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LANZA COHETES SPUTNIK - RODADOS BRILLO - ARGENTINATin missile launch toy. A stubby plastic rocket fits inside a launching tube mounted on a rotating platform. Two sentry posts. Marked Rodados Brillo. The term Sputnik is included for topicality: there is no obvious connection.
LE MOBIL-PHONE - SAM CREATIONS - FRANCEIdentified in this 1954 advertisement. Plastic walkie-talkie set. No batteries, no power, no interference. String type. 1954.

Photo anyone? Details?
LE VOYAGE VERS LA LUNE - MAKER? - FRANCESpace board game based on the Georges Méliès film. Details? Date?
LES COSMONAUTES - GASTON GIRARD - FRANCELa Conquete De L'Espace. Space themed board game. The Conquest of Space. Details?
LOST IN SPACE ACTION FUN GAME - REMCO - USASpace board game. November 1966
LOST IN SPACE HELMET - IDEAL - USABlue plastic helmet with decal detailing. Introduced in late 1966.
LUCKY GO ROUND KALEIDOSCOPE - MAKER - JAPANEarly tinplate kaleidoscope on a brightly decorated base. 1950s. Maker's logo is a Y in a winged shield. Te box label suggests the toy is a telescope.
LUNA - SPIKA - DDRMoon. Space board game. Details? East Germany
LUNA EXPEDITION GE-331 - TECHNOFIX - WEST GERMANYApollo themed Moon landing scene. A plastic four-legged lander vehicle sits astride a Moon landscape with a figure of eight track. A wind up tin and plastic Lunar vehicle travels around the track.

Dated to 1970 in the Technofix archive.
LUNAR LANDING GAME - LAY'S - USASpace board game. Uses a spinner to decide progress. 1969
MAGIC GOGGLES PREMIUM - SUGAR JETSCut-out premium. "Magic" one way goggles. Sugar jets cereal. 1955
MAGIC MIRROR MASK - MAKER ? - USASimple printed mask with a one-way viewing feature. Car advertising give-away.

On sale October 1951.
MAGIC SPACE GOGGLES - ESQUIRE - USARed plastic goggles with tinted lenses. Hinged. Also in silver. Carded. Maker? Date? 1950s

This design of goggles was sold in Esquire sets, though the dime store card carries no maker's name.
MAN FROM MARS HELMET - PRACTI-COLE - USARed space helmet with a green visor "Cosmic Vision Eyeshield". On sale in November 1955.
MAN FROM MARS SPACE HELMET - DEWEY - CANADAFrom a 1953 issue of Playthings magazine. Man From Mars Space Helmet (with secret eyes) made of durable rubber by the Dewey and Almy Chemical Company, Cambridge, Mass. / Montreal, Canada.
MAN-MADE SATELLITE - SWALLOW TOYS/HOKU - JAPANTin battery operated orbiting satellite toy. Circa 1958. Earth turns as the satellite spins above, Mars spins and the rocket light blinks. With signal button and Morse code 8.5" Beautifully lithographed base with a lunar landscape on one side and space rockets on two other sides. Is this Hoku?

On sale in December 1958
MAN-MADE SATELLITE WITH BANK - SWALLOW LOGO HOKU? - JAPANTin lithographed bank: satellite attached to Earth globe hemisphere. Wheels on the base. When the toy is pushed along the satellite rotates. Swallow logo, Hoku? Japan 1950s Friction. See the battery operated version of this toy.
MARS MAN SPACE OUTFIT - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAPartial suit shown: comprises red vinyl helmet with ear pieces, white vinyl vest and gauntlets. The helmet was on sale in 1953 and the full outfit in 1953-4

Appears in a 1952 newspaper article.
MASTER GOGGLES - GEYPER - SPAINAngular plastic space goggles with louvre windows. Mounted on a card shaped like a spaceman's head. Advertised in 1955.
MECHANICAL ATOMIC SPACE SHOOTING RANGE - CODEG - ENGLANDAn English version of the US Automatic Toy Company's Space Shooting Range. The litho varies and the shape of the gun platform is different from the US version, being long and thin rather than triangular. Tinplate spaceships revolve around a system of pulleys across the tinprinted display, a separate tinprinted base clips to the display and is complete with a spring loaded gun, made to fire ball bearings at the passing spaceships. Tinplate shooting range. Wind up. The American version dates to 1952,

MECHANICAL ROCKET EXPRESS - LINEMAR - JAPANTin wind up orbiting train and satellite. Two rocket trains marked SP sit on either side of a central disk rotating on a blue base with space lithography. When wound the trains move round, passing under a tunnel and through a station. A Sputnik satellite orbits above. Honeymoon Express style. 1950s?
MECHANICAL ROCKET RIDE #400 - CHEIN - USAA tall 18" brightly lithographed tin wind up carousel with rockets. The tall, slender toy has a red tin base, solid hexagonal tower, blue canopy. Four vintage fairground style style rockets each hang from a pair of wires. The rockets, two red and two blue, each carry two passengers. Each rocket has a celluloid propeller which turns when the toy runs. Wind up action. Sold in a brown box with minimal graphics. USA

First sighted in Read's Christmas Catalog for 1952.

This toy has been reproduced.
MECHANICAL SPACE MOBILE - MARX - JAPANTin lithographed battery operated space train rolls backward and forward over a tinplate lunar style track. Space-Mobile. Track dismantles for storage in box.
MEKON MASK - MAKER? - ENGLANDA green papier maché face mask of the Mekon character. Packaging? Maker? Date? 1950s
MEN INTO SPACE - MILTON BRADLEY - USASpace board game. A spinner is used to determine takeoff and flight speed of 4 ships along two crossing orbital paths from the earth to the moon.

Dated to December 1960
MEN INTO SPACE HELMET - IDEAL - USAWhite plastic space helmet with full face hinged visor.
METEOR HWN-XC7 - HWN - WEST GERMANYLithographed tin jet plane. Red, blue and white. Friction drive with spark. The box carries no name but the graphics establish the space credentials. W Germany
MIKE MERCURY SUPERCAR PILOT SUIT - DEKKER - ENGLANDComprises yellow jacket, brown trousers and tan cap with metal badge. D Dekker Ltd 1961.

Gerry Anderson
MIKE MERCURY'S SUPERCAR FILM VIEWER - GW - HONG KONGPlastic hand held 8mm cine film viewer with Supercar film loops. Marked GW Hong Kong. This is a repackaged Filmscope viewer. Seen in red, blue and black. 1961

Gerry Anderson
MIRRO SATELLITE EXPLORER'S HELMET - MIRRO - USAMirro Aluminium Company. A full-head cylindrical metal helmet with visor.

Advertised in Milwaukee Journal 8th March 1957.
MISSILE COMPASS - MAKER? - HONG KONGMetal compass with watch fob chain. Space themed backing card. 1960s
MISSILE HELMET - PAYTON PRODUCTS - USAA copy of the Renwal Space Scout Helmet. The device on the top is appreciably taller than the one on the Renwal version.
MISSILE LAUNCHER - HORIKAWA FOR CRAGSTAN - JAPANTin battery operated ICBM launcher with mirror sight. Fan-powered target unit with printed card target supporting styrene target ball. Japan 1960s. See the other Horikawa lower-tech versions of this theme
MIT DEN SPUTNIKS UM DEN ERDE - SPIKA - DDRWith Sputnik Around the Earth. Space board game with a Sputnik theme. Comes with two plastic rockets and a Sputnik. East Germany. 1958
MIT DER APOLLO ZUM MOND - MAKER? - W GERMANYWith Apollo to the Moon. Apollo Moon landing themed space game. A "hat" game in which cone shaped pieces are flicked on to a playing surface covered in holes. 1970
MIT SPUTNIK IN DEN WELTRAUM - MAKER? - W GERMANYSpace board game with plastic spaceman figure. Into Space with Sputnik. A reworking of IM JAHRE 2000. Probably renamed Sputnik to take advantage of the interest in the Soviet space launch in 1957.
MONDBAHN TERRA LUNA WITH ANTENNA GE-262 METEOR EXPRESS - TECHNOFIX - WEST GERMANYTin windup track toy. Early version of the toy that has two satellites spinning in circles as two 1.75" long tin cars are shot around the track. Beautifully litho'd toy has illustrations of space ships on both sides. 19" long. The box has no name for the toy. Mondbahn

Dated 1951 in the Technofix archive.

Image Smith House Auctions
MONDBAHN TERRA LUNA, NO ANTENNA GE-262 METEOR EXPRESS - TECHNOFIX - WEST GERMANYHighly lithographed tinplate track toy. Two versions, one with additional spinning rocket antenna. 19" long. The box has no name for the toy.

Dated to 1951 in the Technofix archive. Mondbahn. This version, without antenna, features in Eaton's 1953 catalog as "Rocket to the Moon".
MONDFAHRT MOON-FLIGHT FAIRGROUND RIDE - ZJG SCH - WEST GERMANYRed, blue and yellow lithographed plastic and tinplate wind up fairground ride. Circular base with station and space scene. Five space cars orbit with a rising and falling action. Maker: Z J G SCH (Western Germany)
MOON PATROL HELICOPTER, MOON SCOUT - MARX - USATin wind up space helicopter. Two rotors. Litho details. An example of a toy given a space theme despite the absurdity of the science.

Image courtesy Smith House auctions.
MOON RACE - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDSpace board game. Moon exploration theme. Computers referenced. Date?
MOON SHOT - CADACO - USASpace board game. No. #269. Rotating the disk alters the obstacles in the player's path. 1967
MOON'S STATION - ANANIADES - GREECETin wind up Honeymoon Express style train travelling around Earth. The two carriage train is fixed to a central disk. As the disk turns it takes the train around, through two tunnels. Saturn. rocket and jet lithography. A rocket and Sputnik style satellite on a wire orbit the central Earth hemisphere. Greek. Possibly by FINO?.
Morse Code Space SetMorse code set with working lights and buzzers.
MUSICAL MECHANICAL SPACE RIDE #265 (FOUR ROCKET) - CHEIN - USAA 9" tall light blue lithographed tin lever action space carousel ride with three rockets. This carousel has a round base, a round central cylindrical column and a domed canopy, all with copious early style rocket and space decoration. Four vintage fairground style rockets with different litho detailing, each hang from a stout metal rod. Litho rider detail. The toy uses a simple spring activated lever. It actually rotates very fast with centrifugal force pulling the ships nearly horizontal. As the canopy rotates it generates an ascending scale of three different plinking sounds; each is slightly higher in tone than the previous. It then repeats. This is the "musical" part of the toy. The toy was on sale in December 1954.

There is also a version with three rockets.
MUSICAL MECHANICAL SPACE RIDE (THREE ROCKET) - CHEIN - USAThe three rocket version of this carousel toy. Date?
NASA CONTROL CENTER - MASUDAYA - JAPANA large blue and white tinplate battery operated command center console. This is a later example of the Masudaya control center and it has a decidedly less toy-like feel; it offers more realistic computer influenced design.

A command ship orbits the Moon. The object is to dock it with a lunar module. Inspired by NASA's Apollo moon program. Rotating two dish antenna.
NEW SPACE HELMET - GENERAL PRODUCTS - USARed plastic space helmet with a red ridge structure. Wings on the side. Comes with a battery holder: when pressed the top and the side wings light.

See also the Space Helmet by Orbit Products
NIKE MISSILES LAUNCHING SITE - NOMURA - JAPANCardboard target shooting game. Hit the button with rubber tipped darts to launch the rockets. TN

OBJETIVO: LA LUNA - XAFMAS - SPAINSpace themed shooting game. A cardboard planet landscape contains a number of card astronaut targets. A plastic gun shoots rubber tipped darts. Date? Xafmas was a Mallorca based company.
OPERATION ORBIT - TRANSOGRAMPlastic battery operated control panel with levers and dials.
ORBIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDSpace board game. Date?
ORBIT - PARKER - USASpace board game. The object of Orbit is to be the first player to move each one of his/her space ships from Earth to a different planet. This game is for 2, 3, or 4 players and includes a game board, two spinners, and tiny wooden discs in four different colors representing space ships. 1959
OUTER SPACE HELMET PREMIUM - RALSTON - USACardboard space helmet available from Ralston Cereals in early 1954.
OUTER SPACE RANGER BADGE - ML TOY - USAMarshall style five pointed star badge with rocket logo in the center. marked Outer Space Ranger. Carded.
PETERCHEN'S MONDFAHRT - SPEAR SPIEL - W GERMANYPeterchen's Trip to the Moon. Fantasy themed space board game. Date?
PIONEER 3 STAGE ROCKET WITH LAUNCHER - NOMURA FOR ROSKO - JAPANTin spring loaded rocket launch pad with USAF rocket.

The white rocket has red and blue fins. It consists of three sections, the last being a rubber tipped dart. The rocket sits on a spring loaded base alongside a blue tinplate gantry. When the button is pressed there is a "countdown" delay before the rocket is launched. 19" 49cm

"At Cape Canaveral".

The Pioneer is featured in a newspaper ad in June 1959
PLANET PHONE - MAKER? - USAPlastic walkie talkies with a unique bulbous shape. String type, casrtd backed. Yellow with red detailing.. Possibly Rex Mars. Details?
PLANET SHIP MAIL BOX - MAKER? - ENGLANDCylindrical lithographed tin money box with early space graphics.
PLANET WATCH - ESCONon-working space wristwatch.
PLANET WATCH - MAKER? - W GERMANYNon-working space wristwatch. Similar to Esco designs.
PLOTT ADVENTURES IN SPACE - LUNAGAMES - USASpace board game. Battleships style. 1966
POP APART SPACE ROCKET TARGET GAME - METTOY - ENGLANDA card rocket fits on a spring on the card base. Hitting the target launches the rocket. Non-space gun with rubber tipped darts.
RACE TO THE MOON - ALL-FAIR - USASpace board game. Rochester NY. 1932. Board?
RACE-THRU-SPACE - E-Z TOY - USASpace board game. Includes 4 plastic rocket.
RADARPHON - GEOBRA - W GERMANYMetallic silver blue plastic walkie talkie set with detachable disk antennas. Boxed set. String type. Date?

The design is the same as found in the Jyesa set 317.
RADIOTELEFONO SPAZIALE LAIKA - MAKER? - ITALYA very basic dime store plastic walkie talkie set. String style. The name Laika suggests a 1956-7 Sputnik date.
RAKETEN BAHN - SPACE ROCKET TRACK - VOITH - WEST GERMANYTin track toy. Tin litho launch station propells tin rocket around the track. West Germany. Fritz Voith Zirndorf
RAKETEN WETTFAHRT - SPEAR SPIEL - W GERMANYSpace board game with a Sputnik theme. c1957 Green plastic pieces and a plastic Sputnik.
RAMO RAKETENFLUG ZUM MOND - STOCKINGER & MORSACK - W GERMANYRocket Flight to the Moon. Space board game. Stomo. Details?
REMOTE CONTROL SATELLITE - ARNOLD - FRANCEHand cranked tin satellite with spinning propeller. Serial No. 5030/295 Sputnik style. Marked Made in France (not Germany)
RESAN TILL MANEN - MAKER? - SWEDENFLIGHT TO THE MOON. Space board game with a Zodiac theme.
REX MARS PLANET PATROL BAGATELLE - MARX - USAPlastic bagatelle game. Mid 1950s

On sale in UK in November 1955
RIDE-A-ROCKET ROCKET RIDE #260 - CHEIN - USAA reworking of Chein's Space Ride #265 with the emphasis on a carnival clown theme rather than space. 9" light blue lithographed tin lever action space carousel ride with four rockets. This carousel has a round base, a round central cylindrical column and a domed canopy, all covered in fairground images. Four vintage fairground style rockets with different litho detailing, each hangs from a metal rod. Litho rider detail. The toy uses a simple spring activated lever. The musical component is a simple plin-plonk noise. Circa 1954.
RISCO - MAKER? - FRANCESpace board game. Includes eight platic rockets. Details? Date? SGDG?
ROBOT - PBI PERABONI - ITALYPlastic robot. Launches spinners from its head. Unmarked blister packaging.
ROCKET BANK - EMPIRE PLASTIC CORP - USAPlastic rocket with small pilot figure. There is a mechanism to shoot coins into a slot. 1950s.
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