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SPACE HELMET - ORBIT PRODUCTS - USARed plastic space helmet with a red ridge structure. Wings on the side. Comes with a battery holder: when pressed the top and the side wings light. Date?

See also the identical New Space Helmet by General Products.
SPACE HELMET - US RUBBER CO - USARubber helmet with store display litho face as store display. 9ins tall. U.S. Rubber Co.
SPACE HELMET MASK PREMIUM - KRAFT CARAMELS - USAA plastic bag with an astronaut's head printed on the front. September 1953
SPACE HELMET WITH RADARD GOGGLES - BANNER - USAAn elaborate plastic helmet with a spaceship fitted to the top. Also included was a pair of dish shaped plastic space goggles. The earliest sighting is November 1953.
SPACE LEADER SET - MAKER? - AUSTRALIASet comprising a plastic space helmet with a spaceship mounted on the top, plastic clicker space gun and space goggles. Carded set dated to 1954.
SPACE MAN WATCH - JAPANNon-working wristwatches. Apollo moon landing scenes. Shop display card.
SPACE MARINER COMPASS - SEABORD PLASTICS - USAWristwatch compass. Spaceman's head and vertical rockets design.
SPACE MERRY-GO-ROUND WITH SPACE CAPSULES - ATC - JAPANLithographed tinplate lever action amusement ride carousel with three 3 tin Mercury capsules attached to the canopy by wires. Bell. Blue base, central girder tower and a yellow tin canopy. The space capsules are fitted with large celluloid propellers which turn when the toy runs.

Asahi Toy Company. Virtually identical to the Space Capsule Carousel version but without a flag.
SPACE MODEL QX-2 ELECTRONIC WALKIE TALKIES - REMCO - USABoxed set of metallic blue plastic walkie talkies. Compact with small antennas. Magnetic action. QX-2 Design.

The current earliest sighting is 1953.
SPACE NAVIGATOR PIN - JAPANCarded metal badge with winged Saturn and rocket design. SPACE stamped on each wing.
SPACE NAVIGATOR PIN AND COMPASSWristwatch compass (plain) and metal badge with winged Saturn and rocket design. Variations include a combined compass and non-working watch and a combined watch, compass and badge set.
SPACE NAVIGATOR PIN AND COMPASS - JAPANMetal badge with winged Saturn and rocket design. Separate plain compass. fob chain included. SPACE stamped on each wing.

Very similar design to the US Rocky Jones Space Navigator wings. pin.
SPACE OUTFIT - MAKER? - FRANCESilver vinyl space suit with silver helmet and space pistol. The paper slip is marked GORDON.
SPACE PATROL COMPASS - PETER PAN - ENGLANDWristwatch compass. with anchor design.
SPACE PATROL GOGGLES - HALE-NASS CORP - USACarded space goggles. Incorporates a rocket and Saturn metal badge marked Space Patrol but unlicensed. On sale June 1952. Tobacco premium. Set No 30
SPACE PATROL HELMET - BEEMAK PLASTICS - USAFull head dome shaped space helmet. White plastic. Visor. Comes with inflatable oxygen tanks. The tanks were available inblue and red plastic.

Announced in May 1952.
SPACE PATROL HELMET, CLEAR - BEEMAK PLASTICS - USAThe clear version was advertised in May 1952.
SPACE PATROL INTERCOM SET - MERIT - ENGLANDBoxed blue and silver plastic walkie talkie set. String. Based on the Remco design. Also in red/black and silver/black.
SPACE PATROL PHONE - HALE-NASS CORP - USAA carded set of thin metal walkie talkies. Lollipop shape. String type. The card carries a Rocky Jones graphic. This is presumably the original set which was later released as No 183 without the Rocky Jones graphic. No 180. 1953
SPACE PATROL PLAY SUIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDFabric play suit with a red and white panel in the chest. Screen printed space graphics. Includes a fabric helmet with a vinyl visor. The helmet is large extending cape-like over the shoulders.

Available in yellow, red and black versions. 1950s outfit.

SPACE PATROL SPACE-A-PHONES MAIL AWAY - SPACE PATROL TOYS FOR RALSTON - USA Plastic walkie talkie set. String type. Illustrated basic cardboard packaging. First Space Patrol design. Advertised with Cream of Wheat, November 1952 Ralston cereal premium.
SPACE PATROL SPACE-A-PHONES SET - SPACE PATROL TOYS - USABoxed plastic walkie talkie set. String type. Official Space Patrol design. Various colors. The mail away version of the toy was available in November 1952.
SPACE PATROL SPACE-O-PHONES PREMIUM - RALSTON - USABlue and yellow plastic walkie talkie set. String type. Plain cardboard packaging. Second Space Patrol design. Ralston Wheat Cereal offer, November 1952
SPACE PATROL TANK - YONEZAWA - JAPANSilver lithographed tin tank with a rotating gun. Battery operated with sound and a orbiting jet plane. The driver appears from the turret, then retreats. Little effort has been made to give this military tank any space credentials other than the name. T-5 US Army 235709

There is also a green M-18 version of the tank with different box art. This version was made for Yonezawa.
SPACE PATROL WALKIE TALKIE MERIT - ENGLANDA late release. Boxed blue and red plastic walkie talkie set. Apollo moon landing themed. String. Based on the Remco design. On sale in 1974.
SPACE PHONE - HALE-NASS CORP - USAA carded set of thin metal walkie talkies. Lollipop shape. String type. The card includes a rocket and Saturn metal Space Patrol badge. No 183. 1953 See also the Space Patrol set No 180.
SPACE PHONE - HONG KONGPlastic walkie talkie set with a whistle built into the handle. String type. Various packaging: boxad and bagged with header card. Lone Star design. Date? 1960s.
SPACE PHONE - MAKER? - JAPANA very basic circular plastic walkie talkie set. Dime store bagged with header card. String type.
SPACE PHONES - SELCOL - ENGLANDBoxed set of plastic walkie talkies. Blue and red versions known. String type. Distinctive bars on the mouthpieces and cylindrical protrusions that act as sirens. Antennas with two crosspieces.

On sale in 1954.

These are based on the American Space Patrol phones, though the whistle addition seems to be specific to this version.

SPACE PILOT - CADACO ELLIS - USAThe objective of the game is for players to land on five planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The game is played on the Inter-Planetary Flying Field with its self-contained Ship Dial, Mileage Chart, four Space-O-Meters with plastic indicators to record mileage traveled, and 20 wooded pegs. 1951
SPACE PILOT - CITATION PRODUCTS - USASpace board game. Spinning tops have to be guided into the center.
SPACE PILOT COMPASS PIN - CLEINMAN - USACarded wing shaped metal pin with built in compass. Marked Space Pilot 1952
SPACE PILOT HELMET - TARCO - USAThe Tarco Space Helmet, complete with a spinner. Made by Tarrason of Chicago circa 1952. Colors: various combinations of red, blue and yellow.

Advertised April 27, 1952.
SPACE POCKETWATCH - MAKER - JAPANPocketwatch with space scene. Rotating Earth second dial. Pat 382784
SPACE POCKETWATCH AND ROCKET FOB - INGERSOLL - ENGLANDPocetwatch with scene of a space station. Nodding spaceman head and rotating second dial. Chain and silver rocket fob.
SPACE RACE - BERWICK - ENGLANDSpace board game. Dice and counters race. 1950s.
SPACE RACE - MAKER? - NETHERLANDSSpace board game. Apollo Moon landing theme. Details?
SPACE RANGER OUTFIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDPartial suit comprises blue fabric jacket with a yellow chest panel. Space graphics. Comes with a blue space cap.

Possibly 1952
SPACE ROCKET RIDE - BLOMER AND SCHULER - WEST GERMANYTin windup carousel roundabout ride with four rockets. Litho detailing of a fairground. Each rocket has a different color and carries one or two passengers. Box carries no title. Wind up rise and fall action as the arms holding the rockets move over an undulating tin base. Elephant logo, West Germany 1950s
SPACE ROCKET SR-1007 - MAKER? - JAPANLithographed tin friction rocket with jet plane styling. Blue, red and yellow. Delta wing. Japan. Maker?
SPACE SATELLITE LAUNCHING BASE - MARX - USAThis is the third version of this space station toy. Lithographed tin launch station with crank powered spinners, large oval antenna and a separate plastic spring loaded missile launcher. It came with two spacemen. This is a variation of the Space Satellites with Launching Station

On sale November 1958.
SPACE SATELLITE PATROL PINS - MICRO-LITE - USAPlastic flashing pin badges. Pull cord tio see spaceman when pin flashes. 1950s.
SPACE SATELLITE STATION - MARX - ENGLANDMarx Great Britain - English box version of the SPACE SATELLITES WITH LAUNCHING SITE AND ROCKET. Tin space station with launching flying saucers and spring loaded rocket.
SPACE SATELLITES WITH LAUNCHING SITE AND ROCKET - MARX - USAThis is the second version of this space station toy. Lithographed tin launch station with crank powered spinners, large oval antenna and the spring loaded rocket. This is a variation of the Space Satellites with Launching Station

On sale November 1958.
SPACE SATELLITES WITH LAUNCHING STATION - MARX - USAThis is the first version of this space station toy. Tin lithographed space launch base with crank powered spinners. See the "Space Satellites with Launching Sites and Rocket" variation.

On sale in December 1956.

SPACE SCOUT HELMET - RENWAL - USAThe original soft plastic space helmet with a skeletal design. Much copied.

Marked SPACE SCOUT on visor and ear pieces. The Renwal helmet has a gap in the headband in the back

Appears in the News and Courier 1st November 1953. Advertised variously as the Planet Patrol Cap or Planet Scout Space Helmet. Packaging?
SPACE SHIP X-100 - EO - JAPANTin friction space helicopter with tin rotor, three rear fins and a clear plastic forward canopy. Marked Space Ship X-100. A variation of the ATC space helicopter. The box carries an EO in a diamond logo. Other boxes carry an LEOA, or no logo. Date?
SPACE SHUTTLE HELICOPTER, JAPANESE BOX - ATC? - JAPANJapanese market version of the friction powered tin lithographed spaceship with spaceman under a plastic screen. Tin rotor spins.
Asahi Japan. As usual the box art depicts a slightly different model than that in the box - the serial number and litho detail is different. XY-07 XZ-7
SPACE SOLAR WATCH - IDEAL - USACombination plastic compass and sundial. The compass enables the sundial to be correctly aligned to tell the time.
SPACE SUIT - A L LINDSAY - AUSTRALIARed and green cloth space suit with spaceship graphics. Belt. Date?
SPACE SUIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDSilver nylon playsuit comprising jacket/breastplate with luminous detailing, helmet and leggings. Believed to be mainly a mail away offer widely advertised through newspapers, comics etc.
SPACE SUIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDFabric playsuit comprising jacket and trousers with red breastplate, holster, studs and helmet. Believed to be mainly a mail away offer widely advertised through newspapers, comics etc. Advert dated October 1955. A Delux Captain's Suit was also offered.
SPACE SUITS - MAKER? - USATwo unidentified space suits dated to 1955. Details?
SPACE TARGETTinplate target with space scene.
SPACE TARGET GAME - MAKER? - USATin lithographed space scen target. Details? Box? No maker's name. Came with dart gun and rubber tipped darts.

On sale in December 1952.
SPACE TELE TALKIES - US PLASTIC/BELL TOYS - USA/ENGLANDA carded set of walkie talkies. String type with a retractable antenna feature. Mouthpiece for siren noise.

Also sold in an identical version by Bell, England. Bell also produced an earlier boxed set of these walkie talkies. It is unclear whether the bell or US Plastic version came first

These are the same walkie talkies as used in the larger US Plastic Cosmic Space Set.
SPACE TELEPHONE - MAKER? - HONG KONGRed and blueplastic walkie talkie set. bagged with header card. Remco design.
SPACE TRIP - MASUDAYA - JAPANA metallic blue lithographed tin battery operated track toy. Rotating space station lifts tin rockets and sends them around the track. When turned on and the two sided cars are placed on the top portion of the track, they race to the left where they drop and flip over transferring to the bottom inside section of the track. They then jump over a ramp and disappear into a rotating space station that rotates moving the cars to the top section to repeat the action. During operation a space sound is heard. On sale in October 1959.
SPACE TRIP STATION - YONEZAWA - JAPANA large lithographed tinplate control center combining battery operated and wind up drives. Electro Toy space launch station. Shoots spinners. Approx. 13.5" long. Brightly lithographed console. Lighted space scenes moving across central screen while the top dome with astronaut spins around. Plastic spinners can be launched from the wind up mechanisms at either side.
SPACE WALKIE TALKIE 317 - JYESA - SPAINLight blue and mettalic grey plastic walkie talkie set with detachable disk antennas. Boxed set. String type. JYE No 317 Date? The box carries no name.

The design is the same as the German Geobra Telephon.
SPACE WALKIE TALKIES - BELL TOYS - ENGLANDA boxed set of plastic string type walkie talkies. Mouthpiece for siren noise. Bell also sold these on a card identical to the US Plastic set.
SPACE-O-SCOPE - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAAngular plastic space goggles with louvre windows. Mounted on a card shaped like a spaceman's head. Advertised in 1953.

These are the same goggles as those produced by Geyper in 1955.
SPACE-SATELLITE - Phillip Neidemeyer PN - WEST GERMANYTin wind up toy. Tin litho toy has overall size of 4x13x5.5" tall. 1960s by Niedermeier, Western Germany. Center unit of the toy which has lever is domed globe showing continents along with large images of a jet plane and ocean liner. Attached to this by rods are a 3.5" long spaceship and 2" diameter satellite both featuring images of the Sputnik 2 dog Laika at windows. Toy works and spins to give appearance of the spacecraft rotating the Earth.
SPACE:1999 UTILITY BELT - REMCO - USASpace:1999 Stun gun set with watch and compass. 1976
SPACENIK HELMET - MAKER? - USADescribed as a new item in November 1957.
SPACO ...THE GAME OF FLYING SAUCERS - SPACO.CO GAMES - USAA flying saucer themed space board game. Details? 1955
SPAN-IT No 102 SPACE MAZE GAME - SUDBURY - USASpace board game. The "spanner" is a small red plastic device which fits into the holes in the board and determines the player's progress. One of a range of Span-It games. Dated to 1948.
SPAZIO:1999 - CLEMENTONI - ITALYAn Italian release of the Anderson Space:1999 board game. The set includes four plastic Eagle transporters.
SPOT-A-SATELLITE - MAKER? - USASatellite themed space board game. A complex-looking game. Created by a convict while serving his sentence. 1957.
SPUTNIK 3 AND GLOBE - MAKER - UKRAINEA tin globe mounted on an oval blue lithographed tin base with space star graphics. A red and white rocket stands to one side with a small plastic Sputnik 3 model attached to a wire. The Sputnik is positioned over the Earth. Battery operated, the globe rotates and the Sputnik moves. Action? Maker? This is probably a prototype space toy.
SPUTNIK II LAIKA MONEY BANK - MAKER? - JAPANA small brightly lithographed tin money bank. The globe shaped bank irepresents the Sputnik 2 that carried the dog Laika into space. Laika is visible in the window graphic. The bank has a metal rim around its center. 9cm

Probably c1958, possibly by Haji. Box?

Marked Made in Japan, Pat 9650
SPUTNIK LAIKA NELLO SPAZIO (SPUTNIK LAIKA IN SPACE) - MAKER? - ITALYSpinning plastic Sputnik toy with the dog Laika inside. The dog has an attached parachute. Comes with a wooden spindle. Details of the action? Date?
SPUTNIK RATTLE - EMILE CAMELIN - FRANCEChild's tin rattle with Sputnik orbiting attachment. Wooden handle. Stars litho on the rattle. Marked EC. c1955.
SPUTNIK SPACE GAME - MAKER? - RUSSIAA 1961 USSR era space game based on a Sputnik theme. Details unclear. Marked Moscow 1961
SPUTNIK THE MAGNETIC SATELLITE - MAKER? - JAPANTin battery op spinning toy. Central globe holds batteries. Magnetic satellites spin around the outer track, lit by power from the center.
STAR TREK ASTRO WALKI TALKIES - REMCO - USABoxed yellow and blue plastic walkie talkie set. String type. Remco design. Blister carded. 1968.
STAR TREK ASTRO-HELMET - REMCO - USAYellow plastic helmet with chin strap and distinctive large bulbous eye domes. Decal detailing.
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