANLong, slender plastic space gun with distinctive globular mouldings on the side. Clear plastic barrel tip. Battery operated noise and flashing light. Interchangeable barrel tips. TT T.T. Ultraman graphics on the box. Name? Date?Sep 27, 2018
DELUXE SUPER LIGHTAN SPACE RAY GUN - SYR SANYO RAITO - JAPANA large bulky chrome silver plastic raygun with a white lens cap. Battery operated flashlight combined with a dart shooting action. This is the more imposing version of the Super Lightan gun, with the silver finish and the larger box. Japanese market.

SYR bird logo.

Based on the Ohio Art Astroray Flashlight Target Gun.
Sep 27, 2018
SOLAR RAY GUN - UNIQUE ART - USALithographed tin space gun, machine pistol styling with a distinctive rectangular rear body. Rocket design on the pistol grip. Plastic barrel. Friction action with spark. 14 long. Appears in a 1952 catalogue but there is no evidence that this was actually produced. Details? Box? Sep 22, 2018
SATURNA GUN - MAKER? - SPAINA variation of the Electro space gun. Red hard plastic space gun with a small forward pointing top fin. Red plastic with yellow trigger and nozzle. Details? Name? Box? Jun 02, 2018
JOHNNY APOLLO SPACE GUN - MARX - USABlue plastic machine gun with gold stock. Friction siren action with spark. "Space Corps Siren Signal Laser Rifle". Card mounted. Card 9" x 26" 1970s. Apr 03, 2018
SPACE GUN WITH HOLSTER - KUSAMA - JAPANConventionally shaped black plastic revolver with space graphics on the handle. Bagged with a vinyl holster and belt decorated with a superhero theme. Additional plastic bullets. Baf=gged with header card. 1960s?Apr 03, 2018
ASTRA GUN MARK XI - TRANSOGRAM - USACylindrical red and black plastic space gun with large trigger guard. Straw shooting action. Blister carded with target on back. 22 cm.

Apr 03, 2018
PISTOLA COSMO - OMED - ITALYClear amber space gun with a green plastic nozzle. Telescopic sight. Stars molded on the side. Friction action with sparks. Bagged. 1970sApr 03, 2018
DESINTEGRADOR - MADEL - SPAINDisintegrator Space Gun. A Spanish version of the Pyrotomic Disintegrator Rifle. Red plastic with a yellow plastic barrel and blue detailing. Reciprocating barrel action with noise. The gun has four vents in each side. 1950s

Red body with yellow muzzle with blue tip and crank. Also seen in a brown bodied version.
Mar 23, 2018
SKY 7 ASTRO RAY GUN - AOSHIN - JAPANA light blue plastic machine pistol with rounded lines. Large red spark window on the top and a long telescopic sight. Friction action with spark and noise. Dec 15, 2017
CONDOR GUN - MAKER? - JAPANSmall tinplate space gun. Friction action. Bare metal with a Saturn logo embossed on the side. Marked CONDOR. Probably sold in trade boxes. 1950sDec 14, 2017
CAP ROCKET GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlue plastic pistol that combines a rocket launching action and cap firing. Shoots a large plastic rocket. Bagged with header card.Oct 07, 2017
SPACE GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGA blue bulbous plastic space gun with a retro styled rear fin. Two ribbed red plastic barrels, similar to those on Japanese rayguns. The gun has a double barrel that shoot rubber tipped darts. The two darts are fired simultaneously. The barrels are placed one above the other, a variation of the side-by-side design. The gun has a rocket molded in the handle. See also the Space Captain version. Oct 07, 2017
TIGER T-73 SPACE MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLarge red lithographed tin machine gun with space scenes on the box. Japan 1960s 17.5 ins. Friction action with sparks and firing noise. Tiger wording on the gold stock. Box? Date?Oct 01, 2017
MULTI 08 SPACE GUN / SATURN SPACE GUN - MATSUSHIRO - JAPANBlack plastic space gun with removable telescopic sight. Removable silencer. Hand grip. Green plastic spark windows. Friction action with spark. Also sold as the Saturn Space Gun by FUN????. The advert dates to 1967.

This is a variation on the much copied Takatoku pistol design.
Oct 01, 2017
WORLD SPACE MACHINE GUN - NOMURA / KDP - JAPANEarly Japanese brightly lithographed tin space machine gun. The Universal Gun variant has ribbed center section with a cylindrical magazine attached to the bottom. It has a short black metal barrel tip. Two sights on the top. Wind up sound and spark action. Sep 07, 2017
SPACE WATER PISTOL - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlue plastic water pistol. Rear fins, rocket shaped nose design. Details? Packaging? Name?Sep 07, 2017
RAT TAT GUN - MAKER?Red plastic crank action space gun. Rings on barrel. Crank action. Details? Box? Name?Sep 07, 2017
SUPERMAN WATER GUN - FOR IPR - HONG KONGAngular black plastic water pistol. Superman decals. Blister carded. Made for the Italian market. 1970s. ItalyAug 29, 2017
CRANK ACTION SPACE GUN - MAKER?Currently unidentified. This is a stubby plastic space gun with a distinctive crank attached to one side. Gold plastic. Name? Box? Maker? Aug 24, 2017
ATOM GUN - MAKER - USA?Pot metal, solid cast gun. This primitive gun has bomb-like fins and is marked ATOM. Origins unknown. 7" long. Aug 24, 2017
MARX CLICKER DART RIFLE - MARX - USAPlastic rifle. Thin stramlined shape with a futuristic ringed attachment to the top. Dart shooting action. Known in red, blue and yellow versions. Box? Date?Aug 24, 2017
CRAZY SPACE GUN - BANDAI - JAPANLarge black plastic space gun. Bazooka style with telescopic sight. Paper decals. Battery operated light and noise. Date? Aug 15, 2017
MONSTER DART GUN - SYR SANYO RAITO- JAPANRed plastic dart gun with a built in flashlight feature. Rubber tipped darts. 7.5 ins. Blister carded. Japanese monster themed target. SYR bird logo.

See also the Lightan versions.

Based on the Ohio Art Astroray Flashlight Target Gun.
Jul 21, 2017
DIA 100 SHOOT AUTOMATIC - DIA - JAPANBlack tin plastic cap gun. Early style. Sold in trade boxes of 12. The box art has monster/Godzilla style artwork. Jun 23, 2017
COMET RUNNING WATER PISTOL - KGK - JAPANClear green plastic space water gun in the shape of a jet plane. KGK is Kanto Gosei Kogyo. Jun 23, 2017
MAGAZINE .45 SPACE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANGreen plastic space water gun. Yellow plastic insert in the handle. No 1979. Details?Jun 23, 2017
ROCKET SPACE GUN - MAKER? - MEXICOBlue plastic space gun. Three rings on the barrel. Large trigger. Marked ROCKET on the sides. Based on the Kellog's Smoke Ray Gun. Clicker action? Located in Mexico. Maker? Box?Jun 22, 2017
ATOMIC RAY GUN - ICHIMURA? - JAPANSmall black and silver lithographed tin friction space gun with distinctive ribbed single spark window. Six diagonal litho windows and the distinctive line decoration ending in two circles - just at the top of the handle.Jun 22, 2017
ATOMIC RAY GUN - ICHIMURA? - JAPANSmall silver and blue lithographed tin friction space gun with distinctive ribbed single spark window. Six diagonal litho windows and the distinctive line decoration ending in two circles - just at the top of the handle.Jun 22, 2017
PISTOLA ATOMICA - BALILA - BRAZILBrazilian release of the Atomic Ball Gun. Plastic revolver. 9" A horse is molded into the grip, a detail that indicates its conversion from a cowboy themed original. Fires hard plastic balls when the gun is cocked with the lever on the underside of the barrel. Blue box with space graphics.
Known colors: red. Western, cowboy crossover.

Originally by Mfg. by M&L Toy Co., NJ - 1951 (Morris & Louis) On sale December 1952.
Jun 10, 2017
FUN GUN - WHAM-O - USABlack plastic air blaster gun with a barrel extension and sight. This is a reissue of the Scorpion Hip Gun by AidsJun 10, 2017
SPINNER GUN - SI/IS - ITALYRed and yellow plastic spring driven space gun, shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun. Based on the US Plastic spinner design.

The handle is marked SI or IS and Depositato meaning registered design. Name? Maker? Box? Date?
Jun 09, 2017
FLYING SAUCER GUN - BULLMARK - JAPANA spinner shooting space gun with telescopic sight. This is a plastic space gun kit and comes with a spaceman figure that attaches to the spinners. 24cm x 16cm x 5cm Date? Jun 05, 2017
TAKARA SPACE GUN - TAKARA - JAPANClear blue plastic space water gun. Bulbous design, particularly the bottom of the grip. Rear fins. 12cm Marked TAKARA. Box? Date? May 30, 2017
LANZA CHISPAS - BERNABEAU GISBERT - SPAINAngular clear plastic space gun. Red ribbed body, blue flared barrel, rear addition and trigger. Friction action with spark. Blister carded. 15cm May 30, 2017
ALFA ZETA GUN - CO-MA - ITALYPlastic space water pistol. A long, slender gun with a telescopic sight. A spinning plastic wheel is set into the side. 47cm. Date? Box?May 30, 2017
DIA WATER PISTOL - DIA - JAPANBlack metal tinplate space water gun. Early design with a revolver shape and with DIA molded into the handle. The box art features a Japanese superhero. Sold loose in trade boxes of a dozen. Dia is an abbreviation of Diamond. May 26, 2017
AGENTE ESPACIAL - BW PLASTICOS - ARGENTINAPlastic space gun with sight. Shoots darts. Carded. Maker BW

The basic shape is that of the Lone Star range of diecast space cap guns. The sight has been altered and deep lines engraved in the body forming a grid pattern. Seen in light green. See also the POLICIA PLANETARIO PISTOLA ESPACIAL

May 19, 2017
MARS SUPER JET GUN - LYRA - GREECEA version of the Yoshiya KO Space Super Jet Gun. Bulbous shaped blue and red tin space gun with a ribbed clear green plastic barrel containing a moving core. Marked Mars Gun. Saturn on side. Friction action with spark. 9.5" 24cm
May 02, 2017
GIANT WATER PISTOL - MAKER? - JAPANBlue metal tinplate space water gun. Small, early design with a revolver shape and with GIANT molded into the handle. DIA style. The box art features a space style submarine theme. Sold loose in trade boxes of a dozen. Apr 24, 2017
MOONSTAR - MAKER? - JAPANBare metal tinplate space cap gun. Small, early design with a jet plane molded into the handle. DIA style. The box art is a bizarre crossover design with western cowboy and a space theme. Sold loose in trade boxes of a dozen. Apr 24, 2017
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