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Toho Studios Films FREE On Archive.Org, in HD!

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Not sure what could possibly have prompted them to do so, but from the looks of it Toho has seen fit to make their entire classic era monster + scifi films available to both watch online and download free of charge on Archive.Org, in both HD and SD versions. Been going nuts!!! and the one which I've been enjoying the most is Battle in Outer Space (1959)


Monster Zero with Nick Adams makes a pretty good double bill.


Flying Supersub Atragon (1963) deserves to be seen more.


Latitude Zero is the supersub double bill.


My favorite of their monster films is YOG, which they insisted on calling Space Amoeba but will always be YOG to me <3


Gotta have King Kong Vs. Godzilla


And Godzilla Vs. the Sea Monster


And Godzilla Vs. the Smog Monster. I always prefer the ridiculous Americanized titles.


Godzilla Raids Again, first sequel to the 1954 film, unfairly overshadowed by the original. He's downright mean in this one.


There is always time for The Green Slime, though the upload is not by Toho.


And my favorite of them all, King Kong Escapes. Great toy set movie.


Those are just my own favorites, there's many many more and usually in both Japanese and English language versions. No idea why they would make such a move but they did. Go git em, Boys.

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Wow the video quality is fantastic on King Kong Escapes "the only one I have looked at so far".

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I downloaded Monster Zero, 🐲 may get supersub Atragon next,

og files easily convert on my anyvideoconverter program.

I agree, very good quality video..I'm happy.

Thank you for posting these !!:thumbs:

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