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TV ROBOT, JAPANESE BOX - KY - JAPANPlastic wind up stepover robot with raster TV screen showing Ultraman and dinosaur scene. See also the RM Heli Robot range. Television. RM Poem connexion.


Horikawa related.
TV SCREEN SPACE ROBOT - MAKER? - KOREAThis is thee companion piece to the Space Robot Super Machine. This Lambda based robot has the TV screen with space scene fitted into the head. In addition it has a rotating chrome antenna and twin pairs of shooting missiles set on either side of the head.

Plastic battery operated robot with TV screen in the head. Blue body, yellow arms, black legs. An instrument panel decal is set in the chest. Walking action, moving arms and space scene on the screen.

TV SPACEMAN - HORIKAWA - JAPANBlack plastic battery operated TV robot. 11.5" Robot walks forward, stops, illuminated moving space scene is displayed on screen with "click-click" sound. Image stops and robot continues to walk forward. Chrome silver face plate, eyes only. Walks with space 'movie' scenes in chest using a transparency of moonscape on a rotating clear plastic drum inside body.

The robot is all plastic except for the legs and the soles of the feet, which are tin. The word "JAPAN" is embossed on the back of the robot at the waist. There is also a blue color variation of this robot which came later.

Date: 1980 Item No 5054 new in the Horikawa catalog.

English and Japanese box versions shown.

TWIRLY FLYING SAUCER DING-A-LING - TOPPER - HONG KONGWhite plastic robot with blue feet and yellow head. Shoots a red spinner from its head. Red decal with TWIRLY on the chest.

One of the Topper Ding-A-Ling series that can be motorised with the addition of a battery operated backpack. Sold in boxed clear plastic packaging.
U-5 ROBOT - DAIYA - JAPANA plastic and battery operated remote control robot. The robot has a black body with red arms and legs. The head has a complex shape with a small red dome on top that contains a flashing light.. The remote control provides power for the forward and backward movement, while a small steering wheel controls the direction of wheel on the bottom of the robot. 8" 20cm 1960s

UNI-PET ROBOTS, WALKING SPACE MAN - HERO - JAPANA series of small plastic wind up stepover robots. 2.5" Sold in trade boxes. Nine versions pictured.
Unknown Prototype Robot - JAPANTin, hand painted prototype that sold in Japan in 2011.
See details
V-1 ROBOTPlastic battery op robot with Japanese styling. Radio control.
V-3 ROBOT - IMAIPlastic kit - box
V-3 ROBOT - IMAIPlastic kit
VENUS ROBOT - YOSHIYA - JAPANRed plastic wind up robot with black arms and face. A tinplate panel with motif is set into the chest. Walking action. The arms are loose. There are two versions of this robot: one with a smooth head and one with a small spike. Box marked No 305. It is assumed that the spike version is earlier because toys tended to be simplified over their lifetime.

Featured as a new robot, item #3015 in the 1965 Yoshiya catalog.
VENUS ROBOT BATTERY OPERATED - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlue plastic robot with blue legs and red arms. The blue head has a red face. A small lithographed tinplate panel with motif is set into the chest. Battery operated by a single D cell in remote control. There is a metal baseplate under the body. Walks along with a smooth gliding action. KO. This is an adaption of the smooth headed wind up Venus Robot.

The box art has an interesting connection to the early tin Yoshiya Sparky Robot: the crumbling skyscraper city and the detective at the bottom right.
VIDEO ROBOT, BLUE TYPE 1 - HORIKAWA - JAPANBlue lithographed tin and plastic battery op robot with white plastic TV screen in the chest. Power source: 2 "C" cell batteries. 24cm 9.25" Walks forward as a moving, lighted space scene is displayed on chest screen.

This was probably the earlier version of this robot because it corresponds exactly with the box artwork. The blue color is darker than later versions. It has simpler lithography with the word "video" beneath the screen. Straight leg. Date 1977-1979

English and Japanese box versions. television
VIDEO ROBOT, BLUE TYPE 2 - HORIKAWA - JAPANBlue lithographed tin and plastic battery operated robot with white plastic TV screen in the chest. Power source: 2 "C" cell batteries. 24cm 9.25" Walks forward as a moving, lighted space scene is displayed on chest screen.

This version has more extensive lithography to the sides and top of the torso and lacks the word "VIDEO" beneath the screen. The panel below the screen has now features a row of dials. Described as new in the 1977 Horikawa catalog and still featured in 1979, art. 5038 However the robot featured in the 1976 Galoob catalog.

There is also a grey color variation with slightly different arms and a realistic space sound feature.

English and Japanese box versions. television
VIDEO ROBOT, GREY AUTHENTIC SOUND - HORIKAWA - JAPANGrey lithographed tin and plastic battery operated robot with white plastic TV screen in the chest. Power source: 2 "C" cell batteries. 24cm 9.25" Walks forward as a moving, lighted space scene is displayed on chest screen.

This is the grey color variation with slightly different arms. It has the chest panel with the word "VIDEO" in the center. It has the same box as the blue version but with the addition of "authentic space sound" in the description.

Date 1977-1979

VINCENT - GiGiPoseable plastic robot from the Black Hole. 1980s.
VINCENT ROBOT - BLACK HOLE - MARXPlastic character robot from the Disney series "The Black Hole"
VINYL ROBOT - VINILOS ROMAY SA - ITALYStatic vinyl robot money bank based on Swivelomatic. Italy
WALK ROBOT - HONG KONGSmall plastic wind up stepover robot. Three versions pictured.
WALK-A-TRON ROBOT - MAKER? - CHINAA barrel shaped, squat blue plastic robot with short yellow legs. Yellow plastic arms. The robot has a clear domed head with red plastic headphones and a red cylindrical structure inside. Plastic antenna on top. Paper Walk-A-Tron decal on the chest. Battery operated walking action with moving arms. Rotating psychedelic antenna. See also the !XAX! robot and the Toshiba PS-9B)

Sold also as the 6787 Preschool Robot by Lillian Vernon.

WALK-N-TURN ROBOT - TN - HONG KONGSmall boxy plastic wind up plastic stepover robot. Turning action as the long arms touch the ground. Various colors with a chrome face plate and chest plate. Distinctive U shape on the chest. 7cm

Sold in trade boxes of eight and individually on a blister card. Some examples carry the TN (Nomura?) logo on the back of the head, though this is a Hong Kong robot
WALKING ASTRONAUT - ALPS - JAPANGrey plastic windup boy astronaut. Stepover action. Window box. This robot is featured in the 1970 Alps Catalog.
WALKING EXPLORER ROBOT - YONE/YONEYA - JAPANSmall tin and plastic windup robot, Brown body tin upper. Rotates. A popular, long-lived small plastic and tin wind up robot that rotates. Sold originally in trade boxes of a dozen. This robot was later produced by other manufacturers Also sold as Philip the Robot. See also the Swivel Robot. Advertised as Philip the Robot in some magazines.

Item: 2219
WALKING ROBOT - HK STAR - HONG KONGA Mr. Flash look-alike called Walking Robot. This was not a Cragstan product but rather the "HK in a star" logo depicted on the rear of its box.

The original robot design started life as an Imai Japanese kit.

Circa 1967.
WALKING ROBOT - MAKER?A variation of the TPS Walking Robot with decal decorations and a colourful box. Korea? Stepover, wind up, silver chrome.
WALKING ROBOT - TOMY - JAPANPlastic remote control battery op stepover robot. Blue body with red arms and legs. Silver chrome plastic chest panel. Two antennas on the back. Walks forward while the antennas bounce. Japanese box. This robot has many features in common with the Aoki shaking robot.

Also shown is a remote control version with regular legs, ratchets in the feet and a lighted dome on the top. The legs are those used on the Yoshiya Venus Robot. The status of this robot is still unclear.
WALKING ROBOT - TPS - JAPANToplay. Small plastic wind up robot. Stepover action. Spark window. Characteristic day-glo yellow eyes. Available in a range of colours: silver chrome, blue, red and combinations of these colors. Silver and red eye versions are known.

Name on box: Walking Robot
Name on toy: none
Manufacturer: TPS, Japan
Height: 5"
Box number: No.2022
Timeline date: 1972 (Toplay Ltd. Catalogue)
Power source: Wind up
Actions: Walks forward with stepover action as sparks shoot out from opening in chest.
Additional info.: MADE IN JAPAN is embossed on the back of the head. The metal wind up key is permanently attached. The 1972 Toplay Catalogue also depicts two other color variations: red and blue. Joe K.
WALKING SIDE WARD ROBOT - BPP - HONG KONGPlastic stepover wind up robot. Brown and tan plastic. Sideward walking action. Silver gear in chest.
WALKING SILVER ROBOT - YONE/YONEYA - JAPANSmall tin and plastic wind up stepover robot with litho eyes and red nose. Sold in trade boxes. Later produced by other companies. Original has Yone 2134 on back
WALKING SPACE ROBOT - AMICO 1970 - HONG KONGPlastic battery op robot. Eight 8 legs. Its bizarre shape and eccentric walking action are its main attractions. The distinguishing feature of this particular version of robot is the large white two dish antenna.

This version robot first appears in the 1970 Wards catalog as the Climbing Space Robot, with the distinctive two-dish antenna. This is likely to be the firs version of this robot design, later copied as Mr Monster. (The body features such as the recesses for the circular inserts have become redundant.)

Eight 8 leg "Walks over obstacles and inclines"
WELTRAUM ROBOTER - DickieCarded plastic electronic robot.
WHEEL-A-GEAR ROBOT - TAIYO - JAPANTin and plastic battery op robot with complex pulley driven visible gears in the chest. Walks with spinning gears and flashing lights. The eyes pan up and down. (the eyes are mounted on a horizontal shaft running from left to right, that pivots up and down by way of a connecting lever to one of the arms.)

Plastic arms, legs and feet. Though not visible in the photo there is a long metal antenna at the back. The Wheel-A-Gear is the first of the two Taiyo robots. Versions are known with and without lights in the head and the dome - they can either have a head and dome light, or no light at all.

It appears in the Aldens catalog for 1967. See also Blink-A-Gear (which has first been sighted in Gamble Aldens Christmas 1969 Catalog.

Note: a sales receipt dated 12-25.1965 gives the possibility of an earlier origin.
WIND UP MOTOR SPACE DOG - YOSHIYA - JAPANMetallic silver lithographed tinplate wind up robot dog. The dog has a moving mouth, rolling beads for eyes and a spring tail.

Advances with waddling motion as his ears flap, mouth opens and closes and a sparking under the red gel on his back. KO

Notice the torn-effect box art in which the silver space dog is presented as a giant. Animal.

On sale in 1958
WIND UP MR ROBOT (NO ANTENNA) - CRAGSTAN - JAPANThe blister carded version of the small plastic wind up robot. Red body, blue arms ans silver chrome trim. Carded version. This The robot "walks" in a shuffling or vibrating motion, it doesn't wobble. See also the Aoki robot and the Robot with Free Swinging Arms. This version has no antennas though they are depicted on the card.
WIND UP SPACE ROBOT (BLUE) - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlue plastic wind up stepover robot. Red arms. feet and ears. Yellow plastic chest details. This robot has a distinct Shogun or Japanese vappearance.

The box was used for two distinct robot styles; these are pictured.
WIND UP SPACE ROBOT (YELLOW) - MAKER? - HONG KONGYellow plastic wind up stepover robot. Red arms. legs and ears. Decal chest detail. The box was used for two distinct robot styles; these are pictured.
WIND UP SPACE ROBOT - IMCO - HONG KONGSmall plastic windup silver chrome plastic stepover robot with red spark panel in the chest.
WIND UP SPACE ROBOT - KY - JAPANThis is a small chrome silver plastic stepover wind up robot with red arms and legs. Unlike many of theses chrome stepover robots this one has a rounded body and an oval head. The box art depicts the more angular version with the yellow V chevron on the chest. Yokota/Yoshina KY Logo. Japanese box with English on end flaps.
WIND UP SPARKY ROBOT, SPLIT LEG VERSION - SY/YONEYA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin wind up robot with a red spark window in the chest. This robot is described as having "split legs" ie two long normal legs, compared with the more usual design. The lithography is identical to the MECHANICAL MIGHTY ROBOT, though the base color is blue.

On sale in 1966.

See also the silver Mechanical Sparky Robot version.
WIND UP WALKING ACTION ROBOT - CRAGSTAN - JAPANPlastic wind up robot. Red body, blue arms, chrome silver trim. Moves with shaking or vibrating action. English box version also sold with blue arms as the Cragstan Mr Robot and with red arms as the Aoki Robot. Cragstan are the importer, Aoki is most probably the maker. The robot has two antennas.
WIND UP WALKING ROBOT - NOGUCHI - JAPANTin wind up 'W' robot with spark panel. Yellow plastic antenna. Paddle feet. Round metal hands. "Lego" spark window. Other box variations exist, and the robot has been much reproduced in other countries. Look for arm variations.

Advertised in September 1969.
WIND UP WALKING ROBOT WITH SPARK - NOGUCHI - JAPANTin wind up robot with paddle feet. Spark panel in chest. Has spinning antenna. Box detail. Carries the serial number 8622 as compared with the 7622 of the SY version.
WINKY ROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin wind up robot with winking lenticular diffraction eyes. 24cm. Hard rubber ears. Moving meter dial in chest. Advances with walking motion as the needle on the oxygen meter swings and sparks are emitted from behind the red panel in his mouth. The current earliest sighting is in the 1962 Aldens catalog and the 1962 Yonezawa catalog.

Green and grey versions are known. (Green-grey and blue-grey)

White dial with "Oxygen Meter" wording. Some white dial versions do not have the wording on them. Black "Radiation Counter" version dials also exist.

The third robot displays the red chest panel instead of the usual chrome metal.

There are two other variations: one with the on-off switch on the left and one with a central switch. Some have a red gel in the mouth, others do not.
WOODEN ROBOT - ASK - JAPANJapanese balsa wood robot kit. Early box art with a paper label. The design of the robot on the label is unique with a slight similarity to Robby. The actual kit is very different; it has a box shape with moving arms and dial.

The finished robot is a penny bank with a mouth that accepts coins.

See also the R-35 ASK robot kit.

ASK is Atsumi Sangyo
WOODEN ROBOT - ASK - JAPANA balsa wood kit of a robot clearly influenced by the Masudaya/Linemar Electric Remote Control Robot. The kit is motorised. The motor is housed in a remote control box and drives the robot via a wire.

The robot has been date to c1956

See also the Robby style wooden kit by ASK. ASK is Atsumi Sangyo
WOODEN ROBOT N - NBK - JAPANAn early Japanese wooden robot kit. Boxy design. Marked N on the chest. There is a small meter on the chest. The artwork and design are reminiscent of early 1950s Japanese robots.
X-27 EXPLORER - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin friction astronaut. Crank operated robot advances with walking motion and plinking sound. It is a natural partner of the Yonezawa Astro Scout. The legs and feet are the same as on the Robby-Roby-Conehead group. A firm date has not yet been established but the suit design suggests early 1960s.

This inflated-looking astronaut may look odd but it is based on a 1962 Grumman design for a real space suit. The Space General design for extended lunar surface operations allowed the astronaut to withdraw his arms from the flexible manipulators and work within the pressurized 'cabin' of the can enclosing his upper torso and head.
X-70 ASTRONAUT - HONG KONGWind up plastic astronaut with walkie talky. Plastic wind up. Stepover feet. AKA Flowerpot Robot or Thimble Robot. Movable dial on the chest. Hong Kong. 15cm X70

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions.
YAKKITY YOB - ELDON - USAA light blue plastic robot with a comical human face. Described as the red-headed robot that can clap, pick up things, squeak and wink. The sound is a clacking noise. This is a manually operated robot. The chest has a molded bow tie with a sad or happy dial set in the middle. 13.5". Widely on sale in late 1961. A patent was filed in 1961 by Marvin Glass, the designer of several of these large popular robots.
ZERO OF SPACE - CRAGSTAN - HONG KONGMulticolored plastic battery op robot astronaut. Color variations. One of the Salco Cragstan group. There are at least two versions: the one on the right has a clear shield and a deeper red color , while the left one has a tinted face shield and a pinker shade to the body. This robot is very similar to Mr Astronaut: the distinguishing feature is the red circle in the wing emblem.

First sighting currently in the 1971 F J Strauss Catalog.
ZEROID ZOBOR - IDEAL - HONG KONGCompany: OK Toy Company Hong Kong
Imported by Ideal Toys 1968
7" tall
Battery Operated 2AA inserted in leg section, top of legs are squeezed inward to release torso.
On and off switch on back of base, rubber treads.
Each of the three regular issue Zeroids has chopping action. Right arm is locked in upper position then left arm is brought forward and down then back up to lock.
Pull down left arm and the chop action is activated.
Also included is a magnetic hand and funnel for throwing included black or yellow 'bombs'.
Invert his case and it becomes his transporter truck which attaches to hook on back of robot.
ZEROID ZOBOR Bronze Transporter - IDEAL - HONG KONGPlastic battery op robot. Imported for Ideal from the OK Hong Kong toy company in 1968.
One of a group of 4 robots from the planet Zero.
Squeeze upper leg section to separate from torso to insert AA batteries in legs. Becomes more brittle with age, care must be taken when opening. Pull his left arm back then forward to operate chop action. Interchangeable hands for throwing, gripping and also a magnetic hand. Plastic box bottom with wheels becomes a transporter when inverted.
ZOGG ROBOT - IDEAL - JAPANZogg Plastic battery operated droid/Zeroid style robot. Forward and backward action. 1972
ZOOMER THE ROBOT, VERSION 3 - NOMURA - JAPANVersion 3: Blue face and body, black feet Coiled spring antenna on the head.
Zoomer Family 20cm
ZOOMER THE ROBOT, VERSION 5 - NOMURA - JAPANTin battery operated robot. Advances with walking motion as his head lights. TN Coiled spring antenna on the head. On sale in November 1955.

Tin battery op robot with ratchet/spanner. Zoomer usually has red gel eyes that light internally. (The Radar Robot is basically a Zoomer with lightbulb eyes - though there may be exceptions to the rule)

The following Zoomer (Gel Eyes) color variations are known: (I.D. in no particular order)
Version 1: Silver face and body, black feet
Version 2: Silver face and legs, blue body, black feet, silver battery covering
Version 3: Blue face and body, black feet
Version 4: Blue face and body, red hands and feet
Version 5: Red face, charcoal body, red hands and legs, black feet
Zoomer Family
ZOT THE ROBOT - PLAYART - HONG KONG"The friendly flashing robot." Multicolored plastic battery operated astronaut. Playart were toy distributors for Sears and Woolworths. Window box. Hong Kong. No 3132

Below: color variations
1 Red legs rather than the more usual yellow.
2 Orange arms.
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