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AM-2 SPACE ROCKET - AGATEX - ROMANIAFriction powered timplate rocket with stand up function and with rotating nose section. Light blue with red nose cone. Date code for 1969 1969. This example is missing its tailfin. 9'' longNov 06, 2019
MOND RAKETA - BERMEWA - GERMANYWooden rockets with metal fins. They are fired from a wooden plunger. A cap is inserted into the end of the plunger opening, the rocket pushed into the plunger. When the plunger is pulled back and released, the rocket will fly off with a bang.

Nov 04, 2019
SPACE SHIP - GORGO - ARGENTINATinplate space rocket with side wings. Vinyl pilot head behind a clear plastic windshield. Plastic motor comprising a series of tubes at the back. Friction. 19cm.
date? Box?
Oct 10, 2019
APOLLO 11 ROCKET PLANE - VTI (VOHRA) - INDIALithographed tinplate cross between a rocket and an airplane. Red, blue and yellow. APOLLO 11 marked on the upper wing. Small spark window at the front. Friction action with noise and spark. Aug 10, 2019
RAKIETA KOSMICZNA (SPACE ROCKET) - SRC - POLANDGrey plastic friction rocket with three wheels. Three white tail fins. red nose cap and tail. Friction action. Box?

Spółdzielnia Rzemieślnicza Centrum, Warsaw. A paper slip dates it to 1988.

This is a version of the Lucky Toy Lunar Probe, which is based on the static X-60 rocket that is found on the JR Toy Rocket Transporter.
Jun 17, 2019
MOON SHIP LK-1 - CHISTOPOL - RUSSIATin friction space rocket. Cream top, light blue lower. Two large side fins at the rear. Spark window and red plastic engine at the back. Friction action with noise and spark. 1980. USSRMar 02, 2019
ROCKET - MAKER? - RUSSIAPlastic Soviet era space rocket. Three wheels, friction action. Portholes and two side fins. 10 ins long. Two versions shown, the lower one attributed to the Zagorsk Research Institute of Toys. Date? Box?Jan 10, 2019
NAVE ESPACIAL NASA - MOLTO - SPAINA green plastic rocket with a clear red rotating nose cone. Based on the Yoshiya Commander Rocket design. Decal details include a cockpit with pilot. NASA wording on the sides. There is a small red light on the top. Friction action with noise and spark. Date?

Oct 03, 2017
SPACESHIP - MAKER? - INDIAThis is a green and yellow space rocket, a cross between a spaceship and a jet plane. This version has a basic paint finish with crude cockpit detailing A simple hollow pressing with a friction mechanism positioned under the front end.

Based on is the hard plastic Pyro Space Scout X-100.
Oct 01, 2017
NIGHT FIGHTER USAF - BANDAI - JAPABNSmall lithographed tinplate space plane. Green with yellow and red accents. Saturn logo at the front and a lithographed spaceman pilot. It is 4 inches long and 5 1/4 wingspan. Borderline space. Box? Date? 1950sFeb 16, 2017
B-61 BUZZ BOMBER - ALPS - JAPANA large, early lithographed tinplate rocket. Metallic blue and red with yellow trim. The rocket has a removable wing. Tailplane. Friction action with spark. There is a spark opening at the back, with a screw cover for a replaceable flint. The tail is marked GM-544. 1950s USAF

The name is a curious combination of the V-1 Buzz Bomb and the B-61 Bomber.
Oct 25, 2016
APOLLO 1000 ROCKET - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin and plastic friction rocket. Friction action with spark. Two similar rockets were produced by Horikawa, Japan in the 1960s. This is a friction toy 11.5" tall tin litho/hard plastic. Toy is marked "Apollo 1000" with space insignia. It has a rectangular box.

See also the version marked "XB-115" in a triangular box.

The body has a crimped construction making repair difficult.

Listed as new in the 1969 Horikawa catalog
Oct 18, 2016
SPACE SHIP DISCOVERER XX-3 - NOMURA - JAPANThis lithographed tin friction rocket has three very long fins running down most of the length of the rocket. Red and white, blue and white versions known.

There are litho portholes with passenger detailing. Marked XX-3, though the box carries an XX-2 logo. A spinning red plastic engine device is attached to the rear. Friction action with spark and plastic rotating tail assembly. (Tail assembly missing on the red example)

See also the Atomic Spaceship with Sparks XX-2 version of this rocket. The XX-3 has slighly different porthole litho.

An advertisement dates this to October 1960 TN

Jul 08, 2016
ROCKET TRAIN RAKETENBAHN GE-271 - TECHNOFIX - W GERMANYA lithographed tinplate monorail train. The wind up futuristic train straddles a highly decorated oval tinplate track. Dated 1953 in the Technofix archive. Jul 04, 2016
SOLAR ROCKET - MARX - USAA large RED plastic rocket with a fluted tail and small side wings. A plastic spinner fits on top. Friction action sends the spinner flying. Jun 25, 2016
MARTE SPACE ROCKET - SAPENA AND BISQUERT - SPAINA large painted wood rocket with side wings, a forward gun turret and rear antenna. The central well contains three large hard rubber spacemen with helmets.

The Marte Space Ship was made in Spain in the 50's. The mostly wood toy measures approx. 22. As the front wheels turn the gun swivels and the rear wheels rotate the antenna.

Featured in "Plastic Toy Figures Made in Spain" by Juan Hermida. The caption reads "Friction space ship in wood, equipped with cannon and rotating radar, made by the craftsmen of Denia, Valencia, Juan Forner Font, late 1950s."
Jun 23, 2016
JET LANZA DISOS - PLASTIMARX - MEXICOA large plastic rocket with a fluted tail and small side wings. A plastic spinner fits on top. Friction action sends the spinner flying. Item #1772. A Mexican version of the Marx Solar Rocket. Jun 23, 2016
ASTRO MOBIL - MAKER? - INDIAThis is an Indian copy of the Marubishi Astro Mobil. An red and yellow lithographed tin friction space vehicle. The vehicle has an unusual tear drop shape with vinyl pilot head under a clear dome and two long clear red plastic engine tubes at the back. Two wire antennas sweep backwards along the top. Marked Astro Mobil. 8" 20cm. While very similar to the Marubishi original there are differences in the lithography. No maker's mark. Possibly Raja. Box?

Friction action with noise and spark. Asia

Jun 10, 2016
X15 ROCKET NORTH AMERICAN - MAKER? - FRANCEWhite tipplate friction US Air Force rocket with three white fin and a red striker set into the nose. Stand up action. Marked Made in France. Based on the Masuya Jupiter-Nike Rocket pressing. X-15

Jun 02, 2016
NIKE MISSILE WITH SPARK - DAIYA - JAPANA very long white tinplate and plastic missile. The SAM-A7 rocket comprises three sections that fit together. The tail section has a friction motor with spark windows near the tailfins, the central section has four fins, and the nose consists of a red plastic section with a white plastic tip. The three parts dismantle for storage in the box. Date? May 15, 2016
ANIMAL ROCKET - KTI - INDIASmall lithographed tin space rocket. Red plastic cockpit dome. Cartoon animal graphics, Mickey Mouse style. Rubber nose tip. Marked KTI on the tailfin. Friction with spark action. 9.5"
Apr 13, 2016
MOON ROCKET MF-069 - MAKER? - CHINASilver lithographed tin rocket with blue and red trim. Two spark windows at the rear. Friction action with spark. Two rear fins (no upright tail fin) and two smaller forward fins. The rocket has a hinged tin canopy with a printed picture of a dog. The cockpit cover raises when the front nose spike hits an object. Inside the cockpit is a small plush dog. There is a clear connection with Laika, the Russian space dog. MF069 Also known in a red version.

Mar 14, 2016
SPACE ROCKET - ICIHIMURA - JAPANWhite and silver tinplate space rocket. Friction motor attached to the back. Spark windows in the tail. Marked US AIR FORCE. No maker's logo. 12"

Featured on the cover of the 1964 Ichimura catalog, item #20199 Indian Head Logo. Name? Box? Details?
Feb 25, 2016
PLANET ORBITAL 1 CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM - MS BRANDENBURG - EAST GERMANYA tin and plastic construction toy comprising a series of tin rocket sections and plastic nose cones, etc. Battery operated remote control with rotation of the upper sections and flashing lights. Parts marked KXB 70. No 5020. DDRJan 20, 2016
KOSMOS SPACE ROCKET - MS BRANDENBURG - EAST GERMANYA stubby lithographed tinplate rocket. Silver with four red rocket motors and a large window in one side in which an astronaut can be seen. Marked KOSMOS. A triangular hook device and a cylindrical base are also included.

The base is probably heavily weighted. It has a self-winding spring and a reel inside; when let go the rocket climbs to the top of the line.

Jan 19, 2016
REX MARS ROCKET FIGHTER SHIP - MARX - GREAT BRITAINThis is a lithographed tinplate rocket based on the original Buck Rogers design. Rex Mars was a Marx in-house royalty free space hero. The design is a direct copy of the American 1951 Rocket Fighter with the addition of Rex Mars wording on the nose. This was produced at the Marx factory in Swansea, Wales, for the British maket. 12" long with a wind up mechanism, sparking action in the tail section and a clicking noise as it moves. C1951 EnglandDec 05, 2015
SPACE ROCKET LSX-SSC - YONEZAWA - JAPANLithographed tinplate rocket. Black and yellow color scheme with red detailing. The rocket has very long fins extending over half the length of the rocket. Rubber nose tip. The rocket has a distinctive rotating red plastic assembly at the rear.

Marked LSX-XCC. Mach 4.77 printed on the tail. Friction action. 13" 33cm Date?

The design of the ship is identical to the ATOMIC SPACESHIP WITH SPARKS XX-2 by NOMURA

Sep 05, 2015
VENUS TRAVELER BOAT ME-771 - MAKER? - CHINAA tin and plastic battery operated space ship. Bright metallic blue metal upper with red trim. Orange plastic lower body. Small plastic dome in the middle with a group of lights attached. Aerofoil plastic tail fin. Bump and go action with noise and flashing light.

Sep 02, 2015
INTERPLANETARY SPACE ROCKET TP-299 - TOMY -JAPANA large plastic space rocket. White body, blue nose assembly, red lower fins. Battery operated. The rocket moves on small wheels. Flashing engine light and noise. Decal Ranger marking. The nose assembly ejects and a parachute is deployed.

The rocket is the same design as the one in the Sears Turnpike Line Rocket Base gantry.
Aug 06, 2015
G-MAN PURSUIT ROCKET SHIP - AUTOMATIC TOY CO - USASimple orange tin friction space vehicle with blue and yellow detailing. Pull back and release. Two wheels, the tail trails on the ground. "To Wind Draw Backwards". USA Tear shape. Automatic Toy Co. of Staten Island, New York. Also sold with "Transcontinental Rocket Ship No 1" and "Oceanic Rocket" litho variations. Probably sold loose as a bin toy.Jul 30, 2015
PATROL 3160 CAR - MAKER? - JAPANA very small tin rocket car. The orange and white ship has a rounded front and a small tail fin. 3160 is printed on the side. Wind up. There is a small switch mounted underneath. The rubber wheels have metal rims and the indication is that this is part of a larger tracked toy. Date?Jul 13, 2015
FLASH GORDON ROCKET FIGHTER SHIP 5 - MARX - USARed tin wind up rocket with retro style litho. A reuse of the pre-war Buck Rogers Rocket Ship pressing. Officially licensed by King Features. Forward motion with sparks from the rear. Louis Marx USA

Note: In 1951 Marx had released its own in house version of the pre-war rocket. It was believed that the Rocket 5 was followed by the Flasg Gordon version, but newspaper references in late 1951 suggest that it appeared at the same time - or that it was planned at the same time. They released the rocket with "Flash Gordon" printed behind the pilot's head and on the wing.

Current earliest mention is in a November 1951 newspaper advertisement with a poor picture. It was widely on sale in late 1952.
Jun 30, 2015
FLASH GORDON SPACE PORT - PYRO - USAThis is the Flash Gordon version of the brightly lithographed tin space port with a mechanism for ejecting a plastic Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser hard plastic rocket. The tinplate station and the X-300 rocket have the additional wording "Flash Gordon"

The standard version was on sale in December 1952. Box?
Jun 27, 2015
ATLAS ROCKET - MAKER? - JAPANBlue and red lithographed friction rocket with a yellow nose. Two large rear wings and two smaller wings at the nose. Tail fin. Marked Atlas. Friction action.

Sold as part of the Satellite Vehicles set by Royal. 1959
Jun 25, 2015
ROCKET CAR - WORKRITE PRODUCTS - USAA streamlined wooden space rocket pull toy. Light blue with red fins, Four wheels. First seen in an advertisement in a 1945 Billy & Ruth catalog. 12.5 insJun 21, 2015
ATLAS RAKETE - LEHMANN - W GERMANYA slender silver plastic rocket with a rubber nose cone and a hook on the side. The rocket is fired into the air using a rubber band. Item 932. 16cm c1960May 22, 2015
SATELLITE ROCKET MF 108 SFTF SPACE ROCKET - SFTF - CHINALithographed tin friction jet rocket plane. Friction action with sparks in the large engines mounted on the upper surface of the wings. When the rocket hits an obstacle the nose retracts and the tin cockpit springs open. 1070 MF108 Marked with an SFTF logo.

Two box versions are shown.
May 16, 2015
APOLLO XV SPACE ROCKET - RAJA TOYS - INDIABased on the Horikawa XB-115 rocket. Tin and plastic friction wheeled rocket with a green spark window. Friction action with rotating nose cone and spark. 11.5" tall, tin litho/hard plastic. The rocket has a simpler litho design and a green nose tip. It is marked "Apollo XV". Box? The subject suggests a 1970s date.

May 15, 2015
APOLLO SATURN 2 STAGE ROCKET - NOMURA - JAPANA large tin an plastic space rocket. red plastic nose and blue plastic tail. The top and bottom sections separate. Battery operated action (rear section) with movement, noise, flashing lights and spinning tail section. The subject suggests a late 1960s date. 55cm. May 14, 2015
ATLAS 7 MOON ROCKET - YONEZAWA - JAPANA large red tin and plastic friction rocket. 26" The rear half of the rocket is tin and the forward part is plastic. Green tail fins. The rocket rolls along the floor with a simple friction action with sparks in the tail section. A spring loaded spinner launcher is positioned in the middle and spinners are launched by throwing a switch. Marked Moon Rocket. May 01, 2015
FLYING BOAT MS187 - MAKER? - CHINAA small (4" 6cm) tin and plastic Flying Boat spaceship. Litho tin upper with a blue plastic base. Clear canopy containing vinyl astronaut head. Two plastic fins set at an angle.
Pull back action tin litho Space Saucer Flying Boat MS 187. General whole exterior in good condition. Original box size about 4.4" x 3.4" 1970s

Apr 28, 2015
ROCKET MONEY BANK - MAKER? - JAPANA lithographed tin money box in the shape of a rocket. Space graphics include an astronauts with rifle and riding a USAF rocket. Crimped construction. 10cmApr 27, 2015
SKYRAY SPACESHIP - MAKER? - JAPANA small blue lithographed space plane based on the pressing for the Douglas Skyray F4D jet fighter. This version has no tail fin. There is a litho canopy depicting the pilot. The wings have graphics of guns, stars and Saturn. Simple push action. Marked Made in Japan. 10cm x 14cmApr 27, 2015
ROCKET RACER - MAKER? - HONG KONGThis rather stubby plastic rocket appears to be based on the Masudaya Rocket Racer 3 version of the popular design. Yellow and red plastic with green side wings and a pilot head under a clear plastic canopy. Friction action with siren. 1960s.Nov 03, 2014
MECHANICAL KIDDY ROCKET - YONE/YONEYA - JAPANAnother reworking of the popular SY/Yoneya Jumping Rocket design. This is a lithographed tin friction rocket with a vinyl child's head. Unusually, there is a small tin propeller on the front. Red and yellow with PLAYLAND wording on the front and the serial R.26 on the tail fin. The box depicts 72 on the rocket. 15cm long

This rocket also formed part of the Super Rocket Ride.
Oct 06, 2014
SUPER SONIK INDIAN ARMY ROCKET - VTC - INDIAA red, green and yellow lithographed tinplate rocket. Litho cockpit detailing. Masuya style three finned rocket, friction drive with a standing action when the nose spike hits an obstacle. 8" 20cm (Sonic misspelling.) AsiaOct 03, 2014
THOR-DELTA MISSILE WITH MERCURY SPACE CAPSULE - DAIYA - JAPANA silver lithographed tin space rocket with a unique detachable Mercury capsule attached to the nose. Three fins. Spark windows at the rear. Marked THOR DELTA on the sides and TD 54 on the fins. Friction action with spark.
Sep 18, 2014
SPACE ROCKET MF 108 - MAKER? - CHINAJet plane style tin lithographed rocket ship. The silver friction rocket has rear wings and smaller wings at the front. A pilot sits under a canopy that springs open when the rocket hits an obstacle. Marked Satellite MF-108, and the number 1070 is printed on the tail fin. Friction sparking action. The box carries a Foreign logo which suggests it is an earlier production.

Aug 29, 2014
ESPACIAL FIRE DEPARTMENT ROCKET - VISPA - ARGENTINAComical lithographed tin friction rocket with a vinyl fireman's head. One version is white and blue (and probably intended to be police themed), the other is red and blue. Marked VISPA on the tail fin. These are direct copies of the Yone Fire Department Rocket which in turn are based on the Yone Jumping Rocket design. 15cm Box?Aug 29, 2014
EMERGENCY SPACE ROCKET (SPACE FIRE) - YONE - JAPANA reworking of the popular SY/Yoneya Jumping Rocket design. This is a comical lithographed tin friction rocket with a vinyl fireman's head. FIRE DEPARTMENT ROCKET Red and blue with a FD badge on the front and on the tail fin. 15cm
Aug 29, 2014
MAI 9 ROCKET - MAKER? - ROMANIAA green tin lithographed rocket with red and black detailing. Litho cockpit. Marked 'MAI' 9 in a circle on the top. There is a serial number on the side which indicates a possible date of 1979. Friction action: two drive wheels and a small plastic tail wheel. Sometimes referred to as Strato Plane. Box?Aug 29, 2014
X-12 MOON ROCKET - YONEZAWA - JAPANThis is a rarer version of the Yonezawa XM-12 Moon rocket; the main difference is the red litho on the tail fins. Very large metallic blue tin battery operated rocket. 38cm. Two pilots under a clear plastic canopy. The rocket can be steered via the nose wheel. Hatches in the front and rear give access to replace the light bulbs, a possibly unique feature. Lighted spinning engine. The fins are detachable for storage.

There is also a silver-grey bodied version of the rocket with the same red tailfins.
Jun 11, 2014
JET ROCKET V-7 - K LOGO - JAPANA large (47cm) lithographed tin friction space rocket. Red, white and blue litho with Jet Rocket V-7 wording on the sides. Very similar to the Space Fighter (1954). The version shown here is lacking horizontal rear tail fins. Box?

Jan 25, 2014
XYZ ROCKET - SUZUKI - JAPANA very small (3" 7.5cm) early tin friction rocket. Red and green-blue with litho cockpit details. XYZ on one side, Rocket on the other. Three small fins. The wheels are nearer to the back. Marked Suzuki on the base. Pat 369885 Probably sold in trade boxes. See the V-3 and Space Scout rocket. Japan Jul 29, 2013
SPACE ROCKET RANGER-7 - YONEZAWA - JAPANA variation of the Fire Rocket X-0077, a cross between a space rocket and jet plane. Two pilots under a clear plastic canopy.
A blue and red lithographed tin friction rocket. 38cm long. The large fins resemble wings. Marked R-7. Spark windows surround the rear exhaust. Circa 1960. Advances with siren and spark.
Jul 26, 2013
UNIVERSE TELEVIBOAT ME777 - CHINAThis is a substantial and ambitious Chinese rocket ship. The 13" 33cm tin lithographed rocket, the one that forms the basis of the Rocket Racer 7, has a large tail fin with a lighted rocket engine at the top. There are additional red lights fitted to the ends of the side wings. A large tin astronaut with a blue vinyl head is fixed on top and he holds a TV camera. Television Boat. Bump and go battery operated action with noise and flashing lights. The rocket stops, the astronaut operates the camera, then the action repeats. ME-777? Judging by the number that survive this was a popular toy.Jul 08, 2013
ATOMIC ROCKET WITH PROP - MASUDAYA - JAPANA white, red and blue lithographed tin friction rocket. The three wheeled rocket has the classic three rear fins design. The fins extend beyond the end of the body. There is minimal detailing, notably a blue lightning flash on the tail.

The distinctive feature of the rocket is the spinner launch action. See Satellite Launcher Rocket.

This rocket shares the same box as the Atomic Rocket with Prop X201. This particular version of the rocket was advertised in the Courier News in October 1958. Modern Toys.
Jul 02, 2013
NIKE SAM-A7 SPACE ROCKET - MASUYA - JAPANWhite plane style in friction rocket with red and yellow detailing This cockpit with litho pilot. Three fins. In the nose is a striker pin which, on impact, releases an arm that enables the rocket to stand up. Marked NIKE SAM-A7 US Army. Masuya Jupiter-Nike rocket.Jun 21, 2013
MECHANICAL ROCKET U-2 - PRIFTIS - GREECEMetallic blue and red lithographed friction powered tinplate Space Rocket. The rocket has a red plastic canopy with pilot inside. At the back is a cylindrical yellow plastic structure with three fins. Runs on wide plastic wheels. Friction action with noise and spark. Pi Logo. There are several litho versions of this rocket including the lower one with the elaborate exhaust litho. The maker Ananiades has also been suggested.

Jun 18, 2013
SPARKLING SPACE RANGER L-5776 - SI - JAPANMetallic blue red and yellow lithographed tin friction rocket. 7 inches. Circa 1950's. Three red tail fins, one marked L-5776. The space rocket has a lithographed canopy and pilot. A variation exists marked X-36 on tail fin. Long tailfins extend well behind the exhaust. Friction action with spark and noise. The significance of the serial number and reason for the variation is not known. SI in a Diamond logo. An Elvin Product.

Shipped in the same box as the X-36 which carries no markings on the artwork.
Jun 16, 2013
SUPER SONIC SPACE ROCKET BATTERY OPERATED VERSION - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlue lithographed battery operated tinplate space rocket with two large rocket engines with tailfins mounted on either side of a central fuselage. The litho shows copious star detailing. There is a large red plastic engine at the back of the body and smaller green plastic covers on the engines. A pilot head is mounted inside a central tin canopy with clear windscreen. Marked S-301 on the fins. Battery operated bump and go action with rotating rear engine and flashing lights. S S SPACE ROCKET SUPER SONIC SPACE ROCKET S301 See also the friction operated version of this rocket with the abbreviated name. Date?Jun 07, 2013
SPACE PATROL ROCKET - SUZUKI - JAPANA very small (3" 7.5cm) red, orange and blue lithographed tinplate rocket. Pilot litho. Marked Space Scout. Crimped construction, metal wheels, toothed front wheel. Friction action with noise.
Possibly sold in trade boxes. This is the same pressing as the XYZ and V-3 rocket.

Image Smith House Auctions
May 04, 2013
ATOMIC ROCKET - DSK - JAPANA simple small blue and red (3.5in) tinplate lithographed space rocket. Marked Atomic Rocket. Pilot in cockpit litho on top, with Saturn and satrs on the front. Unusual fin design. Fiction action with noise. DSK 1950s. Crimped construction. Box? Possibly sold in trade boxes.Apr 30, 2013
ROCKET - ANANIADES PRIFTIS? - GREECELithographed tinplate space rocket, 20 cms. A bulbous design with two tailfins but no upright tail fin. Large celar red plastic dome in the middle. Blure plastic wheels. Lithographed detailing shows astronauts inside a window. Friction action with spark. Marked Rocket. Greek. Date?

The same pressing with different litho was used by Priftis. Pi logo
Apr 17, 2013
ROCKET SHIP - MAKER?Futuristic silver lithographed tin push toy of a space rocket. This tear drop shaped rocket has four porthole windows on each side with litho detailing of two astronauts in each. Three rear fins. Hollow metal wheels. The front has a large litho window at the front with pilot and instrument panel being shown. The front is rounded with a Zeppelin like airship style. Date and maker unknown. Maker? Box?

Image courtesy Bergin Toys
Mar 29, 2013
ROCKET RACER 8 WITH DETONATION - MASUDAYA - JAPANA large red and white lithographed tin friction space rocket, Rocket Racer style. Tin pilot head behind windscreen. Friction action with clicking noise. Marked 8 on the side wings and tail fin. On sale in December 1959.

Masudaya Rocket Racer design.
Jan 15, 2013
MOON RANGER SPACE CAR - KOTA - HONG KONGLarge blue plastic battery operated space rocket with plastic pilot under a clear plastic dome. Four holes in each side aft of the canopy. Red lights in the nose area. This is a Chinese variation of the sonicon style toy operated by a whistle. Marked Kota, Hong Kong

A 1968 Denver Post article says of this toy: "switched whistle that operates a sound-sensitve membrane in the .... The unit switches on power supplied by regular flashlight ..... ignores all sound but the whistle and shuts itself off automatically after 30 seconds. It is made by a Hong Kong .... company"
Jan 07, 2013
ROCKET - TATRASMALT - CZECHOSLOVAKIATinplate 16 cm rocket, friction action. Rubber nose. Plain metal fins. Market TM on rear fin. Various colors known. The number on the fin can vary: 264, 364, 464 - the reason is unknown. Box?
Possible 1967 CSSR Czech.
Jan 03, 2013
TITAN ROCKET - OMNIA - CZECHOSLOVAKIAA very eccentric angular tinplate friction rocket with Titan wording at rear. Plastic engines and nose cone. At least two litho versions are known. CSSR Czech Box? c1970Jan 03, 2013
SPACE BOAT ROCKET 3 ME-078 - CHINAA white lithographed tin battery operated space rocket with red, blue and gold trim. Bump and go action with flashing lights. Vinyl pilot head behind windscreen. A variation of the Masudaya Rocket 9 Space Boat. Unusually this rocket has a small pair of spoked wheels at the rear. Bump and go action with noise and flashing lights. ME 078 Size 13" 32cm Box?

Masudaya Rocket Racer design.
Nov 05, 2012
Small Flying Boat MF813 - ChinaRed tin lithographed spaceship with pilot under tall plastic dome. Small wings on either side. Friction action with sound. MF 813. The design is a sort of parody of the Masudaya Rocket Racer.Sep 16, 2012
SPACE PATROL CAR - MASUDAYA - JAPANTinplate battery operated rocket with bump and go action. Lithographed tin top, blue plastic base.The rocket has an oversized vinyl child astronaut head. The astronaut fires a red plastic gun with lights and sound.

See also the Snoopy knockoff version of this rocket.
Aug 18, 2012
FIRE WINGS - MARUSAN - JAPANTin lithographed cross between a rocket and a car. The four wheel orange and white friction vehicle has three tail fins and a pilot under a clear plastic canopy. Green plastic tail cover. Marked SAN. 21cm 1950s.Apr 25, 2012
BABY MOON ROCKET - KDT - INDIATin lithographed space rocket. Old style rocket with tin pilot head behind a windscreen. (The clear blue plastic window may be a late addition). Marked K.D.T No 11. Friction with spark action.
Mar 01, 2012
MAYA/KT ROCKET - MAKER? - INDIAFrom India comes this eccentric pair of lithographed tin space rockets. Horizontal friction tin rocket with a clear red plastic nose cone, one tipped with blue paint. The rockets are copiously illustrated with comic animals: Donald Duck, chipmunks etc. There are two drive wheels at the front and two small tail wheels at the back. Friction action with noise and sparks in the nose. Asia

Two versions shown:
Top: Maya Rocket. Marked "Wellcome (sic) you to the capital." at the back.

Bottom: Marked K.T. Rocket.
Feb 28, 2012
VISPA ROCKET - VISPA - ARGENTINAA bright red and blue lithographed tinplate rocket, three fins, predominantly red with yellow and blue detailing. Holes at the rear for spark windows. Litho cockpit details on the top. Crimped construction of the two halves. Marked VISPA on the side. Friction motor and spark action. This looks like the German HWN rocket pressing. Box?Feb 14, 2012
TORPEDO BOAT - CHINAIt's often said that the Chinese call their rockets "boat" because they have made a literal translation of "ship". In this case they've added the word Torpedo for no obvious reason. This little blue, white and red lithographed tin friction rocket has a couple of interesting features. First is the odd shape of the cockpit canopy, it's atall thin bubble dome covering a pilot head. Second, there are three distinctive white plastic fins at the back. Long spark windows in the sides. Friction action with spark. MF923Dec 20, 2011
APOLLO XV ROCKET - LYRA - GREECEWhite plastic battery operated rocket. A reissue of the Nomura Apollo 11 Rocket. Switch on and the rocket starts moving. It stops and elevates vertically. It comes down and moves forward. The actions repeat. Light blinks with constant rocket engine sound.Oct 24, 2011
MOON ROCKET - MASUDAYA - JAPANOne of Masudaya's tin battery operated space ships with a non-fall action. An astronaut pilot sits inside a cockpit with a clear plastic cover. Rear tail fin. A metal rocker in the base detects edges and alters the direction of the rocket. This toy has particularly long red conical engines that run the length of the ship.

Two box versions are shown. There's also a version with two astronauts in the cockpit.

Distinctive Features:
Multicolored litho, light blue, red, pink and yellow.
Astronaut with rotating blue plastic periscope.
Marked Moon Rocket
Curved yellow fin
Three colored lights in either side.
Date: Appeared in the 1963 Masudaya Catalog and Firestone 1963 Gift Catalog. Two box versions shown.
Oct 21, 2011
METEOR BELL-310 ROCKET - BELLONI - ITALYTin friction rocket. Meteor wording on nose. Bell-310 on tailfin. Believed to be by Belloni, an Italian company. Box? 1950s

This appears to be the same pressing as the German HWN Jupiter D-119

Also shown is an incomplete example (no tail fin) of the Bell 314 rocket.
Oct 21, 2011
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