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Enlarged MPC Spaceman Clones with "Optical Faceplate" Helmets ... WTF??

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What in God's name. I managed to land ten of these ("Vintage Space Figures, 1960s or 1970s" no other info), hoping they were the same type of space figures shown in the Hong Kong "Four Supermen Conquer the Moon" set, which has been one of my Holy Grail items. If they are the same, use of the term "Supermen" now makes sense. I have seen figures that looked similar offered by UK based vendors (cast in red, a lighter blue and white: will dig around to see if I saved pix of em) but had no idea they were so large. Are they of UK origin? And are there more than these four poses?? Total surprise and the kind I welcome. Would be very grateful to learn anything more about them.



It feels like they should have been this size all along.



All marked Hong Kong.



And they have these weird faceplates on their helmets which act as concaved lenses producing a visual distortion. And appear to have molded doll faces rather than painted on, and not all the same face either.



Rope and Sextant Dude demonstrating my only complaint, which is that all but the Geiger Counter Guys have very poor balance and even they will knock over at the slightest table disturbance.





For size comparisons, with vintage MPC 5" and 6" Marx Apollo figure.



With still unknown oversized Hing Fat style, maked China on base underside. I sense a connection here. As in, anonymously made enlarged versions of well-known basic space figures which surpass the original model in terms of complexity of form, artfulness, and fun factor.



All are about three inches on the nose.









Both enlargements very well done. Will say it again, which is that after finally getting to handle them for a bit is that they feel like they should have been all along. SO much better realized as characters, both of em.





With their MPC marked 50mm counterparts. Slight variation on the rectangular pocket just above the waist at right.



Slight variations on the rifle's lines but the proportions of the enlargement are perfect. Boot details as well.



Variation on that pocket detail again.



Again. 50mm does not have the boot notches.



Now in contention with the 4" Rex Mars set as my Ultimate Plastic Spacemen, with the Marx set edging out slightly because of their detachable helmets. These have a weirdness factor which sets them apart from everything else.





That one's going to be a painting. I like describing the toy forms as part of the materials used so, whatever light anyone can shed is most welcome.

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I don't know the size of the Hong Kong Supermen figures, but it certainly looks like these are the same ones.  Hong Kong was referred to as the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong, but these figures have no UK pedigree. Like you say, they're great big Supermen. 


I guess now you've two Holy Grails - a blue and a grey set. 



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On 12/1/2019 at 4:38 AM, Brian.. said:

I guess now you've two Holy Grails - a blue and a grey set. 



Am not exaggerating when saying that seeing that on the index (last April?) was electrifying. I had to have the set, so halfway there in just eight months. First order of business is to paint that Supermen card on an 10x14 canvas as a backdrop for them. Come to think of it, if these are same as the HK Supermen that was one huge card.

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Awesome collection !!!!


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Very nice, I like your silver and blue astronaut figure additions! They are certainly great little standouts with their space helmets and clear visors.

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