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FIGHTING ROBOT, SECOND VERSION - HORIKAWA - JAPANA later, and less common version of the Fighting Robot with a yellow dome and distinctive hoop or loop antennas on the shoulders.

Two variations of this loop antenna version are known. The earliest is in the 1967 Stern Brothers Christmas catalog. (top) The robot has the on-off switch at the bottom of the chest plate.

A second variation (middle) robot is in the Gertz Catalog for 1968; it lacks the on/off switch at the bottom of the chest plate.

Minor variations in the ear size have been noted. See the bottom image where the ears are conical.
FIGHTING SPACE MAN - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin battery operated astronaut with clear chest panel and a single gun. Based on the second version of the Fighting Robot body. Distinctive shoulder hoops/loops and a yellow head dome. The yellow dome version of the Fighting Spaceman appeared in 1967. It was reissued the following year in this astronaut version. A version with conical ears is known, though the box depicts the cylindrical ears.

It is featured in Eaton's Canada's Christmas Catalogue for 1968 and still in the SH catalog for 1969.

Three versions known:
Tin thick hands red switch
Tin thick hands no switch in front,
Plastic thick hands no switch in front
FILP-O-MATIC, FLIP-O-ROBOT - HONG KONGAngular body (Type 2) Karate Robot. Grey plastic battery op robot with tumbling action. A Hong Kong cheaper issue of the TOMY Karate Robot. Face decal. Window box. Orange/blue version also shown. The Flip-O-Robot was distributed by the English comapny Salco.

Listed in the 1971 Azrak Hamway International catalog.
FIRE ROBOT PROTOTYPE - HORIKAWA - JAPANThis is a tantalising picture of a robot that Horikawa planned to produce. The battery operated robot has a huge fire ladder that extends from its chest. Sadly this is a picture of a prototype or mock up for the catalog and never went into production.

This appeared in the Horikawa 1971 catalog.
FIREMAN DING-A-LING - TOPPER - HONG KONGYellow plastic robot with blue feet head. Carries a fire hose. Two versions exist: hose in right hand, hose in left hand!

One of the Topper Ding-A-Ling series that can be motorised with the addition of a battery operated backpack. Sold in boxed clear plastic packaging.
FLASHY JIM - SNK - JAPANMetallic blue battery operated robot with remote control. Advances with walking motion and lighted eyes and mouth. Remote. The feet have pins ending in small disks. Box marked SNK ACE. SHIN NICHI KOGYO

Shin Nichi Kogyo company. Same pressing as Robby the Roving Robot and Sparkling Mike. Also used for the Robot 5 by Kanto, the TV Robot by Sankei, and the Mighty Robot

Appears in the 1956 Alden's catalog.
FLYING MINI ROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANPlastic battery operated stepover robot. Transparent chest panel. 7cm

Box? Name? Replace image.
FLYING SPACEMAN - ATD - JAPANTin wind up masked Japanese superhero style character. Flying action on string. Rear propeller. Cape.
FLYING TETSUJIN 28 - ATD ASAKUSA - JAPANMetallic blue in wind up flying Tetsujin T28. Blue vinyl head. T28 Wind up key in belly. Red celluloid propeller in feet. Hook on the back. Wind up action: the toy is suspended from a string and rotates. Asakusa logo on the box. Marked ATD on the feet.

This mould has been used for at least three other anime other toys
FOKI EL MACIANO - JUGUETES DAISA - ARGENTINAStatic tin robot, magic robot game component. Argentina. Painted tin with flexible concertina plastic arms, turned wood legs and bare metal tin feet. Helmet type head houses two flash light bulbs. Two D cell batteries fit in the torso.

The robot is advertised in the November 1967 issue of Billiken magazine.
FORK LIFT ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin and plastic battery op robot. Advances with walking motion as he raises and lowers his forklift. 30 cms. The robot lifts a cardboard crate. The arms are extra long and articulated. The red hat is unique to this robot. The robot requires extra stability to offset the weight of the lift so Horikawa have used extra long feet. (These find their way on to some Busy Cart versions.) 30cm

English and Japanese box versions. Date?
Image Smith House Auctions
FREDDY - KIDCO - HONG KONGA minor plastic novelty robot. This is a plastic wind up robot. The arms spin wildly and make the robot move. Your Robot Pal. Walks and spins. Blister card. 1978 copyright date on card - not necessarily date of production
FRICTION DALEK (LARGE) - MARX - GREAT BRITAINA 6" plastic friction Dalek. Black and silver versions. With friction spark and noise "siren and flashing light". Dated 1965. Note the so-called "portal" box.

Made in Swansea, Wales.

BBC, England

FRICTION DALEK (SMALL) - MARX - GREAT BRITAINA 4.5" plastic friction Dalek. Black and silver versions. Simple friction action. Dated 1965.

Made in Swansea, Wales.

BBC, England

FRICTION POWERED ASTRONAUT - MM/HS - HONG KONGA very odd space toy. It should be called Astronaut on a Rock to give credit to the design. A silver plastic astronaut standing on some sort of brown space rock. On his head is a propeller. The rock has wheels and, when pushed, the friction motor allows the rock to run along the floor while the propeller turns. 5" (12cm) tall. HK 1960s No maker's name on the box, but marked MM HS underneath.
FRICTION POWERED WALKING ASTRONAUT - DAIYA FOR AHI - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate astronaut. A boxy robot with litho detailing of oxygen tanks on the front and back. Astronaut wording prominent on the chest. Crank operated astronaut advances with walking motion. white helmet. Grey plastic arms. Window box marked Azrak Hamway International, though the robot is marked Daiya on the back. See the Laser 008 version. The wind up Astro Captain version currently dates to 1969. This is earlier, appearing in newspaper ads in August 1968.
FUNNY ROBOT - HONG KONGMade in Hong Kong, distributed by Regal Greetings & Gifts in Toronto Canada. 13 cm, mystery action, lited eyes, turn over action. Stock #R5715

All plastic, battery powered 2 C cells.
This is a copy of the Japanese SH. "Acrobat Robot" and a Taiwan version with flashing eyes. Robot Amusant
GALAXY ROBOT - AIRGAM - SPAINThere are plenty of Galaxy robots out there but this is the oddest example. It is a small oval bodied light blue plastic robot creature with thin chrome silver legs and very long grey arms. Two decals and the disk shooting slot form a sort of face. Amber plastic dome on the top. Long grey arms. Battery operated action: the creature walks with flashing lights and shoots disks from its mouth. The arms shoot plastic missiles.

The Galaxy decal on the head gives it its name but a box has not been found to confirm this. Details? Box? Maker?
GALAXY ROBOT - CHINALater multicolored plastic battery op robot with doors in chest, rotating body and shooting guns. Light blue plastic body, orange head and arms, pink hands and feet. Large clear red plastic face. This is a variation of the Cosmos Robot by Kamco.
GALAXY ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANThe first of a new wave of robots with a futuristic humanoid shape. These robots are characterised by their rounded lines, large feet and human features. Available in red/white blue and in chromed metal plastic. Comes with a separate gun and shield. Decal stickers for the robot and the shield.

This robot appears in the 1985 and 1986 SH catalog where it is shown in red and black. Original Horikawa versions have "Japan" marked on the battery door and have the SH logo on box. This was most probably made by Marumiya.
GALAXY WARRIOR - AMICO - HONG KONGPlastic battery op rotating robot with shooting guns and opening doors. Very flimsy build. Star Wars knock off. Stormtrooper head. See Star Robot. c1979 Grey and black versions shown.
GALAXY WARRIOR - HONG KONGPlastic battery operated pedestal robot. Bump and go action. Rotates. Stormtrooper head. Made in Hong Kong. Two pairs of orange plastic guns above the chest panel. The body is the same as the Dynamic Warrior, though the head has changed. Based on the Yonezawa Space Explorer design.
GALAXY WARRIOR - HONG KONGBlack version of the plastic battery op robot. Star Wars knock off with Stormtrooper style head. Rotates. Opening doors and shooting guns. Box has a green background. Comma design on chest. Maker?
GALAXY WARRIOR - WHITE VERSION - MAINLAND - HONG KONGWhite version of the plastic battery op robot. Star Wars knock off with Stormtrooper style head. Rotates. Opening doors and shooting guns. Comma design on chest . Box has a light blue background. Maker?
GEAR ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANSmall nine inch multicolored tin and plastic wind up gear robot "with electronic room". Blue tinplate body, green plastic legs, red plastic arms and head. In common with other Horikawa robots of the time it small red Attacking Martian head with fly eyes. The ears are chrome

The chest has been considerably reworked: a new, brightly lithographed chest plate with a green and white gear arrangement. The electronic room hole in the chest is still present. Structurally it is very close to the later version of the Engine and the later version Gear Robot: Attacking Martian head, tapered plastic legs and arm pressings.

Japanese and English box versions.

There are a number of minor variations that exist: ear color, leg size, the height of the robot etc. As with all of these robots it is difficult to be sure of all permutations.

This robot first appears in the Horikawa catalog for 1970.
GEAR ROBOT - KOREAName on box:
Name on toy: Gear Robot
Manufacturer: ???, MADE IN DAE JI (Korea)
Height: 8.5"
Timeline date:
Power source: Wind-up
Actions: Robot walks forward in "stepover" fashion as gears in chest turn, sparks and antenna rotates.
Additional info.: Embossed on rear of robot: "GEAR ROBOT" and "MADE IN DAE JI" (as shown in photo above). Wind-up key permanently attached.
GEAR ROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANPlastic battery op robot with visible gears in the chest. Three gear arragement. A similar design to the Mechanic Robot. 1970s.

A Metal House design in the style of SH robots.
GEAR ROBOT WITH AUTOMATIC SPEED CONTROL - HORIKAWA - JAPANSilver tin battery operated robot with speed control knob on the head. 11 inches tall. Lithographed chest panel with a clear plastic cover. Five plastic gears rotate in the chest in a domino patter: usually three green and two pink. Moving shoulder rod antennas with red knobs on the end. The robot has a prominent red plastic speed control on the head; it has three positions, slow, fast and off. The chest retains the notch for the plastic rocker switch of the Machine Robot, a related design. It is covered with a metal blanking plate. 11" 28cm.

Two chest litho variations are known, though the difference are not obvious. The earlier one (right) has lights set into the chest that are not emphasised. The later version (left) has substantial litographed rings around them.

First sighted 1964 in Marshall Field Christmas catalog. Newspaper adverts show this on sale in November 1964.
GEAR ROBOT WITH VISIBLE GEARS - HORIKAWA - JAPANSmall 9 inch brown tinplate wind up robot with two gears in clear plastic chest. This boxy robot has a brightly lithographed tinplate chest panel with circuit board detailing. Two gears (originally one red and one green - later pink and yellow) rotate under a clear plastic chest panel. The square head has chromed tin eyes and mouth. A conical clear red plastic dome covers the spark mechanism. A switch or "stopper" is positioned on the back. This is mentioned at the bottom right of the box. The box depicts the red-green gear combination and may be one of earliest Horikawa robots. The pink-yellow version was released in 1964 using the original box.

Featured in Kauf's catalog for 1964.

The subject of these early nine inch Horikawa robots is complex with many variations and combinations identified.
GEAR ROBOT, HAT VERSION- HORIKAWA - JAPANVISIBLE GEAR MECHANISM Small tin wind up robot four gears in clear plastic chest. The box is similar to the non-hat version with just the removal of the red dome and the inclusion of the hat. Notice also that this has the "stopper" switch on the back to pause the mechanism. The hat is the same that features on the tin version of Mr Zerox. The red eyes versions seem to be associated with the stopper. The box refers to an Electronic Room, but this refers to the small chest opening.
smgear 9 inch 4 gear Gearhead
Circa 1964
GEAR ROBOT, MOVING GEAR AND SPARKING RED W/U - HORIKAWA - JAPANRed plastic wind up robot. This robot has 4 gears in chest: usually 2 large yellow above 2 smaller yellow. Truncated pyramid head. Small fly eyes, with red pupils. This is reworking of the Gear/Engine Robot design but in a completely plastic shell. English and Japanese box versions. This toy was possibly made by Suzugen for Horikawa.
GEAR ROBOT, STOPPER AND NO STOPPER VERSIONS - HORIKAWA - JAPANVISIBLE GEAR MECHANISM Small grey tin wind up robot with visible gear mechanism. This is a development of the small boxy robot design with a greater gear complexity in the chest. Circa 1964.

There are two Versions:
Stopper Version (top): this version has a "stopper" switch on the back. The stopper seems to be associated with the red eye version. It is probable that this is earlier than the no-stopper version based on the tendency for later runs of toys to be simpler than early runs.

No Stopper Version (bottom left)
The Japanese box version (bottom right) has plastic legs, an indication that it is a later version with no stopper.

The robot retains the clear red dome of the earlier two gear sparking version, but the spark action is now confined to the chest.
9" 22cm 4 gear

GEETA-MAN/MINIATURE ROBOT - RAYS - HONG KONGHong Kong releases of the original Tomy Minirobot design The small wind up robot has a single piece head and body with little arms attached. Black stepover feet. Several color variations. Box variations include the Geeta-Man and the Rays Miniature Robot. See also the Mighty Midget robot.
GIANT MACHINE MAN - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin battery op Circa 1963. Rarest member of the Gang of Five, Machine Man advances with bump and go action as his eyes, ears and mouth light. Skirt.

The low numbers of this robot are, it is suggested, the result of its production circumstances. It is argued that it was created to use up spares from earlier runs of the Gang. Machine Man was a color variation (with new lithographed stampings) based on the Lavender Robot. It did not appear to go through one of the major importers at the time.

There are two minor variations: red eyes and green eyes.

In addition to the 1962 release there are unconfirmed reports of a reissue in the early 70s which uses more modern internal components. A (again unconfirmed) vertical box variation may exist.

1958 - Radicon Robot - F.A.O. Schwarz Catalog
1960 - Non-Stop (Lavender) Robot - F.A.O. Schwarz Catalog
1962 - Machine Man - Bob S.'s recollection of childhood ownership
1962 - Giant Sonic (Train) Robot - Masudaya Trade Ad
1963-64 - Shooting Giant Robot - Masudaya Catalog
1965 - (Target) Robot - Marshall Fields Christmas Catalog
(Joe K.)
38cm FT#8
GIANT ROBOT - DENYS FISHERPoseable plastic robot from the British Doctor Who TV series. No action. Held together with elastic bands. Denys Fisher 1977 Harbert version (Italy) dated 1979.
GIANT ROBOT - MEGO - HONG KONGThis large silver grey plastic battery operated robot bears a marked resemblance to the Horikawa Super Space Giant Robot, though the head is distinct.

Large 17 inch silver grey plastic battery operated robot. Clear plastic dome with yellow inner structure. The prominent ears are an extension of the head. Doors in chest, shooting guns. Walks forward with doors opening and machine guns firing, rotates three times then walks in the opposite direction. Hong Kong 1970

A variation of the Mego Gigantor Robot with a new head. Possibly a reworking of Gigantor or a simultaneous release.
GIANT ROBOT - TOMY - JAPANLarge plastic vinyl robot that dismantles. Two versions exist. These are made of polypropolene the same stuff as shampoo bottles. Giant Robot stands about 30" tall. They predate the Popy Jumbomachinder series by at least three years.
GIANT ROBOT aka R ROBOT - BANDAI - JAPANLarge red and grey plastic remote control battery operated robot. Black head with red eyes and a wide clear plastic mouth. The robot has a distinctive R in a circle on its chest.

Backward and forward motion. Advances with arms rising and falling while the eyes light and the robot emits a loud click. Limited steering action via the remote control. 34cm 14"

First sighting is in the 1970 Sears Catalog. Sold as a"Sears Exclusive"
GIANT ROBOT FM RADIO - FULL HOUSE - JAPANThis is a later version SH Super Giant Robot that has been altered to create an AM FM radio. The robot is 16" tall and equipped with lighted chest, antenna, tuning knob, and on/off volume knob. The robot dates to around 1981.

GIANT SONIC ROBOT aka TRAIN ROBOT - MASUDAYA - JAPANLarge tin battery op robot with skirt. Gang of Five. Masudaya built the mechanism of the standard train into a gang of five frame. This member of the "Gang of 5" advances with bump n' go action as his arms swing, eyes, ears and mouth lights flash and he makes a train like whistle. MT skirt. On sale in November 1962 and featured in the 1963 Masudaya catalog.
GIGANTOR - MEGO - HONG KONGThis large silver grey plastic battery operated robot bears a marked resemblance to the Horikawa Super Space Giant Robot, and appears in early catalogs with this name. The production models were actually named "Gigantor". Actions: Robot walks forward, chest doors open as lighted guns tilt out making a clicking sound. Robot rotates two and a half times. Guns retract causing doors to close. Robot then walks in the opposite direction. Cycle repeats.

Made in the British Colony of Hong Kong. Tha actual maker is not known but the Importer/Distributor was Mego Corp., New York, N.Y. 10010

Height: 16" to the top of the antennas, not the 17" advertised on the box.
Box number: NO. 9005
Date: 1970 (MCMLXX as stated on box)
Power scource: 3 "D" cell batteries

Additional info.: Embossed below the battery cover: "MADE IN HONG KONG".
Misc. comments: The hands are white in color, not yellowed as in the photo above. Also, the antennas are chrome plated, not black as they appear to be in the photo. The box art depicts a gold colored robot, quite unlike the silver robot inside the box.

Appears in Ward's 1970 catalog. On sale in November 1971
GIROROBOT - LEDY - MEXICOMexico copy of the Cragstan and Mortoys Rotor Robot.

Plastic battery op robot, multicolored plastic. "The Walking Giant". 14 inches tall. Hypnotic spiral eyes and spinning barber pole legs make this a distinctive robot. Semicircular discs in the feet give this robot a waddling action. Window box.

The original Cragstan version has a stylised C logo molded into the chest. The Ledy version is marked Ledy on the chest.

GIZMOTRONPlastic battery op robot. Bump and go action with wildly shaking head and arms. Flashing lights. "He'll protect you from evil forces".
GO-FLOAT ROBOT - MAKER? - HONG KONGSmall plastic wind up robot with brush feet. Spinner on chest. Color variations exist, silver/grey and yellow. Yellow is the most common. The antenna color also varies, mainly green or red. Pedestal
GOFER DING-A-LING - TOPPER - HONG KONGYellow plastic robot with blue feet and red arms. Boy's face with glasses Carries a tray with a glass. This was later developed into the more substantial tracked Gofer Robotron. Two versions are known: one with palin feet and one with an additional track moulding on the feet.

One of the Topper Ding-A-Ling series that can be motorised with the addition of a battery operated backpack. Sold in boxed clear plastic packaging.
GOFER ROBOTRON - TOPPER - HONG KONGBattery operated yellow plastic robot with blue feet and blue hat. Accessories include a tray and cup. This is a development of the original Ding-A-Ling Gofer.

GOGO ROBOTDetail? Kit robot.
Replace image.
GOLD ROBOT - TELSALDA - HONG KONGGold plastic wind up robot based on the Yoshiya Venus robot. Plastic panel on the chest (unlike the paper decal version) copies the Yoshiya lithographed tin panel. Hong Kong 1960s. Also in silver and red versions. The box features Big Ben in London.
GOLDEN GEAR ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANGold painted tin battery operated robot with four gears behind clear chest. Yellow lighting dome and red plastic eyes. A variation of the Gear Robot with Visible Gears Mechanism. This robot has a metal visor (hard to see from straight on).
9 inch 4 gear 23cm

Appears in the Cullum and Boren catalog for 1965. A museum example has been identified with a 1964 production date. The first sale was a year later
GOLDEN ROBOT - LINEMAR - JAPANCalled just "Robot" on the box. A golden colored tin battery operated robot with remote control. Buttons control walking via pins in the base. The eyes light and the arms swing. This robot does not smoke. The box is an oddity: it is ostensibly designed for the R-35 Robot that appeared a year earlier. The robot featured has only a vague similarity to the contents of the box. It is a mystery why more appropriate artwork was not created. Nevertheless, the box is specifically for the Golden Robot - the R-35 did not appear in it. The name is a collectors' nickname based on the color. Pedestal

The Golden Robot has no ears, rare for a robot.

There are two different versions of the Golden robot: one example has the little straight stand - see the pic. A second version has a bigger foot and the edges of the base curve slightly inward. The two versions have slightly but significantly different litho.

The black battery box is probably the most usual box but some other colour variations are known - light blue ( see the pic ) and possibly green. Pin-foot

Aldens catalogue 1956.
GOLDEN ROTO-ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin body rotates continually 360 degrees while lighted guns shoot with firing noise while walking forward. Very delicate toy as tin appears unusually thin as compared to most other robots, tops of legs where walking mechanisms attach are easily broken. Fly eye.

This is more than a simple color variation of the regular Roto Robot. The litho detailing on the front is significantly different. There are no known litho variations: the bow tie is invariably the striped version with a red line around it.

The box art is virtually identical to the 1969 Roto Robot with just the addition of the word Golden. The Golden Roto Robot first appeared in the Simpsons Sears Christmas 1970 Wish Book. It is reasonable to conclude that the golden version followed the ordinary version. 22cm
GREAT MARS KING, SWIVEL-O-MATIC ASTRONAUT, JAPANESE ROBOT VERSION - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin battery operated robot with an Attacking Martian head. Rotates. Red and silver fly eye versions are known. This is the "covered gun" or "gun lip" variation of the Swivel-o-matic: a metal flap on the chest covers the top of the gun plate and hinges back when the guns fire. The dials at the robot's waist have clear plastic covers. Japanese box. 1967 The robot's name is "Kasei Daio" which translates as Great Mars King.

Notice that the silver version on the left has large hands. The black, red fly-eye version has the earlier small hands.

There is no record of this robot in an English box.
Handle Head RobotsHollow plastic robots with handles/plungers in the head. Details?
HAPPY HARRY THE HYSTERICAL ROBOT - YONEZAWA WACO - JAPANA version of the Waco brand Laughing Robot made for F J Strauss trading as Straco. Made in Japan. All plastic battery operated bump and go action. Head goes up and down mouth opens to reveal lit teeth and makes hysterical laughing sound. A Japanese box version exists that establishes Yonezawa as the manufacturer,

There are two known versions. One has a separate door in the back which holds a battery for the talking mechanism. The other version has no such door and uses the batter power from the base. Presumably the separate batter version provided a more reliable talking action.

On sale in December 1969.

Featured in the 1971 Milway Catalog and the F.J. Strauss catalog for the same year. It also features in the 1971 Haji catalog.

HELI ROBOT - RM / MIURA - JAPANPlastic wind up robot with tin chest and rotating propeller. Two Japanese box versions:
Left: Brown version. Miura logo. The propeller detaches for storage. Japanes box version. Helicopter Robot. The pressing was also used for the Poem TV Robots. (M in3 circles logo). Aftermarket silver chrome versions exist.

Right: Red version. RM Maruyama logo

The robot is based on the SH Razer Spaceman / Super Space Attacker design.

Three colors are known: brown, red and blue. Horikawa related.
HERO ROBOT - SJM - TAIWANName on box: Hero Robot
Manufacturer: S.J.M., Taiwan
Height: 10"
Power source: 2 "C" cell batteries
Actions: Moves in bump and go fashion, stops, the pedestal base remains stationary as the rest of the robot rotates three times and the chest guns lightup and move in and out with a "clacking" sound. This stops and the robot continues to bump and go.
The photo above depicts the S.J.M. version. Hero Robot was originally produced by Yonezawa in 1980 as sighted in a 1980 Yonezawa Toy Catalog. Pedestal
HERO ROBOT- YONEZAWA - JAPANRed plastic battery op pedestal robot. Actions: Moves in bump and go fashion, stops, the pedestal base remains stationary as the rest of the robot rotates three times and the chest guns lightup and move in and out with a "clacking" sound. This stops and the robot continues to bump and go. English and Japanese box versions.

Additional info. The area directly surrounding the chest guns and the "V" shaped area below are lithographed tin. The area above the guns is a label sticker. Hero Robot was originally produced by Yonezawa in 1980 as sighted in a 1980 Yonezawa Toy Catalog. Later produced in Taiwan by SJM.
HI-BOUNCER MOON SCOUT - MARX - JAPANTin and vinyl battery up remote control robot. Advances with walking motion and moving arms as his lighted blade spins. Press the other remote button and the chest door opens and he fires balls as his lighted blade spins in the opposite direction. Made in Japan for the US Marx company.

The unique feature of this robot is the rotating antenna with working lights: the internally wired antenna is appreciably more complex than any other. The large tin boots are independent of the legs, another unique feature.

The Hi-Bouncer first appeared in the Montgomery Wards catalog for 1967.
Name on toy: none
Nickname: (4 Gear Variation)
Manufacturer: Yoshiya, Japan
Height: 10" (to top of antenna in "OFF" position), 11" (to top of antenna in "ON" position)
Timeline date: 1967 (Eaton's - Canada's Christmas Catalogue 1967)
Power source: Wind up motor
Actions: The antenna serves as the ON/OFF switch. When antenna is raised, robot walks forward with sparks in chest as the four gears turn. Lowering the antenna stops the action.
Additional info.: Lithographed on the lower portion of the "backpack" is the Yoshiya logo (the letters KO within a diamond shape) and MADE IN JAPAN. The tin legs and plastic hands are similar to those used on Planet Robot. The metal wind up key is permanently attached. There is also a 6 gear, wind up, black color variation of this robot produced by Yoshiya and released in 1964 (as sighted in a 1964 Marshall Field & Company Christmas Catalog) and a 6 gear, remote control, battery operated, blue color variation.
23cm FT#10
HIGH-WHEEL ROBOT, 6 GEAR VERSION - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlack tin wind up robot. Walks with spark in chest. Six visible turning plastic gears. Plastic hands. The legs and hands are the same as used on the Planet Robot.

This 6 gear, wind up, black color variation of this robot was produced by Yoshiya and released in 1964 (as sighted in a 1964 Marshall Field & Company Christmas Catalog). The same gear configuration was used for the battery op version. 23cm. See also the four gear version of this robot.

Widely advertised in late 1964.
HITEC ROBO - KABAYA - JAPANSmall plastic robot. Your lovely mate. Kabaya Confectionery Co

Replace image.
HOMBRES DE LA LUNA (MOON MEN) - LEMSSA - SPAINLater copies of the Cragstan Moon Men Cobor, Furo and Mazor. Multicolored plastic space man with a remarkably ugly face. Rubber head. The body is pressed down and when released the robot moves forward.
HOPPING ROSEY - MARX - JAPANLithographed tinplate wind up robot. Rosey is the mechanical maid in The Jetsons cartoon. Wind up hopping action. Dated 1963 on the back. Though this toy has the Marx logo it still has the earlier Linemar "Do you have all of them?" 4" 10cm.

HUCHA ROBOT SORTING BANK - COIN SORTER - SPAINStatic transparent plastic coin sorter. Money placed in the top is directed to each of the limbs. Other versions of this style exist. This is a copy of the Robot Sorting Bank by Wolverine.
i-R-4-U BLACK KNIGHT ROBOT RADIO - CAPRICE - USAStatic plastic robot radio with microphone. This is one of a group of radios called Star Command which were advertised in 1979. This model has pulsating lights synchronised to sound.
INTER PLANET SPACE CAPTAIN - AN - JAPANLithographed tin wind up astronaut with gun. This early astronaut is one of a series based on the same pressing. The astronaut has a cream body, black legs and a blue helmet that fully encloses the head. There is a lithographed basic face in the small visor panel. On the back is a dimpled tinplate backpack or oxygen pack. The astronaut carries a rifle in his right hand. Walking action with moving arm.

AHI is the importer - Azrak Hamway International. The accepted manufacturer is Naito Shoten.

The leg pressing are identical to those used in early Nomura robots.

AN logo
Naito Shoten group
INTERPHONE ROBOTSPair of plastic battery op robots. Details?
INTERPLANETARY EXPLORER - AN NAITO SHOTEN - JAPANLithographed tin wind up astronaut. This is one of a series based on the same pressing. Green body with an orange helmet completely covering the head. A stylized pair of blue eyes are printed in a panel. The astronaut has a rifle in his right hand. There is a dimpled red back pack or oxygen pack on the back.

Advances with walking motion as arms swing. See the Deep Sea Robot for details. Naito Shoten connection. The leg pressing are identical to those used in early Nomura robots.

Two box versions:
1. AN logo only
2. AN logo and AHI logo
3. AN logo with additional importer Toytime No 3622 - also marked HTC on the side.

Newspaper advertisement dates this to November 1957
IRONMAN ROBOT - LUCKY - CHINAA re-release of the Kamco Saturn Robot. 13 inch plastic battery op robot. Walks with a TV screen in the chest showing a space scene. Lighted eyes. Decal detailing on an angled panel below the chest.
JETTO - TRI-PLAY TOYS - USAThe Air-Powered Robot. Balloon attaches to head and provides floating action. USA

Name on packaging: Jetto
Name on toy: none
Manufacturer: Tri-Play Toys Inc., U.S.A.
Height: 3"
Timeline date:
Power source: Air powered (balloon)
Actions: Balloon is attached to the top of robot and inflated by blowing into tube at rear. As the air is expelled out this tube, the robot rolls forward on the four wheels in the base.
Additional info.: Also made in all orange color variation (with blue wheels). Price 19c, later 29c United States
JUMPING ROBOT - YONE - JAPANA small lithographed tinplate animal-like robot with large plastic feet and a small white antenna. Wind up hopping action. Sold in trade boxes of six.

Silver and red variations. Two litho variations of the red version shown.
JUPITER ROBOT - KAMCO - CHINABlack plastic battery op robot. 1980s. Walks with space scene on TV panel in the chest, eyes light. 4 shooting missiles in the head. This robot is very similar to the Kamco Saturn Robot but has a couple of distinguishing features: there are two silver chrome antennas on each ear and the clear red plastic eye pressing does not have a chrome edge. Only seen (so far) in black. The supplied missiles are one piece red plastic.

Also produced in Taiwan
JUPITER ROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin battery up remote control robot. Advances with walking motion as his arms swing , the color wheel under the dome lights and turns and one foot clicks as he moves.

Jupiter Robot is a reworking of a number of stock Yonezawa parets: basically it is a Mr Mercury body and Mr Robot head. The only unique features are some tin litho panels and the rather plain box.

Unlike Mr Mercury, which has two motors, Jupiter Robot has only one motor and a simple link to the crank that drive the legs. Though it uses the same pressing for the mechanism, 75% of the gear train is absent. There is no bending or lifting action. This was possibly a "left-overs clearance" model, so there might be several versions. The simplification would have permitted a lower retail price.

Versions with and without the Mr Mercury skirt (the panel that lifts to permit bending) are known.

The Jupiter Robot has the same remote as the Mr. Mercury with one button and three unused holes. The control wire is a green zip cord not the thick black cable on a Mr Mercury.

The robot is first seen in the Yonezawa catalog for 1962 and again in 1963.
JUPITER ROBOT GOLD BATTERY OP VERSION - YOSHIYA - JAPANAn unusual gold bodied version of the Jupiter Robot: plastic battery op robot red arms and domed head with metal face grill. This, like the wind up version, is similar in design to the Venus Robot. Yoshiya have incorporated their popular Robby style Planet Robot head. Two visible plastic gears in the chest; these gears are the common Yoshiya components. 1965
JUPITER ROBOT WIND UP VERSION - YOSHIYA - JAPANSeven inch plastic wind up robot with tin chest plate and chrome face grill. Robby style. The head design is similar to that of the Planet Robot with two metal ring antennas. The robot has a similar structure to the earlier Venus Robot, though there are several differences. The body, for example, has actual holes instead of the token holes of the Venus. The chest panel has a more elaborate design. Walking action with spark. On sale in October 1967.

Color versions include:
Red body & legs, black arms (top)
Blue body with red arms & legs (bottom).

It is probable that some variations are the result of owners switching of parts.

JUPITER ROBOT, BATTERY OP VERSION - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlue plastic battery op robot red arms and domed head with metal face grill. This, like the wind up version, is similar in design to the Venus Robot. Yoshiya have incorporated their popular Robby style Planet Robot head. Two visible plastic gears in the chest; these gears are the common Yoshiya components. Large two cell remote control. Blue version.

There are two color versions: blue (shown) and a gold body. See also the wind up version of this robot.
K ROBO TITAN - Variants - CragstanTitan and Super Spaceman. Battery op remote control astronaut with tumbling action.
KARATE ROBOT - Advertising Promo VersionOval head (Type 3) Karate Robot variation. Advertising promo version for Viking Motors.
KARATE ROBOT - TOMY - JAPANRound body (Type 1) Karate Robot. Blue plastic battery op with walking and tumbling acton. Japanese box version and the plain Sears English box versions shown. Tomy, Japan. Blue body and legs, grey arms.
KARATE ROBOT - TOMY - JAPANAngular body (Type 2) Karate Robot. Grey plastic battery op with walking and tumbling acton. Grey legs, yellow arms. No 1 on chest decal.
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