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Joe K.

MGH Catalog - MooKungHwa, Korea

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Joe K.

Date unknown, but finally a company name to go with the logo:


You might expect the letters within the logo diamond to be M K H, but they are not.

658643936_mghcatint2robots.jpg.f0d71d99d64fe97f38bfb05ad4378be2.jpgI have the King Robot in my collection,

1830970172_mghcatint3robots.jpg.4fbcb389e98b00a2dd08b6299b066c11.jpgalong with Missile Robot.

I do not have their boxes, but the toys themselves simply have the word KOREA embossed on the backs; no logo.

The MGH B/O SPACE SHIP appears to be a dead ringer for Masudaya's Space Ship X-7:




As seen in this recently ended listing:



The Alphadrome Database contains these two other MGH robots:


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Joe, being married to a Korean, I find that in many cases, the Korean words we note as beginning with a "K", they actually pronounce as "G"; the city of Kwang Ju, is pronounced Gwang Ju...so they probably pronounced it as Moo Gung Hwa, which could explain the MGH in the logo.

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