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FIREFLY XYZ MARK III SPACESHIP - MAKER? - HONG KONGMulticolored plastic friction spaceship. Futuristic vehicle with two fins and a a pilot under a central clear plastic dome. Small rotating plastic antenna at the back. Seen in a variety of colors. The styling owes much to the Space Pioneer design. Hong Kong 1960s
FLASH SPACE PATROL Z-206 -TPS - JAPANTin hovercraft style battery op vehicle, bump and go action. Green plastic windows. The body is the same as used on the Mercury Explorer but the turret is a tin construction. Plastic prop. This is the first of the line of similarly styled TPS vehicles. Currently dated to 1968. Toplay
FLASH SPACE PATROL Z-206 GREEK VERSION - ANANIADES - GREECEBlue lithographed tin hovercraft style battery oeratedp vehicle, bump and go action. Red plastic windows. Chrome silver plastic antenna. Very similar to the Japanese FLASH SPACE PATROL Z-206 by TPS on which it is based. Greece
FLORIDA AIR BOAT REGULUS - ATC - JAPANLithographed tinplate battery operated space boat, intended to float. This silver, white and blue boat has litho detailing of windows with astronauts and portholes along the side. Red tin hull with two hydrofoils at the front. The boat has a substantial rear assembly that holds the electric motor and propeller. A switch is positioned at the front. Regulus wording on the side. Similar body to ATC SPACE SHIP WITH MOVING RADAR. Hydroplane, prop drive. Date?
FLYING AIR CAR - TPS - JAPANLightweight aluminum hovercraft style vehicle. Battery op remote control. A fan raises it off the ground. Dish antenna. Same pressing as Luna Hovercraft. Also sold simply as Hover Craft. Toplay
FLYING AIR FORCE JEEP - DAIYA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate hovercraft style space jeep. 7" 18cm The jeep has two fans set into the body. A detachable plastic spinner fits over the front fan and flies off when the toy is pushed. On the box art the spinner is shown as a torus space station. Two tin astronaut pilots sit in the middle behind a clear plastic windshield. Marked AIR.FORCE on the sides. See the Daiya X-3 version of this jeep. Friction action. Date?
FLYING JEEP - KOMODA - JAPANCylindrical shaped vehicle. Tin bump and go battery op. USAF 113251 . Based on the Pawnee flying platform first flown in 1958. A futuristic jeep.

See also the Space Platform
Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
FLYING JEEP N-135 - ATC - JAPAN"With Two Rotors" US Air Force Space Jeep. U.S. Air Force. Tin friction hovercraft style flying jeep with three drivers. Asahi -Linemar. Three pilots under a clear dome. Two rotors. Comes in generic box depicting a red jeep with one rotor.

Image courtesy of Smith House Auctions.
FLYING JEEP N-137 - ATC - JAPANFlying space jeep. Tin friction. Three yellow pilots under a clear canopy. Tin propellers at front and rear, though the box art shows only the forward one. White upper, red lower. Saturn wording on fin. Asahi Linemar. See N-365 which shares an identical box except for a Cragstan importer logo.
FLYING JEEP N-365 - ATC - JAPANLinemar. Tin friction hovercraft style vehicle with three pilots. Flying space jeep. All red. Tin friction. Three yellow pilots under a clear canopy. Tin propellers at front and rear, though the box art shows only the forward one. Saturn wording on fin. Asahi Linemar. See N-135 This version shares a box with the N-135 but this has a Cragstan impoter logo.
FLYING JEEP X-3 - DAIYA - JAPANUS Army space flying jeep. Hovercraft style vehicle with two fans set into the body. Large gun. Military green. Advertised by Penney's, July 1960.
FLYING MAN - SY/YONEYA - JAPANLithographed tin robot-like man sits in a car connected to an external frame. He swings back and forth as his mouth opens and closes. Wind up action. Lucky. A flag on top has Play Land wording. 27cm high. Date?
FLYING POLICE - DAIYA - JAPANTin battery op space police vehicle. Fan in front. Bump and go action. With Tati Tati noise.
FLYING ROBOT CAR - MAKER? - JAPANSmall blue tin lithographed car. The hood and roof have Flying Robot graphics - the red T-28 style robot with the large ears. Box?
FORD FRICTION SPACE CAR - HTC - JAPANLarge silver two door convertible tinplate Ford car with a robot driver and passenger in the rear seat. 12 ins. There is a space themed TV monitor with a rocket scene in the other rear seat. Friction action with siren. Name? Box?

Tentatively "The Friction Robot Car (E.T.Toys, Japan, 1958)".
FRICTION BABY ROCKET LAUNCHER - KOKYU - JAPANTin friction truck with elevating rocket launcher on trailer. Fires small plastic rocket. Army 120530. K in flower logo.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
FRICTION FLYING JEEP 159832 NON SPARK VERSION - LINEMAR - JAPAN10cm long tin litho friction toy. Toy features two pilots with separate tin heads. Driver is behind plastic windshield, other man is behind gun and wears goggles. Tail fin carries USAF star. Front has die-cut opening with disk attachment. This version has the reference to a spark removed from the box and replaced with the long serial number 159832. The box art shows the 019238 serial number. See the spark version.

Also sold as part of the Satellite Vehicles set by Royal. 1959
FRICTION FLYING JEEP WITH SPARK - LINEMAR - JAPAN10cm long tin litho friction toy. Toy features pair of men with separate tin heads. Driver is behind plastic windshield, other man is behind gun and wears goggles. Tail fin depicts Saturn. Front has die-cut opening with disk attachment. This version has the reference to a spark. See the non spark version 159832.
FRICTION JUPITER TRAILER - MOMOYA - JAPANTin friction truck with Jupiter rocket on trailer. Jupiter rocket detaches and has friction action.

Image courtesy of Smith House Auctions
Friction Moon Rocket Train - SAN - JAPANBorderline space toy. Friction train with bump and go action and sound. Marusan C6254 Express Non space graphics on box.
FRICTION MOTOR SPACE JET X-3 - MASUDAYA - JAPANA blue lithographed space car with white and red stripes. The vehicle has racing car styling. Marked X-3 in a circle. Vinyl head driver, tin windshield. . Friction motor. Makes a "Jet Noise". Crimped construction.
FRICTION PLANET PATROL TANK - YANOMAN - JAPANDark blue lithographed tinplate vehicle with red and yellow fins, yellow astronaut and large gun. The tank has the familiar rounded lilo shape with two fins at the back, though it is considerably smaller than other versions. The transparent plastic gun is the same as used on the S-17 but is fixed in place. There is a particularly attractive and detailed space landscape printed on the hood of the vehicle. Wind up / friction mystery action with noise. 15cm.

The yellow tinplate astronaut is relatively large and alters the scale of the piece. Marked Planet Patrol Tank on the sides.

The box art differs considerably from the toy: it depicts a domed tank with a long barrelled gun.

Note that there are two versions of this tank: one is wind up with a fixed key on the left side. The other is a friction version - the box shown here has the word "Friction" printed at the top left.
FRICTION POWERED SPACE CAR - FERRYMAN - HONG KONGA bright green plastic friction space car. that draws its inspiration from the SPACE SCOUT S-17. Black plastic base. Clear plastic canopy with pilot and guns.
FRICTION POWERED TANK aka SUPER SONIC SPACE TANK X-60 - NOMURA - JAPANBlue lithographed tin friction space tank with a small rear control room and a large half-cylinder shaped forward turret. This turret is fitted with a rotating three-barrel gun assembly with spark windows set in the sides. Marked "Super Sonic Space Tank"
The box has Nomura and AHI logos. Two slight color variations are known: the light grey/blue and a darker blue.

Friction action with rotating guns and spark. This uses the low profile pressing that was used for the Space Tank X-4 and the M-101 Tank. A military version of this tank, the ARMY X-60, was also made by Nomura.

This pressing is the same as used for the M-70 Triple Gun Action Tank on sale in December 1962.
FRICTION SPACE BUS, VERSION 2 - MUIRA/SHIMAZAKI - JAPANA large brightly lithographed tin bus. Though the shape has little of space interest this bus has interesting space lithography. The sides and roof are decorated with a wide range of robots, astronauts ets.

There are two versions:
Top: a version with an astronaut printed on the roof.
Bottom: a version with Robby the Robot printed on the roof.

The boxes for each version differ significantly.
FRICTION SPACE CAR WITH SPARK SP-1 - USAGIYA for LINEMAR - JAPANTin friction space vehicle with spark. Two wheels. Erratic action. A more realistic working of the Easel Robot head version of this toy. Complex nose and tail features and a turret with spark windows. Manufactured by Usagiya (Rabbit head logo) for Distribution by Linemar. The box carries the serial number J2650
FRICTION SPACE EXPLORER S-3 - USAGIYA for LINEMAR - JAPANTin friction space car with large red astronaut pilot. The pilot's hands move. Imitation tracks at rear. Also sold in a boxed set with the robot headed version. No J-4333

The box art is essentially the same as for the Usagiya Space Patrol version.

Image courtesy of Smith House Auctions.
FRICTION SPACE PATROL - CRAGSTAN BY ICHIKO - JAPANTin friction open top space car. Two shades of blue lithography with space detailing. Open top car with windshield. Tin stronaut driver holding a gun.

Friction and battery operated versions of this brightly lithoed tin space car are known.
FRICTION SPACE PATROL - USAGIYA - JAPANTin friction space vehicle with large robot head. Easel back robot head. Rabbit logo. Coiled spring antenna depicted on the box, but the robot on the toy has no antenna. The nose section of the rocket is dark blue.

The box art is essentially the same as for the Space Explorer S-3 box.
FRICTION SPACE PATROL CAR - MT IN OVAL MITSUHASHI? - JAPANThis is a variation of the Mitsuhashi Atomic Race Car X-8. This is a quaint little three wheeled rocket car from a little known company. Red and blue tin friction space car with plenty of space graphics. A light blue tin pilot head sits behind a windshield. The car has a large rear tail fin with a torus space station image on one side and Saturn on the other. Two smaller fins run alongside the tail fin. Space Patrol is marked on the sides.

See also the SK X-3 Atom car.

No obvious maker's mark on the toy, though the box carries an MT in an oval logo. 6" 13cm
FRICTION SPACE PATROL WITH FLASHING STEN GUN X-5 - ICHIKO - JAPANTin battery operated space car. Two shades of blue lithography with space detailing. Open top car with windshield. Tin astronaut driver holding a gun. Swivelling red plastic gun is attached attached to hood. The car has a large dish antenna. The gun swivels and lights with firing noise. Marked X-5 at the back.

Friction and battery operated versions of this brightly lithoed tin space car are known.

FRICTION SPACE ROBOT PATROL WITH SPARKLING ATOMIC GUN - ATC - JAPANRed tin friction Mercedes style car with golden robot driver and large blue gun. No wording on the car. Car advances and sparks appear in the hood mounted gun. Cragstan logo on shown box version.
FRICTION SPACE TANK - ICHIMURA - JAPANSmall (10cm) silver and red lithographed tin friction tank. Conventional tank with turret and black gun barrel. White plastic spark window at the back. Indian head logo. Marked Space Patrol on the sides. The boxed version of this tank appears to have been released in a box with artwork designed for other Ichimura tanks.

Other packaging variations include a plastic bag with a generic Lucky Toy header card, a double pack with the a second space tank and as part of a three tank set in a box featuring three tanks.

FRICTION SPACE TANK - ICHIMURA LUCKY TOY - JAPANSmall (10cm) blue lithographed tin friction tank. Lithographed tracks. A red tin astronaut, the same on as on the other Ichimura tank, sits behind a square box structure with a yellow plastic disk on top. Spark window. Indian head logo. Generic box shows a bulldozer. Marked Space Patrol on the sides. 4.5"

Also sold packaged in plastic bag with a generic Lucky Toy header card and a double pack with the other tank.

Featured in the 1964 Ichimura catalog, item #20172.
FRICTION SPACE TANK - ICHIMURA LUCKY TOY - JAPANSmall (10cm) silver and red lithographed tin friction tank. Red tin astronaut driver under a clear bubble dome. Two fins at the back. White plastic spark window. Indian head logo. Marked Space Patrol on the sides. The boxed version of this tank appears to have been released in a box with artwork designed for other Ichimura tanks.

Other packaging variations include a plastic bag with a generic Lucky Toy header card, a double pack with the a second space tank and as part of a three tank set in a box featuring three tanks.

Featured in the 1964 Ichimura catalog, item #20171.
FRICTION SPACE TANK WITH SPARKING V-7 - OKP - JAPANBlue lithographed tinplate friction space tank - very simple lines. The unique feature of this space tank is the hollow red plastic tailfin that acts as a spark window. V-7 printed on the rear. Green tin pilot with articulated arms. Made by a largely unknown manufacturer, OKP.
FRICTION SPACE TANK X-20 - YONEZAWA - JAPANA blue lithographed tin friction space tank. Litho tack detailing. The tank has a clear plastic dome at the front containing a yellow tin astronaut driver. At the back are is a swivelling bracket containing red barrel structure. This red barrel is marked WIND UP and contains a spring that allows plastic spinners to be fired in any direction. A blue knob allows for height adjustment. Marked Space Tank on the sides and X-20 on the spinner housing. The box has a Frankonia QT distributor's logo. 6" 15cm long.

Also seen in a version with a blue barrel to the spinner mechanism. "With Satellite Launcher".
FRICTION SPACE TRAVELLER WITH MOVING HEAD - ATC - JAPANVTOL 3. A red tin lithographed boat style space ship. In fact the pressing was used for ATC space boats such as the FLORIDA AIR BOAT REGULUS. This more childish version is a wheeled spaceship, not intended to float. The body is brightly lithographed in red, blue and white with porthole details and a rear fin. On top, altering the whole scale of the vehicle, is a child driver with a large vinyl head. He sits behind a clear plastic windshield. Friction action with moving head. Asahi. Date?
FRICTION STREAMLINE SPECIAL SPACE CAR 76 - TS, MSK, TKK - JAPANA futuristic tin friction racing car, red and white. Number 76 on tail fin. With driver under canopy. Japan. Compare with King Jet 8 and Meteor. Two color versions: red/white and red/blue. Three related logos: MSK, TKK and TS (overlapping T and S in a triangle).

FULGUR VIREVOLTE MYSTERE - CHR - FRANCEBattery op plastic spaceship with bump and go action. Appeared in a 1959 Christmas catalog from Ancienne Maison Foucault Paris. CHR. Red and blue versions
FUTURE FIRE CAR - NOMURA - JAPANCalled Atomic Fire Car on the toy. Tin battery op car with fireman. Fire cannon based on Space Patrol Car. "With Atomic Extinguisher" 10" long.

Appears in the Nomura Catalog 1961.
FUTURISTIC SPACE CAR- NAME? MAKER?Plastic battery op futuristic space car with remote control.
GAMA 3600 - GAMA - WEST GERMANYPlastic battery op domed rover vehicle. Clear plastic dome. One in related series of space vehicles. 1970s
GAMA A-9 - GAMA - WEST GERMANYPlastic battery operated remote control space vehicle with forward grab arm. Orange body with a large bubble clear plastic dome. Monsieur Tap-Tap A9
GIANT ROBOT BULLDOZER - TOMY - JAPANA large (19" 45cm) plastic battery operated radio controlled tractor with robot driver. Silver engine. The tractor is marked DIESEL at the front and GIANT BULLDOZER at the back.

Forward and reverse action with lifting shovel.

Red and yellow versions shown. Japanese language boxes. Is there an English language box?

Image Smith House Auctions
GOLDEN SONIC - TIGRETT - USAGold plastic battery operated spaceship 'remote controlled by sound'. A whistle is used to alter the direction of the spaceship. The spaceship has a most unusual shape: a ronded wedge with a screen in the tall side. Rotating antenns. USA Widely on sale in 1957.
GUIDED MISSILE TRUCK - MARX - USABrightly lithographed tin rocket launching truck. Push along action (?) with large rocket launcher - only bottom half of missile shown. 17 US Mobile Guided Missile Squadron
GYRO CAR - KANTO - JAPANRed tin friction space car. Lithographed cockpit detailing Large spinning wheel on the hood. 17cm. Date?
HOLDAUTO - FLIN, INTERKOSMO - HUNGARYTin battery operated styrofoam ball blowing vehicle. The flat car shaped vehicle has a rear tail fin and a clear plastic canopy containing a pilot. A tube emerges from the middle and a stream of air supports the styrofoam ball. 32cm Two basic color versions are known: red and blue, though there are several litho variations.

This is one the two original version of a much copied space toy. There is a great diversity of packaging.
HYDROGEN POWERED SERVICE STATION - LINEMAR - JAPANTin friction inertia toy - Fire Department version. The car is inserted into the station and a crank is turned in the back. The car has a siren that works as the station is cranked. When up to speed the button on the top is pressed and the car takes off with the siren sounding.

On sale in August 1957.
INDIAN SCOUT AT_11 - AMARTOY - INDIA Light blue lithographed tinplate battery operated vehicle. Bump and go action with astronaut sitting at a large green gun with clear plastic barrel. Magic white color dome at the front. The tank has the familiar rounded lilo shape with two fins at the back. This is an Indian knock-off version of the Yanoman Space Scout S-17. The serial AT_11 is printed on the inner sides. AT-11. Made by Amartoy of Dehli.

Closer examination has shown that this has not been produced from the same mold but has been designed to resemble the original Japanese piece. The Indian version is slightly smaller and it does not have the rotating antenna. The fins stand vertical, the litho detailing is different and the battery box is plastic rather than tin. Date? Asia
INERTIA AIRSHIP - MAKER? - CHINALithographed tinplate space vehicle. Litho passenger details. Single rear fin. Friction action. 17cm.
INTERCOSMOS PLANETOHOD-2 - MAKER - USSRA deluxe radio control version of the smaller Planetohod. This is a large plastic tracked vehicle with a plastic covered cockpit at the front with four silver pilots inside. At the rear is a large plastic dish antenna. Decal marked INTERCOSMOS on the sides. Radio control battery operated. Box? Maker? Date? Length 27 cm.

Image courtesy of Vectis Auctions.
INTERPLANETARY SPACE FIGHTER, SUPER JET V-7 - NOMURA - JAPANTin battery operated space vehicle marked Super Jet V-7. The large spaceship has a resemblance to Supercar but the relatively large astronaut alters the scale. Blue and white tin with red and yellow detailing. The articulated golden astronaut driver sits inside an open cockpit, holding an enormous space cannon. The cannon has a clear plastic windshield. Bump and go action as the gun swivels around and shoots with flashing light.

A newspaper advertisement dates this to December 1963. It also appears in the Nomura Catalog for 1964.

J.87 SPACE JEEP - KO - JAPANBrightly lithographed tin friction space jeep. Predominantly red with a light blue inner. Star on the hood. Cylindrical structure at rear. See Star Space Jeep. Box? J87 Indian head graphic on the back. Marked KO on the top.
JET CAR - CRAGSTAN - JAPANAn early lithographed tinplate Japanese space car. Marked Cragstan on the side. 4" 10cm Friction drive. Predominantly blue with red and yellow details. Marked JET CAR and Cragstan.

This is the same pressing as the King Jet Space Car. 1950s. Probably sold in trade boxes.
JET CAR - MAKER? - JAPANAn early lithographed tin space car. The grey and red four wheeled car measures 5 1/2" 13cm. There is a pilot head at the front behind an open tin windshield. Marked JET on the tailfin. A metal device containing a spring is pushed into the back of the rocket and the trigger pressed to send the car running forward.

Box? Date?
JET CAR - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin friction space car. Open top lithographed sedan car with windscreen. Minimal space detailing: Saturn, etc. Plain card box with paper label. 1950s Japan
JET CAR 8 / 123 JET CAR - M IN DIAMOND - JAPANBlue white and red tin friction space car. Litho pilot details. Spark window in front of cockpit. Marked Jet Car 8. A 123 litho variation is also known. Box? Borderline space.
JET RACER SPACE CAR - TKK - JAPANSimilar to King Jet 8. A tin friction futuristic Racing Car - green and yellow tin printed cockpit and exterior with driver. TKK is printed on the base of this toy. (Kitahara attributes this to Yonezawa.) The box carries a substantial Cragstan logo. 30cm. Date circa 1954
JET SPACE SHIP - NE-KUR - TURKEYTin lithographed spaceship. Crimped assembly. Light blue and white ship with three rear fins. Red plastic canopy. Friction action with spark. Crown logo. Box marked J T 10. date?
JET SPORTS CAR - YOSHI - JAPANBlue and yellow lithograhed tinplate space car with a tin driver. The car has two tailfins and a red spark window positioned between them . Marked JET SPORTS. Friction action with spark. About 7". Date? Box? Marked Y in Diamond, Yoshi?
JUPITER - ANKER - EAST GERMANYPlastic tracked vehicle with a large clear plastic canopy with pilot inside. Attached to the back and lying across the canopy is a large missile launcher with rocket. Battery operated remote control. See also the rocketless version, the Saturn by Anker. Date? Red and blue versions. DDR
JUPITER JEEP - SHIOJI SSS - JAPANTin friction jeep and trailer. Made by S.S.S., Japan. Trailer has scoop mechanism. Reclaim wording on canopy. Same pressing as the MITI-27 Pioneer Space Jeep.
JUPITER ROCKET TRUCK - MARX - USATin friction truck advances with siren. Steel/plastic rocket with spring loaded firing mechanism fires a plastic projectile. "Guided Missile Unit No 10 61432"

On sale November 1958.
JUPITER SPARKLING SPACE CAR - ASAHITOY - JAPANAn early red and cream lithographed space car. Distinctive single rocket engine in the middle of the trunk. Tin driver head, tin windshield. SWIFT wording on the hood. Friction action with sparks from the rear motor. Brown box with paper label. 6.5" ATC

1950s Date?
KING JET RACER - TKK - JAPANToy has King Jet 8 wording. A tin friction drive futuristic Racing Car - blue, racing number 8, detailed tin printed cockpit and exterior with driver. Box marked TKK. Manufacturer details? Two box versions are known.

Currently the earliest sighting of the King Jet 8 is in 1954 in a Western Auto Stores catalog.
KING JET SPACE CAR - CRAGSTAN - JAPANAn early lithographed tinplate Japanese space car. Marked Cragstan on the side. 4" 10cm Friction action.

Date 1950s. Probably sold in trade boxes.

Three versions are shown.
Red, blue and yellow version marked X-300. Litho policeman driver with a blonde passenger.
Green, yellow and red version with animal passengers.
Red and blue Cragstan version with animal passengers

Also shown is a version with cut out panels in the rear, probably to show off a sparking action.

KOSMICKE VOZIDLO FLYING SAUCER - ITES - CZECHOSLOVAKIAFlat oval orlozenge shaped space vehicle. Light wheel at front. Large antenna, flashing lights, sound. Bump and go action. Slight box variations: boxes marked IGLA (not IGRA) or KOH-I-NOOR. Shown in Ites catalog.
KOSMICKY SPACE TANK WITH ROCKET - IGRA - CZECHOSLOVAKIATin battery operated space tank with rocket launching structure on top. Small gun at the front. Tracks. 15cm Eastern European, Czechoslovakia. Name? Box?
KOSMICKY TANK, SPARKING SPACE TANK - IGRA - CZECHOSLOVAKIAPainted tin battery operated space tank with bubble dome. Two long antennas with balls at the end. Light at the front. Tracks. Large rotating yellow plastic antenna. 15cm Eastern European, Czechoslovakia. Jiskcrici = sparking

Show below is an unidentified variation which may original or a knock-up.
L-101 SPACE TANK - LTI - INDIARed lithographed tinplate friction space tank. Green tin pilot with L-101 on his chest under a large clear dome. Angled blue tin fins at the back. This tank has a platform with a dome shaped red plastic spark window at rear. Simple friction action. Tin friction tank with cartoon animal litho. Marked LTI at the front. Inspired by the Yoshiya design. This is probably related to the VTI Indian space tank. Asia
LE CYBERCAR - S.C.D.C - FRANCESimplistic blue plastic space vehicle with two tiny figures under a clear canopy. Spring antennas at opposing corners. Battery operated. The spaceships movement can be controlled with a torch beam

Released in 1957. An improved version was released in 1959.
LE CYBERPAN SPACE VEHICLE - S.C.D.C. HACHETTE - FRANCEWhite plastic remote control plastic battery operated space vehicle. Red plastic base. This odd shaped vehicle resemble a bubble car. Large clear plastic dome, though there is no pilot inside. Forward and backward movement with lighted headlights. 25cm

An improved version was released in 1959.
LEADER JEEP - MS DAIYA - JAPANLithographed tin friction space jeep. "3838 U-58 Leader Jeep". The jeep has a space dial in back that moves with the turning of the rear wheels, Marked MS trademark and also marked DAIYA. Friction mechanism, 8 inches long.
LIGHTED SPACE VEHICLE - MASUDAYA - JAPANA box shaped metallic blue space tank. The tank has a red tin astronaut pilot under a clear plastic dome at the front. Behind is a chimney like structure with a wire rim that holds the floating ball. The styrofoam ball is supported by a column of air from an internal fan. At the back are two colored lights inside protective metal springs. Battery operated bump and go action with lights and floating satellite. Marked 28905. Date? Ball blowing.

Appears in a newspaper ad dated December 1960.
LIGHTNING JEEP - DAIYA - JAPANTin friction silver space jeep with red tinplate astronaut driver. The jeep has a repeating tiled silver patterned lithographic finish. Rotating rear double barrel gun turret with green conical plastic dome. See also the clear plastic version of this jeep.
LM COMMANDER - YONEZAWA - JAPANLunar Module. Lunar lander style plastic battery operated vehicle with crawling action. Long legged. See also Delta 55.
LOCATOR (LOKAATOR ЛОКАТОР) - NORMA - ESTONIAWhite and red painted tin and plastic space tank. Rectangular design with an angular cockpit at the rear. In the middle is an unusual rotating antenna "reflector" structure. Two simple astronaut heads inside the cockpit. Battery operated. Action?

USSR, Russia
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