Toy Robots and Space Toys
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SUPERSONIC JET-CRAFT & SPACE ROCKET BUILDER - MOKO - ENGLANDMeccano style metal rocket building set. Konstructa Manufacturing Co. Advertised in December 1954.Apr 15, 2021
SKYRO-PLANE SPACE SHIP - MARXMAN - USAPlastic spaceship with unuual rotating wings. Flies like a kite. Date?Apr 14, 2021
SPACE WATER GUN - IDEAL - GERMANYLong transparent plastic space water pistol, machine gun style. Metallic flecks in the plastic. Schrödel.

The versions with the metallic flecks are usually later productions.

Apr 14, 2021
PISTOLA GALAXIA SPACE GUN - DA SILVA - URUGUAYA retro styled plastic space gun with three holes in each side. 8 1/2 ins. Clicker action. Based on the Irwin original designApr 13, 2021
SPACE SAUCER GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGPlastic spring loaded space gun shoots a combination of "saucers" spinners. This is a reissue of the Park Plastics design. bagged with header card. Date?Apr 11, 2021
JET ROCKET SHIP - MAKER? - USACard spaceship that can be shot into the air using a wooden catapult. The sides unfold and the ship spins down to earth like a helicopter. Details? Date?

Patent 2105579 for an Airflight whirling device was filed in 1949.
Apr 09, 2021
PATRULHA DO ESPACO - ESTRELA - BRAZILSpace Patrol spinner gun. Parks style plastic space gun with three spinners. Mounted on a large card with space graphics. Date? Apr 09, 2021
BUMP'N GO SNOW TRACTOR - YOSHIYA KO - JAPANLithographed tinplate tank with driver under a clear plastic canopy. Marked BUMP'N GO SNOW TRACTOR. Large propeller at the back. Friction action. Included because of the clear connection with KO space tanks. Apr 06, 2021
EXPLORADOR - MAKER? - ARGENTINABlow mould space car with driver and passenger. The figures may be later additions. 32 cm Details?Apr 06, 2021
BIG-X SPACE CAR WITH ROBOT PASSENGER - DAITO - JAPANLithographed tinplate Ford car with vinyl headed Big-X driver and a tinplate robot in the rear passenger seat. Featured in a 1965 Japanese Exporters Guide.Apr 04, 2021
BIG-X ON SCOOTER - DAITO - JAPANLithographed tinplate scooter with vinyl headed Big-X driver. Apr 04, 2021
BIG-X SPACE BOAT X-1 - DAITO - JAPANLithographed tinplate boat with vinyl Big-X driver. Crank action. Featured in a 1965 Japanese Exporters Guide.Apr 04, 2021
ROBOTEL ASTRONAUT - VIITORUL ORADEA? - ROMANIAPlastic battery operated robot. This is a astronaut version of the Rotel Robot. Yellow plastic with an astronaut head inside a clear dome. There is an odd square structure rising from the back. The camera equipment on his chest is off centre and the switch position on the chest is very clumsy. Battery operated pin walking action. MAP factory Oradea

The body is relatively long with small legs emerging from the bottom. Concertina plastic arms and legs.
Mar 12, 2021
SUPER SONIC GUN - NOMURA - JAPANBulky blue plastic gun with a short yellow plastic nozzle. The gun has a more rounded, streamlined design than similar siren guns. Paper decals on the sides. Friction siren action. Japanese language box. 24 cm. 1971

Also issued as the Rhino Rain Pistol
Mar 09, 2021
JUST MAN SPACE JET - JA - ARGENTINABlue and red tin lithographed bulbous space gun with a clear red plastic barrel containing "lipstick" inserts. Friction noise and spark. Brazilian version of the Yoshiya KO Space Super Jet Gun 9.5" 24cm Feb 25, 2021
M48 TANK - GAMA - W GERMANYRed and blue lithographed tinplate tank with clear plastic dome and rectangular antenna. Battery operated bump and go action. 20cm

Currently known from this catalogue entry.

Box? Picture? Date?
Feb 16, 2021
LUNA 70 SPACE TANK - PAYA - SPAINLithographed tin space tank. Blue body, red turret with a small plastic dome canopy. Single gun. Marked LUNA 70, V-73. The photo box is marked X-20316. Date?Feb 16, 2021
SATELLITE LAUNCHING STATION - MARX - USAPlastic missile launching sset with building, rockets, lauchers, figure. Simple air-powered missiles. On sale in 1957. Feb 16, 2021
INTERPLANETARY ROCKET BASE - MPC - USAPlastic missile launching base set with figures. Contains launcher, rockets, jeep, figures. On sale in 1958. Feb 16, 2021
EXPLORER TANK DEFENSE - CRAGSTAN - JAPANLithographed ti battery operated tank. Automatically soots a magazine of plastic bullets. Marked X-3. The box is very space themed showing a tank marked X-7. The actual toy has a military colour scheme. Maker? Date?

Feb 16, 2021
ROBOT ROAD ROLLER - NOMURA - JAPANLithographed tin road roller with visible motor and robot driver. Battery operated forward and reverse motion. Marked 1200. The robot is a loose fit.

Note: there is no known box for this toy so there is no evidence that this is a valid combination. Currently it looks like a marriage of the robot from the Nomura tractor with the Nomura Road Roller. If you have a box, please email

Box? Date?
Feb 16, 2021
ROBOT ROAD ROLLER - NOMURA - JAPANNote: there is still no evFeb 16, 2021
SECRET MISSILES BASE - BLUE-BOX - HONG KONGPlastic missile launcher with large control panel and operatives. Date? Feb 13, 2021
BASE ATOMICO DE LANZAMIENTO - NAUCALPAN - MEXICOMarx based Atmonic Missile Base with buildings, missiles and spacemen. Date? Feb 13, 2021
PISTOLA BROMA - VFERRE- FRANCEPlastic spacegun with red plastic cylindrical muzzle. Studded with gaudy plastic beads. Ref No 897Feb 13, 2021
PLATILLO VOLANTE FLYING SAUCER - GEYPER - SPAINPlastic friction powered flying sauce. Clear central dome with a pilot inside. Star embossed on the dome. Friction mystery action with siren sound. Date?

The saucer was later used as the basis of the Master Flying gun.
Feb 10, 2021
DIAN DONG Feb 10, 2021
ATOMIC FIGHTER X-7 - W TOYS - JAPANTin lithographed delta wing rocket. Black and yellow colour scheme with red accents. Tin dome at the front with pilot litho. The plane is marked US AIR FORCE X-75 though the box art show this as X-7. 7 1/2ins 180mm
Feb 07, 2021
ROCKET - MARX - USAPlastic spaceship with side wings and a double tail. Friction action with spark. 26cm long. Name? Box? Similar in design to the Marx Solar Rocket.

See also the Sanz See also the Sanz SUPERSONICO AVION COHETE version of this spaceship.
Feb 01, 2021
SUPERSONICO AVION COHETE - SANZ - ARGENTINAPlastic rocket with side wings and a double tail. Friction action with spark. 26cm long. A copy of a Marx design. Details? Picture? Box? DFeb 01, 2021
FUTURISTIC CARS - MANURBA - W GERMANYPlastic fururistic cars. Vatious colours. 6cm. These were offered as free gifts with coffee.

The one on the bottom right is marked RS17, 330 KPH and is a Nash Astra Gnome

The others are marked ZA567, 375 KPH and are the Ford Nucleon.

Date? 1970s?
Jan 31, 2021
POP A PART ROCKET TARGET - KNICKERBOCKER - USARocket target shooting game. Plastic non-space dart shooting guns. Pop apart plastic rocket targets on a thick card background. Jan 25, 2021
FLASH BLAST RAY - WARREN PAPER PRODUCTS - USACard ray gun, included in the Buck Rogers Combat Game. 1937 Jan 23, 2021
BUCK ROGERS 25th CENTURY HELMET AND ROCKET PISTOL - EINSON-FREEMAN CO - USACard space gun and helmet. Mail away premium offered by Cocomalt cereal and by other retail outlets. Buck and Wilma helmet versions were available. 1934Jan 22, 2021
X-80 SPACE CAPSULE - MAKER? - HONG KONGPlastic Gemini-style space capsule.

Silver grey front section with a red rear. A small Mercury style capsule fits in to the back and can be ejected by pressing a button.

The main capsule has a window with astronaut behind. Paper X80 SPACE CAPSULE decal. Friction action.

Item: 240 Date?

Jan 21, 2021
SPACE EXPLORER - TSUKUDA - JAPANPlastic wind up vehicles with astronauts moulded in place. These space vehicles are made of a thick Bakelite style plastic. Two versions are availabl, one is a beige car with yellow highlights, the other is a white car with red detailing. Both use the same combined box art. 1970s.

Tsukuda Item No 1013
Jan 12, 2021
INTERCONTINENTAL MISSILES AND SATELLITES - ROYAL TOT MFG - USABoxed set of various plastic cap bombs. Window box. Date? Possibly 1958.Jan 11, 2021
SPACE CONTROL CENTER - MPC - USAPlayset No. 1509 by Multiple Toymakers (MPC). The boxed set contains two modular Control Center Domes and connecting hardware, a Jet Sled, an Air-Hopper Space Vehicle, and over 50 plastic astronauts in red, white and blue. 1969Jan 10, 2021
ROBOT QUESTIONER - MAKER? - USAWooden robot with aluminium finish, standing on a red crackle base. This is the earliest known example of the Magic Robot Game, a magnetically operated question and answer game.

Featured in a 1935 Edw. K. Tryon catalog.
Jan 09, 2021
SPACE RANGER - MAKER? - HONG KONGSimple plastic spinner gun. 6" gun. Wind satellites on gun, fires satellites in air spinning
Includes red, green, yellow spinners.

Blister carded. The card artwork uses artwork from the English diecast Space Ranger gun.

Mfg. in Hong Kong-1970s

Jan 06, 2021
ELECTRON GUN - YONEYA SY - JAPANBrightly lithographed multi-coloured tin friction space gun; angular shape with a short red plastic barrel and small spark windows. Litho rocket detailing on the sides. Friction action with noise and spark. SY Logo.Jan 02, 2021
LASER RAY GUN - YMD - JAPANClear blue angular space gun. pistol style with a square barrel and tiny muzzle. Friction action with spark. On sale in 1973. Jan 01, 2021
Distinctive monster artwork sets this apart.

Another version of the Taiyo original. A blue plastic space gun with a red barrel with rings moulded into the center of the body. Friction noise and spark action. Gun marked SPACE PILOT X-RAY GUN.
Dec 20, 2020
ROBOT - MAKER? - ARGENTINAA small plastic robot. green body sprayed silver. Domed head. Ramp walker action. Details? Date? Box?Dec 16, 2020
SPACE GUN - ALPS - JAPANEarly bare metal space gun. Double barrel. Cap firing action. Rocket and ALPS wording embossed in the sides. 1950s. Trade box? Dec 11, 2020
ASTRONAUTA - MOMOPLASTIC - ARGENTINAYellow blow mould astronaut with clear plastic dome. Articulated arms. 23cm. Window box with rocket shaped inserts. Dec 02, 2020
BABY MOON - MAKER? - SPAINCylindrical space game with the Earth at the centre of a cylindrical box. Function unclear. Details? Nov 27, 2020
BAT PHONE -YONEZAWA - JAPANBright orange tin and plastic battery operated Bat Phone with yellow dial. Item 79. Batman c1966Nov 27, 2020
SPACE FLYER - KIM TOYS - ENGLANDBlow molded red platic astronaut with clear helmet. Plastic wings. A catapult fired flying toy. 1950s? Nov 26, 2020
SPACE THEMED SPINNING TOY - MAKER? - W GERMANYHand held tin lithographed spinning toy with spark. Spaceman and rockets graphics. 5 ins 1950sNov 25, 2020
LANTERNA REVOLVER ESPACIAL - MAKER? - BRAZILWhite plastic space gun with red muzzle tip and battery cover. Flashlight with a retro bulbous design. Battery powered torch. Space Torch Revolver. Nov 20, 2020
BUCK ROGERS LEAD SPACESHIPS - BARCLAY/BRITAINS - USALead spaceships based on the Buck Rogers comic strips. Details? Nov 14, 2020
SPACEMEN - CORNFLAKES? - BRAZILBronze plastic spacemen. These are based on the later Britains space alien figures. Cereal premium. Maker? Details. Nov 06, 2020
METRAPAUM ESPACIAL - RAYITO DE SOL - ARGENTINAA large plastic space bazooka, air powered. Shoots plastic balls. Picture? Date?Nov 05, 2020
TANQUE ATOMICO - ANELIT - ARGENTINAPlastic space tank withe rubber dome on the top. Pressing the dome fires an air powered plastic missile. A copy of the American original design. Nov 04, 2020
LANZACOHETES ATOMICO - FUTUROPLAX - ARGENTINAAtomic Rocket Dart Gun. Plastic gun with four parallel dart launching barrels. Comes with wall mounted space themed target. Details? Picture? Nov 04, 2020
LUNAR TANK - PARK PLASTICS - USAA low lying plastic space tank with wjite rubber tracks and a gun emerging from the nose of the vehicle. Pilot under a domed plastic canopy. Date?

Thi8s is one of a series of four toys using common components: Lunar Tank, Lunar Dump, Moon Cat and Lunar Crane.
Oct 26, 2020
ROCKET WHISTLE - MAKER? - USAHard plastic whistle in the shape of a reto spaceship. 4ins long. Red/ and yellow plastic. Maker? Details?Oct 18, 2020
AUTOMATIC GUN - KO - JAPANLithographed tin space gun. Blue gun with elaborate lithograped details, Pink flared plastic barrel with a latticework green plastic surrounf. Friction action with sound and spark, Boy Scout and space themed box artwork. Yoshiya. Oct 04, 2020
SUPERCAR BELT - BARROW, HEPBURN & GALE - ENGLANDCard like belt with Supercar graphics. Oct 02, 2020
ROCKET GUN - MAKER? - BULGARIABlack plastic space gun with a large yellow plastic barbed barrel and breech. Shoots darts. This is based on the earlier Lone Star Rocket Firing Gun design. Marked PAKETA (ROCKET) Date? Box?

This version does not have the dart holding cradle on the top.
Sep 26, 2020
RACE CAR SEVEN STAR - MASUDAYA - JAPANRed and black lithographed tin space car with single rear fin. Pilot head and shoulders behing open tin windshield. Marked 7
"With Detonation" sound effect. Friction action with noise. Date?

MT Modern Toys
Sep 16, 2020
SPACE CAR - AGRESOPLY - HONG KONgA hard plastic futuristic space car based on the Marx original design. Details? 1960s.

Marx Future Car
Sep 04, 2020
FLYING PLATFORM - ARNOLD - W GERMANYHand cranked platform with plastic pilot and spinning propeller. Similar action to the Satellite version.
Aug 30, 2020
SPUTNIK HAT - ECO - W GERMANYTinplate clockwork globe with orbiting plastic Sputniks. 7390, Germany. The Sputnik has an attachment to allow it to be worn as a cap. 1950s

The toy appears to be the Seidel Sputnik.
Aug 30, 2020
AGUALASER - PSE - SPAINPlastic space water pistol with a separate refillable plastic reservoir. Various colors. Blister carded.Aug 24, 2020
FIREBIRD 58 ROCKET - MASUDAYA - JAPANA metallic blue and red tin friction space rocket, Rocket Racer style. A tin astronaut pilot head is mounted on top behind a tin and plastic windshield. Marked Fire Bird, with the number 58 on the wing. Box? Masudaya Rocket Racer design. Box?

Aug 20, 2020

Monstrous Mecanicos lead spacemen with ray gun and alien landscape. 6 pieces

The landscape is moulded in an Elastolin style sawdust-and glue material on a thick base board.
Aug 18, 2020
WATER GUN, FUSIL A EAU - MONTROSE - CANADARed plastic water pistol. Decal muzzle decoration. Bagged with header card showing a distinctive alien scene. Aug 04, 2020
SPACESHIP (КОСМОЛЁТ) - MAKER? - USSRPlastic spaceship with two side rockets. Large clear dome with a large plastic pilot. Rotating antenna. Batterry operated with movement and light. 1980s.

Soviet Russia
Aug 03, 2020
COSMIC SAUCER - MAKER? - USSRSmall metal saucer. Wind up with walking action. Rpotating antenna and two fixed antennas. 1980s.

Soviet Russia
Aug 03, 2020
PLANETOKOD - MAKER? - USSRSquare plastic vehicle with a large clear blue plastic dome. Two pilot heads inside. Remote control on the end of a curled wire. Battery operated with lights. Dated 1988
Russia Soviet
Aug 03, 2020
SATELLITE LAUNCHER - WORCESTER TOYS - USAA clear plastic ball shooting gun. 7" 18cm The transparent plastic gun holds five balls in a cylindrical upper chamber. These drop into the lower barrel and are fired by cocking the mechanism and pulling the trigger. Distinctive hoops on the barrel and a vertical sight at the back.
ping pong.

Dated to 1960 though the design is known as early as 1955.

This is the same basic design as the Selcol gun, the
Sensacional Pistola Lanza Bolas and the Pongo Pistol.
Aug 01, 2020
CASQUE ESPACIAL - XALMAS - SPAINVinyl space helmet. Jul 29, 2020
SPACE GUN - MAKEER? - GREECERed plastic space gun with a green barrel tip. Spring loaded action, shoots a large plastic dart. Details? Name? Box?

Jul 24, 2020
ATOM 300 WASSERPISTOLE - PW PROGRESSWERK NURNBERG - WEST GERMANYThis is a German copy of the US Premier/Park Plastics Squirt Ray Water Gun packaged in a small card box with early space graphics.
A 5-1/2" 13cm bulbous plastic water gun. It has a rubber stopper and brass tip. The trigger is fully enclosed. There is a distinctive flat top with a small rear fin. Lightning flash molded in the sides. A wire pin for clearing the nozzle is included.

This must postdate the Park's original, the earliest sighting of which is in the Park's Catalog for 1957.

Jul 20, 2020
THE MARTIANS - HERO - JAPANTwo plastic wind up stepover robots. Grey bodies, red feet. 4" tall. 12 cm. Sold in trade boxes of 12.
Jul 19, 2020
ATOM KIM - MAKER? - SPAINBlow moulded plastic space water pistol modelled on the Hubley Disintegrator. Date?

See also 50 Megatones.
Jul 17, 2020
GO-FLOAT ROBOT - MAKER? - HONG KONGSmall grey plastic wind up robot. Egg shaped with brush feet. Spinner on chest. Color variations exist. PedestalJul 17, 2020
FLASH GORDON SPACE CRUISER SET - PREMIER - USACarded set of various combinations of Premier spaceship spacemen. Random combinations. 1952
Jul 13, 2020
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