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FLASHY RAY GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLarge blue tinplate space rifle. This is a realistic looking machine gun with an intricate trigger area, pefroated barrel and large telescopic sight. Wood effect stock. There is little to suggest a space gun other than the name and the box art. Battery operated with sound and flashing light. TN

There is also a Moonlight version of this gun (below). It has a Moonlight Man image on the stock and a Daiya logo.

On sale in October 1957.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
FLULMINE LIGHTNING SPACE MACHINE GUN - LAC - ITALYThis is an Italian version of the Nomura Foxhole Tommygun. Fucile Mitragliatore

Large tin battery operated machine gun with space scenes on the box. Japan 1960s 17.5 ins. Barrel lights as gun makes a firing noise. Condor/Eagle logo on the side. The box art has excellent space graphics and depicts a red gun. The actual toy is metallic blue. Date? 1960s 19" 47cm

LAC is Leonida Alemanni Casalpusterlengo.
FLYING SAUCER GUN - ALPS - JAPANAn early red tin lithographed space gun. Shoots spinners. The nozzle is wound up and the spinners are attached. The trigger releases the spinners. The box art is notable for its simplicity. 1950s
FLYING SAUCER GUN - BULLMARK - JAPANA spinner shooting space gun with telescopic sight. This is a plastic space gun kit and comes with a spaceman figure that attaches to the spinners. 24cm x 16cm x 5cm Date?
FLYING SAUCER GUN - PW Progresswerk N├╝rnberg - WEST GERMANYYellow hard plastic raygun design, shoots spinners. Children and teddy bear box art. This all yellow version of the small plastic spring action space gun has the Parks Planet Patrol Saucer Gun design with ribbed handle, telescopic sight and large trigger.

FLYING SAUCER MACHINE TMG - TIGER CHEM - JAPANA black plastic machine pistol with a long stock and a lever action reload mechanism. This conventional and non-space like gun shoots small plastic discs. Two versions shown, one of which includes small plastic monsters as targets. The boxes have elaborate space graphics. 30cm
FLYING SAUCERS AND LAUNCHER GUN - PARKS PLASTICS CO - USASmall plastic spring action space gun with a ribbed handle, telescopic sight and large trigger, two color plastic. Shoots spinners with central covers. Produced in a range of colors.

The first firm sighting is in the 1957 Park's catalog.
FLYING STAR - KGK - JAPANA green plastic space gun. Launches spinners with small pictures of a spaceman's head in the center. The distinctive feature of this gun is its tubular shape with four fins at the back. The elaborate box art exaggerates the Flying Saucer design of the simple spinners. Kanto Gosei Kogyo.
FOXHOLE TOMMYGUN SPACE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLarge tin battery operated machine gun with space scenes on the box. Japan 1960s 17.5 ins. Barrel lights as gun makes a firing noise. Condor/Eagle logo on the side.

FRICTION & SPARKING SPACE GUN - THT - JAPAN2 BARREL MACHINE. Silver lithogra[hed tin space gun with wood effect stock. Double barrel. Marked Space Gun on the stock. Friction action with spark. THT in a Diamond logo.
FRICTION AND SPARKING SPACE GUN - MASUDAYA? - JAPANLarge silver tin lithographed friction machine gun with distinctively bent stock. 2 Double barelled. Magazine. Space Gun wording on the wood effect stock. Noise and spark action. Japan 1960s. MT
FRICTION ASTRO RAY GUN - AOSHIN - JAPAN (revised)Clear red plastic space gun with friction noise and spark action. There is a hump at the back, molded handle and a fine plastic wire acting as a sight. This was also released by Daiya with a different sight as the X-Ray Gun.

This gun is featured in a 1970 Aoshin catalog though the box is not shown. The gun was advertised in October 1968.

Image courtesy Smith House Auction
FRICTION MACHINE GUN - DAIYA - JAPANA blue lithographed space machine gun. The gun has early styling with a perforated barrel, ribs on the body of the gun and a crude red tube telescopic sight. Litho detailing including bullets. The gun has a simple wire stand. Date?
FRICTION SPACE GUN - FRATELLI RESTUCCIA - ITALYA clear red plastic space gun with a white tip on the barrel. Telescopic sight on an angled stem. The gun has a distinctive plastic protrusion on the bottom near the trigger. Friction action with spark. Box? Date? Pistola Spaziale
FRICTION SPACE GUN - SY/YONEYA - JAPANBrightly lithographed multicolored tin friction space gun; angular shape with a short red plastic barrel and small spark windows. Litho bullet detailing on the sides. Friction action with noise and spark. SY Logo.

FRICTION SPACE GUN - TS - JAPANEarly brightly tin lithographed tin space gun with a red plastic barrel. Part of the barrel reamains visible through a cutout in the side of the gun. Spaceman and rocket on the handle. Sound and spark friction action. Marked "Space Gun" on the box. 5 1/4" 1950s

The design is based on the Cosmic Ray Gun by Ranger Steel Products
FRICTION SPACE GUN WITH SPARK - MAKER? - JAPANTransparent red plastic space gun. Not a particularly spacey design but the gun carries the word SPACE and the box art has old style graphics. 5 ins. "FPICTION" typo. Spark action
FRICTION SPACE PISTOL MF 232- CHINATinplate purple painted space gun based on the Taiyo Razer Ray Gun shape. 30 cms. Clear plastic ringed barrel with red insert and barbed nozzle tip. Friction action with spark. The flint mechanism has an adjusting screw. Three visible gears. MF232
FRICTION SPARKING PISTOL MF 116 - CHINABlue and silver tinplate space gun with a simple litho design. Red plastic spark window set into the barrel. Flint adjustment screw. Friction noise and spark action. MF116
FS-4 FIREGLOW SATELLITE TRACKER SET WITH FLYING SAUCER GUN - U S PLASTIC - USAThis is a long thin carded set comprising a small green and white plastic space gun and four "FS-4 Fireglow Satellites". These are spinners with conical structure on the top. This is the US Plastic spinner gun with a small rear fin. Shallow boxed set. No 303. Possibly 1959 - a gun with four saucers was advertised that year.
U.S. Plastics.
FUN GUN - WHAM-O - USABlack plastic air blaster gun with a barrel extension and sight. This is a reissue of the Scorpion Hip Gun by Aids
FURY F-500 - NICHOLS - USAA large plastic and diecast cap firing metal Tommy Gun with space detailing. This crossover gun
combines the gangster Thompson submachine gun with space detailing molded into the metal panels. Battery operated cap firing action. the gun can hold 500 caps and fire them in quick succession. The gun has a one plastic side and one metal, an unusual combination. 1960s

eoo ub
FUTURE CAPTAIN COSMO PISTOL IN SPACE - TAIWAN?Black plastic space gun with telescopic sight. Clear red plastic barrel. COSMO PISTOL decal on the sides. Battery powered electronic noise and lighted barrel
FUTURE CAPTAIN GUN - HONG KONGGold plastic space gun with a substantial red plastic barrel. Paper decal with 000 on the side. Friction noise and spark. Bagged with header card.
FUTURE CAPTAIN JET RAY GUN - HONG KONGA variation of the Space Pilot Jet Ray Gun, gold plastic with a chrome silver plastic gun nozzle. Friction noise and spark. Bagged with header card.
G-MEN POP GUN - MAKER? - JAPANAn early tinplate lithographed space gun, angular pistol design with black metal barrel. A lever on the barrel is pulled back to cock the gun. Attached cork on string. Marked G-Men on the side but the handle has a rocket design. This is a gangster crossover gun. Box? Maker?
G-MEN RAY GUN - MASUDAYA - JAPANEarly Japan. A stubby tin lithographed space gun, a cross between a gun and a rifle. This is very similar to the Masudaya Ray Gun complete with the Native American Indian chief's head on the wood effect stock. The gun combines G Men, space and western themes. Wind up mechanism , the gun makes a noise and sparks when the trigger is pulled. The plain card box with paper label. Western crossover. Gangster crossover.
GALASSIA SPACE GUN - BFG - ITALYA red plastic space gun, though the styling is not obviously space based. This gun is designed to blow bubbles, The box, however, establishes this as a space gun with a depiction of the Italian version of the Phantom in a red costume. (l'Uomo Mascherato). Made by B.F.G. International Plastics S.p.A. Milano
Galaxia Metralleta Espacial - Gonher, SpainGalaxy Space Submachine Gun. Made by Gonher of Spain, this gun is big, almost actual size for such a weapon, 22.5 inches long. When you pull the trigger it makes an incredibly loud noise, followed by a bright flash in the barrel. The sound device is simple, a small striker hits a diaphragm not unlike a stereo speaker, making a very effective pop. The light is provided by a simple bulb attached to a 9V battery, hidden under the red fin on the top of the gun. The box is all there, but a bit rough around the edges.
GALAXY GUN / SPARKING SPACE PISTOL - MAKER?Plastic space gun. The rounded bodied space pistol has a slender clear barrel with a solid plastic end. Detachable large telescopic sight. Spark windows in the sides. Friction action with noise and spark.

These guns do not have the small white antenna.

These are variations of the Japanese Takatoku original design.
GALAXY GUN SET - HONG KONGSmall plastic spring loaded space gun shoots a combination of "saucers" spinners or a whistling top. This is a reissue of the Park Plastics Astro Fleet gun. Blister packed on card. 1970s.
GALAXY SPACE GUN - CARRIBAlso called Galaxia

Mfg. for Carrib-1970s
Also produced on card
Galaxia doe not have end plastic

3-3/4" mini gun-cast metal with red plastic trim

Function-cocks and fires-no projectile
GEMINIS 1-X-70 PISTOLA ESPACIAL - BASA - PERUYellow and white plastic space gun with elongated barrel with holes and an elaborate telescopic sight. Blue plastic details. Friction noise and spark action. The barrel removes for storage. This is a version of the Space Pilot Jet Ray Gun, by KO
GET SMART HEADQUARTERS SIGNAL RAY GUN - MARX - USAA Get Smart TV related release of the Marx ATOMIC PISTOL FLASHLITE. This is a blue hard plastic classic shape battery operated space gun.

The handle has an Agent 86 decal

The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Red and green lens filters are also included to alter the color of the beam. The gun also makes a click noise. The gun is marked Super Beam Signal Ray. This is a mold used for a range of space guns. 8" 20cm The card carries the date 1966.
GIANT WATER PISTOL - MAKER? - JAPANBlue metal tinplate space water gun. Small, early design with a revolver shape and with GIANT molded into the handle. DIA style. The box art features a space style submarine theme. Sold loose in trade boxes of a dozen.
GOLDEN 7 MACHINE GUN - YOSHIYA - JAPANLarge transparent plastic space machine gun with shoulder rest, magazine and long red plastic barrel. Visible motor and Yoshiya plastic gears. Friction action with sparks. Based on the Super Jet Ray Gun. The name and logo suggest a loose connection to James Bond theme. KO Seven gear version. Pictured in the 1973 Yoshiya catalog.
GOLDEN PLASTIC SPACE GUN - GOLDEN PLASTIC - ITALYA hard plastic space gun based on the BSM Space Outlaw design. Shoots darts. 13" 17cm Marked Golden Plastic Milano Date? These guns came on cards with colorful space graphics.
GOLDEN SPACE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANHeader card only. Details?
GOLDRAKE ATLAS UFO ROBOT - GINPEL - ITALYA reworking of the ATOMIC ORBETOR-X. This is the second version of this gun. B
A metallic blue plastic space gun with a long pointed muzzle. The gun is now battery powered but incorporates the original CO2 cannister molding in its design. Shoots darts. The gun is ultimately based on the Cosmic Ray Gun by Palitoy. Comes with belt and holster. Action? Atlasuforobot wording on the box.
GUERRA DE LAS GALAXIAS SPACE MACHINE GUN - BERNABEU GISBERT - SPAINA large plastic space machine gun - Metralleta. The elaborate gun has a long conical muzzle. A large clear red spark window covers the back of the gun. Friction action with noise and spark. Date? 42cm. Produced in blue, chrome silver and chrome gold versions with contrasting plastic inset panels.

Guerra De Las Galaxias is the Spanish version of Star Wars and the box art carries many Star Wars related images. There is no evidence, though, that this is licensed.
GUIDED MISSILES AND LAUNCHER - EMPIRE PLASTICS - USAAn unusual space toy that combines a space gun with those cap bomb rockets that kids used to throw. Red plastic raygun with a relatively wide barrel. There are space moldings on the handle. The rockets are loaded with caps then pushed onto a spring in the barrel. Five darts with broad safety heads in the set. USA Date?
GUN FLYING SAUCER - MAKER? - JAPANA small plastic spring action space gun with a ribbed handle. Blue plastic body with a green barrel assembly. Shoots a spinner with central cover and a spinning top with an astronaut mounted on top. 8" 20cm.
GUN FLYING SAUCER SET - HONG KONG4" orange/green plastic space gun. Includes two orange/green spinners. Based on the US Plastic spinner design.
Function - wind spinners on gun and launch with trigger
GUN TROOPER POP GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA long, traditional looking rifle with a telescopic sight. Pop gun action: the rifle breaks in the middle. Captive cork on a string. GUN TROOPER wording on the side. The toy has substantial space artwork on the box. Maker?

Picture: Bergin Toys
HAMILTON'S INVADERS GRENADE PISTOL - REMCO - USASilver chrome and black raygun pistol. Shoots "grenades", darts with large yellow globular tips.

The basic design is the same as used for the Star Trek Rocket Pistol and version of the gun and for the Spanish Lanzallamas Pistol by Bernabeu Gisbert. It also appeared as a prop gun in Lost in Space.
HARIMAO DOUBLE BARREL AUTOMATIC RAPID ACTION PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANharimao is a character from a 1960 television series Kaiketsu Harimao. Superhero light green tin lithographed space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine. Copious litho detailing. 8" 20cm Double barrelled gun: two green and red clear plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark. Tiger head on the side and the superhero in sunglasses on the handle. Same pressing as the Cragstan Double Barrel Automatic Rapid Action Pistol.
HF SPACE GUN 606 - HF - HONG KONGA gold plastic space water pistol with a twin barrel appearance, one being placed on top of the other. A small sight is fixed to the top barrel. Marked No 606. HF in a cog logo Box? Packaging? Date?
HYDRO JET - WYANDOTTE - USAClear red hard plastic space gun. An angular design with saddle depression on the top. Brass nozzle. No trigger guard. Lightning moldings. Hydro Jet molded into the sides. Water pistol. Box?Packaging?

HYDRO JET PISTOL, NO TANK VERSION - NU DEL PLASTICS - USARed plastic water pistol space gun. This version has its own water reservoir. Another version comes with a separate water reservoir attached to the gun by a flexible plastic tube. USA Box? Packaging?

The water tank version was on sale in Nov 1954.
HYDRO-JET PISTLO - NU-DELL - USARed plastic angular space water pistol with muzzle rings ana a small rocket shaped sight. Hydro Jet Pistol molded in the sides. 7 ins. There are two distinct version: one with the water tank attached by a tube (the yellow tank has a shoulder strap) and a later tankless version which holds its own water supply.

Made in the 1950's by Nu-Dell Plastics Corp. Chicago, Ill, USA
IMPULSE WATER GUN - MAKER? - USSRA large translucent white plastic space water pistol. The unusual design has a large water reservoir at the back of the gun with a slender barrel tipped with four fins.

This has the same design as the Lone Star Cosmic Jet Pistol. See also the Hong Kong Space Hero 500-X Laser Gun. Russia
INTER PLANET SPACE TARGETTarget set with plastic non-space guns shooting darts.
INTERPLANETARY CLICKER WATER GUN - RENWAL - USAThe Planet Jet Gun. Plastic water pistol space gun. The gun contains a rubber bladder. The trigger presses against the bladder to shoot water. Color versions: yellow, red and blue. The cap and trigger should be the same color.

The card on this example has the Renwal Toronto Canada address.

[Recently examples of this gun originating in Mexico have appeared on the market. The authenticity of these has yet to be established. They may have no holes in the cap and the color of the cap and trigger may not match.]

INTERSTELLAR GUN ST-302 - MAKER?Large multicolored plastic rifle, a reworking of the Tada Sound of Space gun. Black and silver chrome plastic battery operated machine gun with various space noises and flashing light in the barrel. The distinctive feature of this gun is the plastic dish antenna on the top. The gun shares some components with the Tommy Kick/Capitan Marte XL5.
JACK DAN SPACE GUN - JADALI - FRANCEDie-cast futuristic space gun with telescopic sight and a distinctive saw toothed fins on the barrel, This is a version of the Lone Star Dan Dare gun adapted for the French market. Metallic green and metallic blue versions. Jack Dan is a contraction of Jacques et Daniel, the founders of Jadali. Marked "Creacion Jadali" below the sight. Red, blue, green and bare metal versions. The box art is significantly different from the Lone Star original.

Also shown it the Spanish language box also produced by Jadali. The Spanish box uses the same artwork as the original Dan Dare Lone Star version.

The box is essentially the same as the Dan Dare version with just a change of name. Date? 1950s.
JAGUAR S-015 - MASUDAYA - JAPANLarge blue lithographed tin space machine gun with telescopic sight. Jaguar litho on the wood effect stock. S-015 Modern Toys battery operated noise and light. Box? Date?
JAMES BOND MOONRAKER SPACE GUN - LONE STARLarge, heavy white plastic and die-cast metal space gun with detachable telescopic sight. Complex detailing. Cap firing action. 12" x 7" Features Roger Moore, based on the space gun in Moonraker. James Bond 007 Dated 1979

JATO ESPACO (SPACE JET) - ESTRELA - BRAZILBrazilian version of the Double Barrel Mars Gun. Large lithographed tin space gun, grey with elaborate scroll work and a wood effect stock. Two transparent green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark action.

See the A'S DO ESPACO version. Very similar to the Metralleta Rayo Spacial.
JET ACE REPEATER GUN - PALMER PLASTICS - USAA most unusual space cap firing gun design. The hard plastic and diecast metal gun has sharp angular lines. The swept back handle is matched by an upward extension. The barrel has rings at the tip and has holes cut into the side. Size: 6 inches. Sold on a backing card.

Year: 1950's

Color Variations: Black
JET ARROW GUN - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlue tin lithographed space gun with a pattern of orange circles on the side. The gun has two distinct tin protrusions or humps on the top. Clear red plastic barrel with no ribbing. The letters PD are printed in a yellow star on the handle, indicating that this was playing to the police toy and space toy market. Friction sound and spark action. P.D. Yoshiya. It appears in the 1965 Yoshiya catalog. 24cm

A version with a longer green plastic barrel has been seen.

There is a version of this gun caled "Space Gun" with an astronaut's head on the side. KO
JET GUN - TELEX - FINLANDSilver grey hard plastic space clicker gun. Pyro Space Control styling. The advertisement dates it to 1953. Also available in gold plastic.

Image: Moonbase Central
JET GUN WITH SIREN AND SPARK - TAKATOKU - JAPANRed tin lithographed space gun. Jet Gun wording on side. Friction noise and spark action. Bagged with plain header card. Features in a 1960 Takatoku (T.T.) catalog. Crimped construction.
JET JR CAST IRON GUN - MAKER? - USAA cast iron space gun closely modeled on the Stevens Jet Junior diecast gun. The gun is significantly different and is not simply a metal copy of the original. Maker? date? Details?
JET JR POLICE SPACE CAP GUN - J & E STEVENS - USASilver die cast metal cap firing gun witha plated mirror chromed finish. 4.25" long. This heavy space gun has a flared muzzle and a series of rings molded into the top of the gun. The grips hvave cross-hatching, plus the Jet Jr. and Stevens "S" logo. Terrific early 50's design with ribbed barrel, flanged barrel tip and "rear jet blast off fins". The left grip flips down for insertion of cap roll.

The left grip swings away to reveal the cap chamber. The design of the hammer is unusual as it strikes from front to back, as opposed to the normal back to front configuration.

Handle marked Jet Junior with a S in a circle. Date?

mdd, cad,
JET LAUNCHER SPACE GUN -MATSUSHIRO - JAPANA knock-off look-alike version of the Lost in Space Roto-Jet Gun. This is large silver plastic modular space gun. Though very similar to the Mattel original there are significant differences: a glossy silver finish, a much longer telescopic sight, a spark panel in place of the paper decal, a larger trigger guard etc. Date?

Made by the manufacturer of the Arrow Launcher Space Gun. The logo is a T inside an M - MATSUSHIRO. There is a link to T.T. Takatoku TT

JET PISTOL - KS or SK - JAPANBlue lithographed tinplate space gun with red and yellow detailing including a rocket and Saturn. This distinctive space gun has a flared barrel containing spark windows on either side. At the back is a blue plastic rotating three finned tail assembly. Marked Jetpistol on the handle. Friction action with noise, spark and rotating tail.

The maker KS/SK is not known for manufacturing space toys and this perhaps accounts for the uniqueness of this design.

Japan. 6 ins (15cm) long

JET RAY GUN - HONG KONGClear plastic gun with orange barrel. Friction sparking action. A version of the KO Junior Jet Ray Gun. Three gear version. Also sold in a window box. Appears in the 1969 M W Kasch Company catalog.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
JET SPECIAL (COWBOY VERSION) - YOSHIYA - JAPANFeatured in the 1965 Yoshiya catalog but not confirmed in circulation. A lithographed tinplate space machine gun with litho bullet detailing on the magazine. This gun has a distinctive circular structure in the center. Short green clear plastic barrel without the usual red extension. In addition this gun has three plastic gears inside a clear plastic housing on the top. Cowboy image of Hugh O'Brian as Wyatt Earp, on the stock. Friction action with noise and spark. Box?

There are at least three versions of this design, Patrol Gun 45, Automatic Gun and Jet Special Gun all featured in the 1966 Yoshiya catalog. Box? 21cm.
JET-ROCKET GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGLong red rocket shaped plastic space gun. The back of the guns has fins at the top and bottom. Spring loaded dart shooting action with caps. Shoots yellow rocket shaped darts. Blister carded. 1968. Also released as the Flash Gordon Rocket Range Gun.
JET-ZOOM GUN - TIGRETT ENT - USAMade by Tigrett Enterprises in the 1950's, its 8.5 inches long and made of fairly durable plastic. It makes use of a catapult system to propel the paper tube from the barrel. Just below the barrel is a white plastic tab that says "push to load", by sliding it back you compress the spring until it locks with the trigger latch. This is a more sophisticated version of the Zoomeray gun.

The gun was also available in yellow, as well as with black cocking mechanism and trigger. The trigger is different on the yellow version.

The gun was widely advertised in newspapers from September 1952 on. However, The Jet-Zoom appeared on the cover of the first paperback edition of A.E. Van Vogt's science fiction classic, Slan, which was released in 1951.
JINGANG SPACE GUN - MAKER? - CHINABlue and red lithographed tinplate space gun with a superhero style robot graphic on the side. Lightning bolt on the stock. Three small holes set into either side of the barrel. Flint adjustment screw. Friction noise and spark action. Box marked Pen Huo Qiang. The gun has similarities to MF-116 Date?
JOHNNY APOLLO SPACE GUN - MARX - USABlue plastic machine gun with gold stock. Friction siren action with spark. "Space Corps Siren Signal Laser Rifle". Card mounted. Card 9" x 26" 1970s.
JOHNNY APOLLO SPACE PISTOL - MARX - USAA repackaging of a M-240 machine pistol on an Apollo themed backing card. Friction plastic gun with noise. Very much an attempt to cash in on the Apollo space program without much investment. The same gun was released in 1969 as the Lunar Landing Pistol. Dated 1970
JUNIOR JET RAY GUN - BULGARIAThree gear clear plastic pistol style space gun with visible gears. Friction action with spark. Green plastic nozzle. A version of the Yoshiya original Junior Jet Gun.
JUNIOR JET RAY GUN - HONG KONGClear plastic gun with red plastic barrel. Visible motor. Friction sparking action. A version of the KO Yoshiya Junior Jet Ray Gun. Three gear version.

This box version appears in the 1969 M.W. Kasch Distributor Catalog
JUNIOR JET RAY GUN - HONG KONGTransparent plastic space water gun, angular pistol shape with a stubby nozzle. Possibly by Telsalda. 1970s Bagged with header card depicting a lunar lander.
JUNIOR JET RAY GUN - YOSHIYA - JAPANClear plastic pistol style space gun with visible gears. Friction action with spark. Red clear plastic nozzle. A much copied gun from Yoshiya. KO. Three gear version. The design was on sale in 1970.
JUPITER 4 COLOR SIGNAL GUN - REMCO - USAPlastic battery operated space gun with light and sound. USA. This is a bulky angular gun with a big trigger guard and two part working telescopic sight. This is called style #600 with a 4 color disc selector. It has a compass (atom changer) instead of the spinning disc. It makes a buzzing noise and works on 2 C batteries.

A compass is fitted in the side. The barrel tip is a rocket-like finned structure. Red and blue versions shown. A reworking of the 1950s Electronic Space Gun. The "atom chamber" circular cutout on the left side holds a working compass.

9" plastic came in red, black, gray, yellow

Function-lights, beeps with changing light discs
JUPITER SPACE GUN - COIBEL - SPAINA pistol like space gun with a magazine at the front and a full trigger guard. JUPITER molded on the side. Shoots plastic disks from a spring fed magazine.

There are two versions shown: a blue plastic one and a die-cast metal version. COIBEL is marked in a circle.

This is the same design as the Planet Blaster and the Star Trek tracer guns. Lanza discos.
K SPACE GUN - K LOGO - JAPANSmall blue and yellow tin lithographed space gun with three diverging fan shape spark windows. Red plastic double barrel.

Diamond patterns, K maker's logo and "Space Gun" wording on the side. Friction noise and spark. Packaging?
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