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2 WAY ELECTRONIC MAGNET POWERED WALKIE TALKIES - REMCO - USASilver plastic electronic walkie talkie set. Handset with separate mothpiece and earpiece. Small antenna. Magnet powered.

The current earliest sighting is 1953.
A TRIP TO MARS - MAKER? - ENGLANDAn early space board game. The Great New Airship Game. Circa 1900.
A TRIP TO THE MOON - MAKER? - GERMANYAn early space board game. Moon exploration theme. B Dice logo.
AIR CONTROL CENTER - BANDAI - JAPANA battery operated console toy similar to the Masudaya range. The tin console has a central radar screen, a variety of colored lights, a rotating antenna and a Morse code key. Rearrangement of the wires permits various combinations of lights and noise. The sides of the toy have spacemen graphics.

This is a copy of the 1954 Remco Radio Station.

AIR CONTROL TOWER - ASAHI ATC - JAPANTin lever action carousel ride with three space planes named Moon, Mars and and Venus. The planes have celluloid propeller spinners attached. Bell. Red base, central girder tower and a tin canopy. Based on the ATC carousel chassis with different rides to suit the latest developments. Asahi Toy Company Japan Date?
AIR DEFENSE CENTER - CRAGSTAN (MAKER?) - JAPANA tall red lithographed tinplate battery operated console with radar screen and flashing lights.

The 1962 Sears catalog advertises this toy: "Radar scans sky.. warning lights blink.. missles fire! Air Defense Center is busy with action.. has rotating antenna and radar scope; winking lights; moving air speed register and altimeter. 3 rubber-tipped darts. Steel, 12 in. long."

Large oval rotating antenna. The box art depicts a military scene but the actual toy resembles the Masudaya range of similar control centres.
AMUSEMENT PARK ROCKET RIDE - YONE/YONEYA - JAPANSY/Yoneya's Jumping Rocket pressing has been used to create this rocket amusement ride. The lithographed tin wind up ride consists of a square tower with a beam fitted to the top. Two rockets with vinyl pilot heads rotate horizontally around the tower. The rockets are suspended using string. The box depicts a much more streamlined version than the actual toy. In the bottom right hand corner of the box is ENCOR ROMA which indicates that this was an Italian exclusive release.

See the Super Rocket Ride variation of this toy. 8" 21cm high. On sale in September 1966.
AN 2000 - MAKER? - FRANCE A French reworking of IM JAHRE 2000.
APHELION OR THE RACE TO THE SUN - F H AYRES - ENGLANDEarly space board game. Fantasy Zodiac theme. c1900
APOLLO - MULDER - W GERMANYSpace board game. Four large plastic rockets for counters. Dice.
APOLLO GE-333 - TECHNOFIX - WEST GERMANYPlastic track toy consisting of a blue base depicting the Earth and the Moon. The wind up plastic Apollo USA module orbits in a figure of eight while spark emerge from the rear. A press of one of two buttons allows the module to orbit the Earth or the Moon separately. West Germany

Dated to 1971 in the Technofix archive.
APOLLO LUNAR LANDER TOY - K LOGO KOKYU - JAPANK Logo. Tin wind up Apollo capsule and lander orbit the moon. The lithographed tinplate toy comprises a square base with a hemispherical red and yellow moon surface. From the center of the cratered moon surface two wires extend, one with an orboting Apollo space capsule, the other has a lunar lander. Wind up rotating action. Japanese box version.
ASTROJAGD - MAKER? - W GERAMYStar Hunter. Space board game. Date?
ASTRON - PARKER BOOTHERS/WADDINGTONS - USA/ENGLANDSpace board game with diecast rocket pieces. The board is attached to rollers and moves forward at each turn. 1954.
ASTRONAUT - MAKER? - SWEDENSpace board game with plastic spaceman figure. This is a Swedish release of the German IM JAHRE 2000 version. 1950s
ASTRONAUT ORBIT WITH 3 MERCURY CAPSULES - ATC - JAPANLithographed tinplate lever action amusement ride carousel with three 3 tin Mercury capsules attached to the canopy by wires. Blue base, central girder tower and a yellow tin canopy. The space capsules are fitted with large celluloid propellers which turn when the toy runs.

Asahi Toy company. Similar to the SPACE CAPSULE CARROUSEL
ASTRONAUT PILOT WINGS - 20TH CENTURY VARIETIES - USACarded wing shaped metal pin with built in compass. Marked Space Pilot.
ASTRONAUT SPACE HELMET - COLECO -USABagged with header card. On sale in July 1962. This helmet is clearly influenced by the real US space helmets.
ASTRONAUT SPACE HELMET - DEKKER - ENGLANDWhite plastic full head astronaut space helmet with hinged visor and imitation mike. NASA logo. 1970

Available with a space suit.
ASTRONAUT SPACE HELMET - RCA VICTOR - USAIntroduced in July 1966, this is an unusual combination of space helmet and phonpograph. Based on the well established Ideal space helmet design.
ASTRONAUTS - MAKER? _ USAA space board game with Apollo themed artwork. Details?
ATOM GUN - BILLER - WEST GERMANYBrightly lithographed tin gun on base. Gun rotates and tilts. Shoots plastic balls. Based on the chassis for a variety of cranes.
ATOMIC CHIEF SPACE SET - HALE-NASS - USASpace goggles, space badge and a pair of simple string walkie talkies. Mounted on a card with a graphic of a spaceman's head. Includes a CAPTAIN metal badge. On sale 1 May 1947, Statesmans Journal, Oregon. No 108?
AUF DEM MOND! ABENTEUER IM WETRAUM - HAUSSER - W GERMANYOn the Moon Space Adventure. Space board game with an Apollo Moon landing theme. Includes plastic astronaut playing pieces. 1970
AUJOURD'HUI DANS L'ESPACE UN VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE - LA TOUR ST DENIS - FRANCEToday in Space, a Voyage to the Moon. Space board game using a roulette wheel to determine the throw value.
AUS DEM WELTRAUM ZURUCK - ERNST SCHUTZ - W GERMANYBack From Space. Apollo themed space board game. c1970
BASE LUNA - ARCO-FALC - ITALYMoon Base space target game. Darts are fired at the printed targets. Mailan. 1950s
BATMAN WALKIE TALKIE - LONE STAR - ENGLANDBoxed blue black plastic walkie talkie set. String type. Whistle in the handle. Lone Star design. 1960s
BATTLE OF THE PLANETS INTERCOM SET - MERIT - ENGLANDBoxed blue and red plastic walkie talkie set. String. Also in red/silver.

A copy of the Remco design.
BAUKERL ROBO - EFFEM - WEST GERMANYMeccano style construction toy, but the parts are presented in a distinctive robot themed box.
BEACON BEANIE SIGNAL CAP - CLEVER THINGS - USAYellow plastic beanie hat with a large red plastic light on the top. Current earliest sighting is in December 1952.
BEYOND THE STARS - GAME PARTNERS - USASpace board game. Includes plastic spaceship pieces and spinning tops. 1964.
BIMBO'S MONDFAHRT - CARY SPIELE DD - W GERMANYBimbo's Journey to the Moon. Space board game.
BLAST OFF! No. 57 - SELCHOW & RIGHTER - USASpace board game. "The moving planet space game" No 57. The idea is for players to land on moving planets. 1954
BLAST-OFF - MAKER? - USASpace board game. Date?
BLAST-OFF SPACE GLOBE GAME - REPROGLE - USABrightly lithographed 8" diameter tin globe on rotating base. Period imagery of spacemen and rockets. This is an innovative playing board for a space themed game. This example is missing its plastic magnetic rocket playing pieces. 1953

BLAST-OFF! - WADDINGTON - ENGLANDSpace board game. 1969. Apollo Moon landing scene.
BUBBLE-O-BILL BUBBLE HAT - MATTEL - USAPlastic cap style helmet with bubble blowing feature. On sale in February 1954.
BUCK ROGERS CREAM OF WHEAT PREMIUM PENDANT - USAThe Buck Rogers Pendant was a Cream of Wheat & Newspaper Premium dating to 1936. Marked 'To my Pals in the Solar Scouts' on the back.
BUCK ROGERS ELECTRONIC WALKIE TALKIES - REMCO - USABoxed set of rectangular black walkie talkies. Magnetically operated. Dated to 1951.

Also available as a promotional gift from various outlets.
BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY PENCIL BOX - AMERICAN LEAD PENCIL CO - USAPencil box, No.45228, 6" x 10", with red and black illustrations on all sides. Contents: 10" wood ruler , small green eraser, crayons, tin savings bank, diecut leather bookmark, metal pen box. A pull out drawer below the tray contains a scribble memo with 1938-1939-1940 calendar. 1963
BUCK ROGERS PLAY OUTFIT - SACKMAN BROTHERS - USABuck Rogers play outfit comprises suede-like chaps/cuffs and vest with a circular leather patch. Cloth helmet with visor and chin strap. Leather belt.

Available in stores and a Cream of Wheat mail away premium. 1935
BUCK ROGERS SALUTE/FIRECRACKER BOX Salute/Firecrackers box. The box has eight rocket-shaped inserts for the firecrackers. 5.5” by 2.5”, 1937
Buck Rogers Solar Scouts Repeller Ray Premium Ring Cream of Wheat and newspaper premium ring. Known as the "Repeller Ray Ring" and as the "Supreme Inner Circle Ring."

The ring depicts Buck in his rocketship with his arm raised holding a rocket pistol. At the center of the rocketship is a green faceted stone. 1936
BUCK ROGERS SPACE RANGER HELMET - SYLVANIA - USAOffered free to children who brought their parents along to view the Sylvania TV set. The offer started in October 1952.
BUCK ROGERS SUPERSONIC TWO-WAY TRANS-CEIVER - DA- MYCO - USAThis toy is essentially a variation on the old "two-cans-and-a string" device. The box includes two "transceiver phones" made of thin illustrated cardboard pieces that frame the phones' plastic speakers; they have blue wood handles on the bottom and are connected to the top section by metal rods. Two long speaker wires for connecting the trans-ceiver phones are also included with this item.

On sale December 1948.

BUZZ COREY'S SPACE PATROL WRIST WATCH - USAWrist watch with Space Patrol wording on the dial. Boxed set contains a domed space compass. On sale December 1953.
CANADA DRY SPACE HELMET - MAKER? - CANADAOffered as a mail-away premium in this 1953 advertisement. Picture?
CAPE CANAVERAL ?AK 1100 ROCKET LAUNCH PAD - STRENCO - WEST GERMANYTin wind up rocket launch pad. Red and white rocket on blue base with gantry. Rocket approaches the gantyr then launches. Small plastic figure included.
CAPE KENNEDY, PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21 TOYS - HONG KONGCentury 21Toys Very large plastic battery-operated launch pad and Apollo rocket. An adjustable crane lowers the ship onto the gantry. A hand held control drives the pad forwards and backwards on caterpillar tractors. The rocket is friction drive and about a foot long. The words Made in Hong Kong appear underneath.

Large oblong 2- piece box. The toy is called Cape Kennedy Three in one Toy. The artwork shows a painting of the rocket and gantry coming out of the hanger. On the box is Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Limited? No reference to a badge on the box, although the set comes with the Official Manual and a plastic Sword badge

Image courtesy Hake's Collectibles
CAPTAIN CONDOR SPACE PATROL WRIST WATCH - ENGLANDSpac Patrol wristwatch. The boxed set includes a domed compass. Based on the Buzz Corey Space Patrol wrist watch. The only significant change is the use of the striking Captain Condor graphics on the box. Captain Condor was a comic book hero from the Lion comic.
CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS PLAYSUIT - MONTROSE PRODUCTS - ENGLANDIncludes Scarlet hat, Spectrum badge and self-retracting toy microphone; foam backed nylon jacket with zipped fastening and pocket, mock flashing shoulder lights, black holster and belt, grey gabardine trousers, scarlet calf-length gaiters.
CAPTAIN VIDEO 2-WAY PHONE SET - DAY CO PRODUCTS - USARadio Scillograph A pair of walkie talkies. A card disc with a black plastic centerpiece and handle. String type. On sale in December 1950.

Possibly offered as a TV premium.
CAPTAIN VIDEO AN EXCITING SPACE GAME - MILTON BRADLEY - USACaptain Video themed space board game. In the game players move their four markers through the solar system using a spinner.
The game includes a fold-out cockpit. 1952
CAPTAIN VIDEO SPACE HELMET The red verson was sold boxed in stores. A blue version was available as a Post's cereal mail-away premium.

The helmets were launched in December 1953 and were widely on sale in early 1954.
CARRERA A LA LUNA - MAKER? - SPAINJourney to the Moon. Space board game. Moon exploration theme. Date?
CARRERA ESPACIAL - LADE - SPAINSpace Race game. Space capsule theme.
CASCO ESPACIAL - JEFE - SPAINWhite plastic full head astronaut helmet with hinged visor and mouthpiece. Date?
CASCO SPAZIALE X-3 - ATLANTIC - ITALYYellow plastic full head space helmet with a tinted hinged visor. Comes with oxygen tanks and connecting hoses. Small plastic antenna. Marked X3.
CASQUE ESPACIAL - MAKER? - FRANCEOrange full-face helmet with two antennas. Early 1970s.
CIRCUITO SIDERAL - MAKER? - SPAINSpace Tour. Space board game. 1958
COL McCAULEY MEN INTO SPACE HELMET - IDEAL - USAA variation of the earlier Steve Canyon space helmet. This was introduced in September 1960 and was very successful, running for nearly two years.
COLONEL JET SPACE GAME - SILVER RICH CO - USASpace board game with metal rocket playing pieces. 1952
COLOQUE UN SATELITA EN ORBITA - VICTORIA - BRAZILPut A Satellite in Orbit. Space game, plastic satellites are flipped onto the board.
CONEY ISLAND ROCKET RIDE - ALPS - JAPANA light blue lithographed tn battery operated fairground ride. Circa 1959. Two red, yellow and blue rockets are on either side of a central beam and spin and light as they twirl around the tripod mounted tower. A bell rings. See also the Twirly Whirly Rocket Ride variation.

Image Smith House Auction
CONQUISTA DO ESPACO - ESTRELA - BRAZILConquest of Space board game. No #613. Details?
COSMIC PHONE - US PLASTIC CO - USAA carded set of walkie talkies. String type with a retractable antenna feature. Mouthpiece for siren noise.

These are the same walkie talkies as used in the larger US Plastic Cosmic Space Set.

On sale in December 1953.

COSMIL - LE CONQUETE DE L'ESPACE - MAKER? - FRANCEFrench space board game. Date?
COSMO PHONE TELEPHONO SPAZIALE - MAKER? - ITALYRed and yellow plastic walkie talkie set. Boxed set. String type. Whistle in the handle. Lone Star design. Date?
COSMOS - RUMAIRE - FRANCEA highly-hyped space board game. A small plastic device is attached to an arm extending from a globe of the world. Details?
COUNT DOWN, THE ADVENTURE IN SPACE - LEON STIEF - USASpace board game with a spiritual tone. 1960.
COUNTDOWN - WHITMAN - USASpace board game with an mathematical education theme. 1962
COUNTDOWN SPACE GAME - TRANSOGRAM - USASpace board game. Spinner. The pieces are cardboard rockets on stands. First sighted in October 1961.
COURSE COMET RACE - MAKER? -Space board game. French & English. Date?
DALEK ERAZA BOARD - BELL TOYS - ENGLANDWipeable crayoning set with Dr Who pictures. 1960s. Date?
DALEK OUTFIT - SCORPION AUTOS - ENGLANDBlue and silver vinyl Dalek playsuit with arm pieces. The plastic head with an eye stalk that incorporates a flashing. The head incorporates accurate louvres. This was available from Scorpion Automotives in the 1964, though numbers were (allegedly) limited by a factory fire.
DALEK PLAYSUIT - BERWICK - ENGLANDRed and white vinyl playsuit with a card and plastic head piece. Relatively crude construction with wooden sticks tipped with plastic pieces.
DAN DARE RADIO STATION - MERIT - ENGLANDBased on the Remco Radio Station. This is a large plastic battery-operated radio station with large towers on either side. A working searchlight sits between them. In the center is a meter with moving needle and on either side are dials. Morse buzzer at the bottom right, and notepad on the left.

The set came with two electrically operated walkie talky handsets, Black and red versions of the handsets are known. Remco QX-2 design with three additional decorative buttons.

Two box versions are known. The earlier (top) is closer to the Remco original. The later (bottom) version uses brighter colors. This well-packed toy survives in large numbers.
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