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ROCKET CONTROL CENTER -SANKEI (FOR AHI) - JAPANBlue and yellow battery-operated Rocket Control Centre game. The box shaped toy comprises an endless rotating grey plastic conveyor belt with fixed rockets and Moon Launchers with magnetic moveable rocket. The magnet in the base of the plastic rocket trips a switch underneath the belt, allowing the belt to move. A wheel is turned which moves the magnetic switch from side to side, taking the rocket with it and so guiding the rocket through the moving obstacles. Should the rocket hit one of the approaching obstacles it drops contact with the magnetic switch and the belt stops. Space scenes on base and illuminated green control panel. 33cm

Some boxes carry the AHI logo as well as the Sankei logo.
ROCKET EXPRESS GE-286 - TECHNOFIX - WEST GERMANYBrightly lithoed tin wind up space toy. Small rocket cars orbit a track arond the Earth against a space port scene. Based on the Terre Lune pressing. West Germany. Raketen Express

Dated to 1957 in the Technofix archive.
ROCKET LAUNCHERS - AMERICAN TOYS - USAA target game. Rubber tipped wooden darts are thrown at the tin rocket launching pad. If the target is hit the rockets are launched. Large three-rocket and small one-rocket versions.

The smaller version has feathered darts.
ROCKET LAUNCHING BASE - MASUDAYA - JAPANA red lithographed tinplate rocket launch station. The console has a detachable pylon with a red light, a rotating dish antenna and a plastic rocket. The station has graphics of various dials. In the center is a ring of white lights that provide a countdown before the rocket is launced. Morse buzzer, spinning antenna and lighting pylon. 8"x5" Date?

One of the four Masudaya space toys using this distinctive pressing.
ROCKET LAUNCHING PAD - NOMURA - JAPANTin battery op rocket launching station. This is a green version of the Nomura Two-Stage Rocket Launching Pad. In addition to the litho change there is a completely different box art and name. No date yet but details suggest it is later than the Two-Stage
ROCKET LAUNCHING PAD, COUNT DOWN VERSION - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin battery op rocket launch pad. Countdown clock with lighted screen and "radio signal". Push the firing switch and the countdown meter starts backwards from ten as a radio signal sounds. TV screen shows rocket takeoff.

Two versions of this rocket launch are known, this one with Count Down wording and one with Firing Command wording. The Firing Command version has been sighted in various 1959 catalogs including Aldens. It is possible that the name later changed to reflect the popular TV countdown sequences.
ROCKET LAUNCHING PAD, FIRING COMMAND VERSION - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin battery op rocket launch pad. Countdown clock with lighted screen and "radio signal". Push the firing switch and the countdown meter starts backwards from ten as a radio signal sounds. TV screen shows rocket takeoff.

Two versions of this rocket launch are known, this one with the Firing Command wording has been first sighted in various 1959 catalogs including Aldens.
ROCKET LAUNCHING TRUCK - LIMEMAR - JAPANBlue tin friction truck with star on door and two fixed missiles X-2. Japan 1950s
ROCKET PATROL MAGNETIC TARGET GAME - AMERICAN TOYS - USALithographed tin space scene target and magnetic darts. Dated to November 1954.
ROCKET PATROL, PLANET PATROL - MILTON BRADLEY - USA"An Inter Space Game". Two versions of the space battleship game. 1950s
ROCKET PILOT WATCH - JAPANNon-working wristwatch.
ROCKET PLANE ST-1 MF-101 - MAKER? - CHINATin friction rocket plane. Silver body with four red engines. Delta wings. MF 101 Box? MF101
ROCKET RACE - EDUCATIONAL FUN - USASpace board game. Includes compass and space chart. Date?
ROCKET RACE TO SATURN - LIDO - USASpace board game. 1950s.
ROCKET SATELLITE ACTION GAMEDexterity game, guide the rocket.
ROCKET SATELLITE ACTION GAME - TARCO - USASpace game. A remote control dexterity game. A lever is used to guide spaceships around a course. Magnetic.

On sale August 1963.
ROCKET SHIP CONTROL BOARD - BAXTER - USAA plastic rocket control board mock-up with a variety of knobs, Morse code key, levers etc. At the center is a Zodiac panel. A Disneyland authorised toy.

On sale November 1955.
ROCKET STATION No 136 RAKETEN STATION - HWN - WEST GERMANYTin spring loaded rocket launching building with plastic rocket. Wind up timing release mechanism. West Germany.
ROCKET TANK PATROL - MAC REY - USABasic plastic tank with rubber dome plunger on top. Shoots plastic missiles. Also released by Tudor Rose.
ROCKETS - GLEVUM GAMES - ENGLANDA target game with a space themed box. Balls are flipped onto a target board using spring-loaded wooden tubes. The basis of the later Dan Dare Roll-A-Ball game.

Glevum Games was taken over by Chad Valley in 1954 and closed in 1956.
ROCKETS AWAY - AMSCO - USA`Sensational Space Travel Game` A shooting (bomb aiming) game. The set consists of Space Station with Rocket Launcher, four dart like plastic rockets with sharp tips and a target board. The darts are loaded into the aiming device, an assembled card box, and dropped onto the target.

On sale March 1953.
ROCKY JONES SPACE RANGER WINGS - ROCKY JONES ENTERPRISES - USAWinged pin with Saturn and rocket. Very similar design to the Japanese Space Navigator pin. Badge. 1950s
ROCKY JONES SPACE RANGER WINGS - SPACE RANGER ENT - USACarded metal badge with winged Saturn and rocket design. Space Ranger is molded into the wings of the badge.

The badge has the same design as a generic Japanese badge of the time.
ROCKY JONES SPACE RANGER WRIST WATCH - BRADLEY - USAElongated dial wrist watch with Rocky Jones graphic. Leather strap.

On sale November 1955
ROMFERD - MAKER? - W GERMANYSpaceflight. Space board game. 1960s Details?
ROSEY THE ROBOT GAME - TRANSOGRAM - USASpace board game, a Jetsons spin off.
RUND UM DIE WELD AROUND THE WORLD - GES GESCH SCHOPPER - WEST GERMANYTinplate wind up fairground ride. Three plastic rockets or space cars circle around a tin globe. Bright lithography. Made by Ges Gesch Schopper probably in the 1950s.
RYMD-RAKETEN - MAKER? - SWEDEN Space Rocket. Space board game with "When World's Collide" style rocket ship. Date?
S.A.C. HAT - KUSAN - USASignal Audio Communications. Blue plastic space helmet with an enormous built in megaphone. SAC

Advertised in October 1961.
SATELITO - MAKER? - ARGENTINALarge green-headed alien figure with silver body and red gloves. Conquisdador del Espacio. Details?
SATELLITE - MAKER? - JAPANTin battery op toy. Batteries housed in central globe. The magnetic satellite spins around the track, lit by power from the central globe.
SATELLITE FINDER COMPASS - NEMO - USAWristwatch compass. Elaborate radio station design with lightning strikes.
SATELLITE IN ORBIT - HORIKAWA FOR CRAGSTAN - JAPANTin battery op space toy. The world turns and a styrofoam ball floats on the stream of air created by the blower. Made in Japan for Cragstan by Horikawa. Serial no 40225

First sighting in the May Co. Toytime 1959 catalog.
SATELLITE ORBITING EARTH - GNK - WEST GERMANYA tin and plastic toy depicting a rocket orbiting the Earth. The base of the toy is a white plastic cone containing a clockwork motor. A globe of the Earth is attached and rotates on a spindle. A rocket on a wire in turn orbits the Earth. The rocket has an image of a dog, a clear reference to Leica, set inside. The box has space graphics but has no wording other than the initials GNK. Wind up. Height 11cm
SATELLITE PATROL - BRYAN - USAA space board game. Rocket ship and satellite revolve around globe. Bryan, Ohio.

On sale December 1958.
SATELLITE PATROL DART GAME - MAKER? - USASpace themed target with three darts. Sold bagged.

On sale in 1959.
SATELLITE SHOOT - GAYTOY - ENGLANDSpace board game. Battleships style. 1950s graphics.
SATELLITE TARGET GAME - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin battery op shooting game. A variation of the Floating Satellite Target game with a rectangular space scene. A battery powered fan behind the scene supports a floating ping pong ball. Two pistols with darts. The downed version of this game has been dated to when it appeared in the Niresk 1960 Book of Gifts
SHOOT THE MOON - SPACE & ROCKET CENTER - USASpace board game. The rockets and missiles are wooden pieces. 1968
SIR RETRO ROCKETSBY - LINCOLN TOYS - NEW ZEALANDThis ad is from a 1968 New Zealand toy catalogue. Lincoln Toys was a NZ company that first manufactured in New Zealand and then moved it's manufacturing to Hong Kong.

The helmet is a variation of the Renwal Space Scout Helmet, possibly pink and other strange colours.

SKY RIDERS - PARKER - USASpace board game. Details?
SKY ROCKET - BILLER - WEST GERMANYTin wind up and battery operated space toy. Two AA batteries power a red light in the tail. Two levers control the movement of a rocket approaching a docking station. W Germany No 120 Ferngesteurte. Hans Biller, Nurenberg.
SLING-A-RING SUPERCAR GAME - BELL TOYS - ENGLANDCard ring toss game. Gerry Anderson
SOLAR HELMET - MISHAWAKA RUBBER - USASolar Helmet, by Mishawaka Rubber & Woolen Manufacturing Co., Mishawaka, Indiana. Solar also produced matching boots.

The soft helmet is lined with a foamy coating that Mishawaka advertised as Thermo-Lite; it came with a fabric chin strap that affixed to each side with a metal snap, and it incorporated a vinyl and Thermo-Lite lined chin guard. The Solar Helmet was made in three Junior sizes that I know of, Small, Medium and Large. The size is indicated with a single character imprint in the rear (located at the center point of the lower edge and indicating its size with either S, M or L). While it's clearly a copy of an early 1950's Buck helmet from the newspaper strip it was never released with any mention of the character.

Mishawaka made a pair of Junior "Solar Boots", as well, which they marketed as "Insulated Weatherproofs". Those boots also appear to have been released in various Junior sizes. The boxes for the two items are almost identical.

Various colors: "metallic" (silver), red, grey and black. On sale in November 1954.
SOLAR SPACE PHONES - HEAR EVER - USAAn innovative pair of walkie talkies. Blue plastic gun shaped devices. Transmission is just one way with a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter must have a strong light supply and sends signals to the receiving device. The receiver has a solar cell that captures and amplifies the signal. Date?
SPACE COMMANDER OUTFIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDBlue fabric and vinyl space suit comprises jacket, trousers and space helmet. Marked Space Commander on the chest plate and with spaceman graphics on the jacket. The helmet has a clear plastic visor.

SPACE A RACE TO THE MOON - MAKER? - USAAn innovative space board game in which the pieces complete electrical circuits to determine progress.
SPACE ACE SPACE PHONE - LONE STAR FOR QUAKER - ENGLANDRed and yellow walkie talkie set. String type. Whistle in the handle. Offered as a mail away cereal premium by Quaker Sugar Puffs in 1959. Lone Star design.
SPACE ACE SPACE PHONES - LONE STAR - ENGLANDA boxed metallic red/burgundy walkie talkie set. String type "Alimag Vibrator". Whistle in the handle. Also in red/yellow. Lone Star design.

Advertised in the Meccano Magazine December 1953.

walki talki
SPACE AGE GLOBE WITH SATELLITES - MAKER? - JAPANBrightly lithographed tin globe with orbiting satellite and two rockets. Wind up. Possibly Masudaya MT.
SPACE ALIEN VOICE CHANGER HELMET - KINGSFORD - USAInsect-like green and yellow plastic helmet with bulbous clear red plastic goggles. Voice changing action.
SPACE BAGATELLES - CHAD VALLEY? - ENGLANDWooden bagatelle pinball. Three versions of the wooden bagatelle game.
1 Unnamed, no maker's name, striking space graphics look older in style.
2 Man in Space, marked Chad Valley, more modern graphics. 1960s
3 Dan Dare Bagatelle. Chad Valley. 1950s
SPACE BUS - BANDAI - JAPANA large lithographed tinplate battery operated space helicopter. the boxy design in bluw, red and yellow has a formawd canopy and tailfins on the side rear. Two folding plastic rotors fit on a tin dome and are synchronised to rotate such that they overlap. Battery operated remote control gives forward and reverse movement with flashing lights.

Featured in a newspaper ad in October 1964.

SPACE CADET FUTURAMIC GOGGLES - IDEAL - USARectangular plastic space goggles with slits in the lenses and a distinctive circular decoration on the bridge. Circa 1952.
SPACE CADET GOGGLES - KELLOG'S - USAOne piece visor style goggles. Available as a mail away premium with Kellog's PEP and other cereals. On sale 1952.
SPACE CAPSULE CARROUSEL - ATC - JAPANLithographed tinplate lever action amusement ride carousel with three 3 tin Mercury capsules attached to the canopy by wires. Blue base, central girder tower and a tin canopy. Asahi Toy company.
SPACE CHASE - RAND MCNALLY - USASpace board game. "A challenging new game which requires you to qualify rockets for blastoff, travel through space for 1500 days and splashdown safely on earth." 1967

Later box version also shown. Contains plastic rockets and spacemen.
SPACE COMMANDER WALKIE TALKIES - REMCO - USARed and black plastic walkie talkie set. Display box. String type. Also in red and blue. A much copied design. On sale 1953.

SPACE COMPASS PREMIUM - NECCO - USAAdvertisement for a mail away wristwatch compass - spaceman's head and vertical rockets design. Available from Necco Sky Bar. This is the same as Tom Corbett space wristwatch compass but with alternative decoration on the strap. The compass is the same as the Seabord Plastics version.
SPACE CONTROL CONSOLE - SELIC - FRANCEBattery operated space console with tower and rotating antenna. Earth inside the control panel. Very similar to the Masudaya Satellite Tracking Station. Details? Box? Date?
SPACE EXPLORER COMPASS WRIST WATCHCombination wristwatch with compass in the center. Decorated leather strap.
SPACE EXPLORER WRIST WATCHWristwatch with space scene. Various styles were sold in the same display box.
SPACE EXPRESS - MASUDAYA - JAPANTinplate battery operated cable cars travelling toward a space
station and back. 9 in. (23 cm). 1958.

Picture of the toy?
SPACE FIGHTERS MASK - PRACTI-COLLE PRODUCTS - USAPlastic space goggles with "secret" or magic one-way vision. Marked Space Visor. Carded. Date?
SPACE FLEET SET - HANDI-CRAFT - USASpaceship casting set. Comprises six hard plastic molds to make casts of spaceships and planes. Comes with tin of "Handi-Craft Casting Powder," brush, airplane parts and paint discs.

On sale December 1953.
SPACE FLIGHT - THOMAS SALTER LTD - SCOTLANDSpace board game. Spin a Win feature replaces the dice. Comprises: 2 plastic spinners; 1 integral card spinning surface; 1 instructions leaflet. A very basic game. 1970s?

SPACE GAME - DOYUSHA - JAPANA simple space board game, Ludo style.
SPACE GAME - PARKER - USAA space board game with comical alien bandits. Date?
SPACE GLIDER, PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21 - HONG KONGCentury 21 ā€“ plastic battery operated space jet. It has mystery bump ā€˜nā€™ go action, a clear cockpit, flashing tail- lights and a frontal antenna. The rear light housing doubles as the on- off switch. Colour variations exist ā€“ grey and orange. The jet noise is way out. On the base of the vehicle appears the diamond with M and R initials inside it.
The box is triangular. There are two versions, the art version and a later picture box. It comes in 2 parts - thin card lid and thicker card base. The 'Star Features' are ' Battery operated, Bump'n go action, jet sound effects, tail light, nose antenna'. The standard 'Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Toys Limited' appears on the lid. The Captain badge and Manual are shown as being inside. Unusually, the full badge list appears including the astronaut. The cover and side artwork shows a wonderfully painted white, red and blue craft gliding through space. The operating instructions appear on the two long sides depicting the battery and switch positions.
SPACE GLIDER, PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21 - HONG KONGPhoto picture box of the Space Glider. See art box version.
SPACE GLOBE BANK - MAKER? - JAPANA lithographed tinplate money bank consisting of a globe of the world rotating about a column set into an oval tinplate base. The base has litho detailing of a cratered lunar surface with rockets ready to launch. The globe has a distinctive ridge around the equator. Maker? Date? Name?
SPACE GOGGLES - MAKER? - USASpace goggles. On sale March 1953. Details? Possibly Hale Nass.
SPACE HELMET - ARANT - USADistinctive egg-shaped clear plastic helmet designed to cover the entire head. A chest harness is provided to hold the helmet in place. The helmet has a distinctive ridge where the two halves join.

Appeared at the New York Toy Fair in March 1958

Arant started making transparent space helmets in 1953-4.
SPACE HELMET - JEFE, JOAQUIN SALUDES - SPAINSilver metal full face space helmet with square face panel, red headlight, green light on top and futuristic disc ears. Valencia. Spain. Date?
SPACE HELMET - JOAQUIN SALUDES? - SPAINWhite plastic full helmet with large red plastic light mounted on the front. Chrome ear attachments. There should be a white plastic antenna on the top. Battery holder at the back. 28 cm x 24 cm

The distinctive red headlight is the same as on a helmet attributed to Joaquin Saludes of Valencia.
SPACE HELMET - MAKER? - HONG KONGThe helmet is a variation of the Renwal Space Scout Helmet. Packaging? Details?

The Renwal original is marked SPACE SCOUT on visor and ear pieces. The Renwal helmet has a gap in the headband in the back, the Hong Kong version doesn't. The ear pieces are attached to the helmet differently: the Renwal ear pieces attaching tabs are not visible from the outside but the Hong Kong tabs are visible.
SPACE HELMET - MERIT - ENGLANDThe helmet is a variation of the Renwal Space Scout Helmet. Merit was the trading name of J R RANDALL.
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