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STAR TREK HELMET - REMCO -USAA strange white plastic beanie style helmet with hinged visor and a prominent red light on the top. Marked Spock or other character names.
STAR TREK INTER-SPACE COMMUNICATOR - LONE STAR - ENGLANDBoxed yellow and black plastic walkie talkie set. String type. Whistle in the handle. Lone Star design. c1968
START INS WELT-ALL - SALACA - W GERMANYTakeoff Universe. A space board game. 1965. Details?
STATION FX-2 - HAUSSER - W GERMANYSpace station themed board game. Details?
STEVE CANYON SPACE GOGGLES - MAKER? - USAOne piece visor style goggles. Mounted on a head shaped card. Circa 1959.
STEVE SCOTT SPACE SCOUT - TRANSOGRAM - USAA space board game. Players select a color for their rockets and then go on a mission to explore the solar system. A unique feature is the sliding rocket speed indicator. 1952. On sale March 1953
STRATO-COPTER - VERSION 2 - HAMMERER & KUHLWEIN/HUKI - WEST GERMANYGerman, 1950s, tinplate wind up toy. Helicopter orbits with flying saucer around a central tower on a building rather than just a tower. Excellent box art. HK-560 on helicopter corresponds with serial number on box art. Helicopter has separate wind up motor for its rotor. See box other version. Stratocopter

STRATO-COPTER MZ-560 - HAMMERER & KUHLWEIN/HUKI - WEST GERMANYGerman, 1950s, tinplate wind up toy. Helicopter orbits with flying saucer around a central tower. Excellent box art. HK-560 (proably HUKI) on helicopter which has separate wind up motor for its rotor. See box other version.
STRATO-SCOUT SPACE PHONE - JVZ CO - USAA pair of simple red plastic walkie talkies. String type. Distinctive spring antennas. Possibly a cereal premium
J.V.Z. CO. ST. LOUIS 4. This design was advertised as Vibra-Planet Space Walkie Talkies and sold by Consumers Mart in 1954. The exact name, Strato-Scout, has not been identified. Second Space Patrol design.

A blue and yellow color variation, with no antennas, was sold under the Space Patrol name and called SPACE-O-PHONE. A reverse color combination, again with no antennas, was sold as a Kellogg's cereal mail-away premium:
STRATOSPHERE - WHITMAN - USA"A Journey Through Space with a Catapult". A ball rolling game. The game assembles to form a target. Balls are fired from small spring loaded projectiles.
SUPER ROCKET RIDE WITH BELL - YONE/YONEYA - JAPANA lithographed tinplate wind up ride consists of two rockets with vinyl headed pilots rotating vertically rather than horizontally. The rockets are attached to a metal upright which is fixed to a lithographed baseplate.

A reworking of the SY/Yoneya's Jumping Rocket pressing to create this variation of the Amusement Park Rocket Ride. The rockets are marked R.45 and R.26. Both rockets have had comical faces printed on the nose.

See the Amusement Park Rocket Ride. The R.26 rocket was sold separately as the Kiddy Rocket.
SUPER SPACE SUIT - MCKINLAYS - AUSTRALIAIdentified in a newspaper advertisement. Blue cotton space outfit with rocket graphics on the chest and legs. Comes with a helmet with a spaceship on the top. The helmet was available in straw and felt. Details? Picture?
SUPERCAR - FAIRYLITE - HONG KONGPlastic friction Supercar. Hong Kong (Empire made) 22cm. This model has distinctive yellow bulges on either side of the front body.

Gerry Anderson
SUPERCAR - PLASTON - ENGLANDSoft plastic Supercar with retractable wings. Made by Shipton Plastics. Plastic clip together model with retractable wings. 36cm Available as a mail away item.

Gerry Anderson
SUPERCAR BAGATELLE - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDWood and card bagatelle. Supercar graphics. Boxed.

Gerry Anderson
SUPERCAR CLOCK MONEY BOX - LINDA - HONG KONGPlastic clock-shaped money box. Sold as a time-telling learning aid. Colorful Supercar scene on the dial.

Two box variations shown.

Gerry Anderson
SUPERCAR GLOVE PUPPETS - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDVinyl and cloth glove puppets of Mike Mercury and Jimmy from Supercar. Date? Packaging? c1961
Gerry Anderson
SUPERCAR HI BINGO GAME - BELL TOYS - ENGLANDSupercar graphics on a bingo game. 1960s Gerry Anderson
SUPERCAR INTERCOM SET - MERIT - ENGLANDBoxed red and black plastic walkie talkie set. String. A copy of the Remco design. Gerry Anderson.
SUPERCAR JOLLIFILM VIEWER - PEAK FILM PRODUCTIONS- ENGLANDA simple hand held 8mm cine film viewing device. Comes with four boxed Supercar film loops.

Gerry Anderson ATV 1963
SUPERCAR MAGNETIC ADVENTURES - ALLAN INDUSTRIES - ENGLANDScene creating game with magnetic components on a decorative background. Gerry Anderson 1962
SUPERCAR ROAD RACE GAME - STANDARD TOYKRAFT - USARace game with magnetic paddles to move counters around the board. 1963

Gerry Anderson
SUPERCAR TARGET GAME - MAGIC WAND CORP - USAMetal target and space gun that shoots with magnetic tipped bullets. Magic Wand Space Gun. Measures 17" by 14 1/2". Made by Magic Wand Corp. Gerry Anderson
SUPERCAR UNDERWATER TREASURE HUNT - BELL TOYS - ENGLANDSupercar themesd board game. Gerry Anderson
T.V. TOWER - ATC ASAHI - JAPANLithographed tin lever action wind up tower on base. Control box with people looking out. Sputnik style satellite at the top. A lever is pulled to start the top of the tower rotating. Two airplanes orbit the tower, one marked Mars No-60 and one marked Moon. 11" 28cm tall.

There are at least three versions of this toy. Top left and bottom left: the Tokyo Tower versions with two slightly different bases. The Tokyo Tower has the distinctive red and white bands of color. It is probable that this toy was designed as a Tokyo souvenir then reworked for the west.

Top right, Eiffel Tower version with distinctive girder lithography and French scenes on the base. Advertised in newspapers in 1960.
TARGETS IN SPACE - SPEARS - ENGLANDSpace shooting game. A key wind mechanism allows hinged card targets to appear against a space landscape. A dart gun with rubber tipped darts is provided.
TEK-NO-KRAZY - REILLY & LEE - USAA small boxed peg game notable for the eccentric robot mice on the box art. Comes with 35 metal pegs. Chicago.
TELECOMUNICADOR DEL ESPACIO - ATLAS - SPAINSpace Telecommunicator. An unusual pair of communication devices linked by wires. Function not clear. Details. The set comes with two Sel-Mac plastic robots. Walkie Talkie style. 1950s
TELEFONO INTERPLANETARIO WALKI-TALKI - GEYPER - SPAINGreen and yellow plastic walkie talkie set with string. Boxed set. String type. Whistle in the handle. Lone Star design. Christmas 1954. Also shown is a simpler carded set, and an early advertisement.

Available in a wide range of colors.
TELEPHONE SPACE SET - LONE STAR - ENGLANDMetallic purple plastic electronic walkie talkie set. Handset with separate mouthpiece and earpiece. String type, with two strings for two-way communication. Advertised in the Meccano Magazine May 1955.
THE MAN IN THE MOON - MCLOUGHLIN BROTHERS - USAEarly space board game. Widely on same in December 1902.
THE RACE TO MARS - SPEARS - ENGLANDSpace board game. 1962
THE RACE TO SATURN - WHITMAN - USAOne of two games in the Wolf Hunt / The Race to Saturn box. The box art depicts a wolf attack. The space game is a simple dice throw game with penalties and rewards.
THE SATELLITE CHILD CAN FLY - MAKER? - JAPANLithopgraphed tin Sputnik toy with Leica graphics. The hemispherical toy is a gyroscope. A wheel attached to the base allows the Sputnik to travel along a string. A plastic belt is used to set the gyroscope spinning. Marked EARTH SATELLITE 1950s.
THE SATELLITE TRACKING STATION - MASUDAYA - JAPANLarge red lithographed tinplate battery operated tracking station. Behind the screen is a model Earth with an orbiting satellite. Morse button. Rotating antenna. Detachable pylon with light. Console. Appears in a newspaper ad dated November 1958.

One of the four Masudaya space toys using this distinctive pressing.
THE WONDERS OF THE DEEP - MAKER? - GERMANYB dice. In many minds the underwater world overlaps with outer space. Date?
THUNDERBIRD VIEWER - FAIRYLITE - HONG KONGBattery operated 32mm slide viewer with 16 transparencies.
THUNDERBIRDS INTERCOM SET - MERIT - ENGLANDBoxed red and black plastic walkie talkie set. String. A copy of the Remco design. Gerry Anderson
TICK TACK EXPRESS - Phillip Neidemeyer (PN) - WEST GERMANYTin wind up track toy. Two wind up cars travel from end to end via a central Station. Technofix style. Space graphics on the box, not on the toy.
TINTIN AND MILOU VERS LA LUNE - HERGE MONTBRISON - FRANCETintin and Snowy to the Moon: a space board game based on Hergé's TinTin. The game uses graphics from "Destination Moon", the graphic novel from the early 1950s. The game dates to 1969.
TIR AUX OVNIS (ALIEN SHOOTING GAME) - EUREKA - FRANCECard alien flying saucer targets on a battery operated rotating carousel. Non-space dart gun.
TIRO AL ESPACIO - AIRGAM - SPAINSpace Shoot. A shooting game. The target is a space scene with a rotating disk. Each time the target in the window is hit it moves to show another target. Wire frame dart gun with rubber tipped darts is provided. Various colors known: green, red.
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET 2 WAY PHONE - VINTAGE PRODUCTS, ROCKHILL - USABoxed set of rectangular red plastic walkie talkies with blue mouthpieces. String action. Booklet included. This is a later Tom Corbett walkie talkie design.

On sale in July 1952.
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET 2 WAY PHONE - VINTAGE PRODUCTS, ROCKHILL - USABoxed set of grey metal rocket shaped walkie talkies with purple mouthpieces. String type. Booklet included. This is an earlier Tom Corbett walkie talkie design. On sale November 1951
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET COSMIC VISION HELMET - PRACTI-COLE - USASpace helmet measuring 11" x 10". The helmet is made from a thin sheet of plastic with vac formed ears and top piece. Space Cadet symbol and "Space Helmet" text pressed into plastic. 1954
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET COSMIC VISION INVISIBLE HELMET - PRACTI-COLE - USASold as an "invisible" helmet because the visor material was like those mirror sunglasses that let the wearer see out without being seen. Made by Practi-Cole Products in the 1950s and widely advertised in comic books of the time.

Advertised in November 1952 (Capital Times)
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET GAME - PEERLESS PLAYTHINGS - USASpace board game based on Tom Corbett. Comprises playing board with"Blast Off Control" spinner at center, "Spaceship Hangars - Launching Platform" and four small plastic spaceship playing pieces. 1953
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET INSIGNIA KIT - ROCKHILL RADIO - USASpace pin, metal ring and wristwatch compass. Carded. Spaceman's head and angled rockets design.
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET OUTFIT - YANKIBOY - USASpace suit comprising jacket, pants, cap, belt, holster and clicker space gun. Sears Christmas Wish Book, 1953.
TOM CORBETT SPACE PATROL BELT - YALE - USATom Corbett card mounted with a press out rocket.

Top: black leather belt with a circular rocket themed buckle marked Space Cadet
Bottom: brown leather, buckle marked Tom Corbett Space Cadet

On sale June 1952

TOMBOLA - MAKER? - ITALYA simple bingo lotto tombola game with remarkable space graphics. 1950s
TOMMY RAY SPACE GUN HELMET - B W LOLDED PLASTICS - USATommy-Ray space gun accessory helmet, depicted on the gun's box. Featured in the 1954 Spiegel catalog. Widely advertised in December 1954.
TOMORROWLAND ROCKET TO THE MOON - PARKER - USAA space board game. A combination of spin and move with dexterity. Wooden "spaceships" are flicked towards a target. Disney authorised. 1956 Two box variations.
TREFFPUNCT MARS - NURBURG - GERMANYMeeting Point Mars. A space board game with eight small plastic rockets. 1958
TWIRLY WHIRLY ROCKET RIDE - ALPS - JAPANTin battery op fairground ride with spinning capsules. 13.5. Rockets spin & light as they rise. Bell. On sale in November 1959.
TWO-STAGE ROCKET LAUNCHING PAD VERSION 1 - NOMURA - JAPANTin battery op rocket launching station. This is the rarer light blue version with a "flatter" finish than the slightly raised litho of the purple version. There are no rocket holder clamps and the litho on the launcher top and base is different. The plate at the bottom of the launcher also has a different shape.

The main difference is the crank handle attached at the front and the presence of an additional button on the launch tube. The crank is used to start the launch sequence mechanically. The later version is started by simply pushing the rocket down. The handle folds flat for storage in the box. It is assumed that this is an earlier version which was unnecessarily complex and dearer to make.

The box is believed to be the same.
TWO-STAGE ROCKET LAUNCHING PAD, VERSION 2 - NOMURA - JAPANTin battery op rocket launching station. This is the more common light purple version. In this version the rocket is pressed into the silo manually, instead of crank action loader. The launching function is automatically started (battery operated) after pushing down the "launcher" part. A countdown sequence begins, the controller pulls levers, then the rocket launches. This version has extra rockets mounted around the firing tube. Some examples still retain a direction arrow at the point where the crank handle of the earlier version would have been. The earliest sighting of this, the more common version, is in the 1960 Higbee Company catalog. Marked Jupiter on the side.

There is a less common green litho version, the Rocket Launching Station.
UFO DISTRUGGETE BASE LUNA - SALANI - ITALYUFO Destroy the Moon Base. Space board game. Based on the Gerry Anderson UFO TV program. Florence, Italy. 1970s
UNIDENTIFIED SPACE HELMET - MAKER? - USAFeatured in1954 press shots, this helmet has not been identified. One child is wearing a Tom Corbett Space Cadet suit.

UNIVERSE TRAVELLER - MASUDAYA - JAPANLithographed tinplate track toy. Two tin rockets move along Technofix style as the wind up mechanism raises and lowers the track. Large rotating antenna. A clockwork mechanism lifts the track and allows the cars to roll from end to end. A rectangular metal antenna rotates. The spaceship is a small red and yellow vehicle marked X-100.

There are two litho versions of this toy: one has a darker blue space scene and the other has a light blue background with a different space scene.

The same design of toy also appeared as the Dragon Ride circa 1952/3.

On sale with the spelling Space Traveler in October 1958.
US EXPLORER SPACE HELMET - BANNER PLASTICS - USAA reworking of the 1953 Banner space helmet. This version has a huge rotating satellite attached to the top instead of the plastic spaceship. It's possible that this was inspired by the launch of Sputnik in October 1957. Picture?

Featured in the 1958 Spiegel catalog.
VANGUARD COMANDANTE SPACE HELMET - ESCALANDRA - SPAINSoft silver plastic space helmet with oxygen tanks and a connecting tube. Winged star motif on the front.
VIAGGI NELLO SPAZIO - MAKER? - ITALYTravel In Space board game. The box art features interesting and authentic skeletal rockets.
VIAGGIO SPAZIALE - MAKER? - ITALYSpace Voyage. Space board game. Trading game includes banknotes.
VIAJE A AL LUNA - MAKER? - SPAINVoyage to the Moon space board game. TARIO rocket. Details?
VIAJE A AL LUNE - MAKER? - SPAINVoyage to the Moon space board game.
VIAJE A LA LUNA - MAKER? - SPAINTrip to the Moon. Space board game. Moon landing theme. Date?
VIAJE ESPACIAL - MAKER? - SPAINSpace Voyage board game. Details?
VOYAGE A LA LUNE - JOUSTRA - FRANCETin wind up space ride with three rockets orbiting the Moon on a blue lithographed base. Eccentric movement of the Moon allows the rockets to rise and fall as they orbit. Chains hold the rockets in position. French. Dated to 1958

Advertised as Voyage Terre Lune

VOYAGE INTERPLANETAIRE - SPIELE SCHMIDT - W GERMANY FOR FRANCESpace board game. Dice throw game with rewards and penalties. This is a French language version of the German Weltraumfahrt game. 1950s
WALKIE TALKIE - GRACE - HONG KONGRed and white plastic walkie talkie set with string. Blister carded. Based on the Remco design. Also sold in bag with header card. Item: No 7263A. 1960s
WEE BEEP SPUTNIK HELMET - CPM - USAPlastic helmet with two spring antennas. On sale in December 1957
WELTRAUM STATION NO 1 - ABEL-KLINGER - W GERMANYSpace Station board game. No. 1771. The playing pieces are wooden pegs shaped like astronauts. The board rotates to alter the obstacles.
WELTRAUMFAHRT - SPIELE SCHMIDT - W GERMANYSpace Travel. A space board game. Small plastic astronaut playing pieces. See also the French Voyage Interplanetaire version.
WELTRAUMFLUG - SPIKA - DDRSpace Flight board game. East Germany. Details?

The helmet has a speaker under the white cap on top with a wire and connector coming out. The cable connects to a switch box and the switch box connects to the speaker cable in a radio or TV so you could here the sound from your favorite TV or radio show in your Westinghouse Cosmic Scouts Helmet. You can see the speaker on the inside of the helmet.

This example came in a Beemak Space Patrol Helmet box. It is thought that the Beemak product was adapted for sale by Westinghouse when they were sponsoring the Rocky Jones Space Ranger TV show.
X-15 ROCKET TRANSPORTER - STRENCO - WEST GERMANYMilitary green tin friction? six wheel rocket launching truck with red plastic X-15 rocket. Launch ramp elevates and fires rocket. Germany 1950s
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